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World Puja Newletter: The Game Has Changed

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    If you have any difficulty viewing this newsletter, please turn on images, or click here to view on the web: http://www.worldpuja.org/newsletters/20121101e.php
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      If you have any difficulty viewing this newsletter,
      please turn on images, or click here to view on the web:

      The World Puja Network Newsletter
      November 2012



      "The World Puja Broadcasting Network: the Leader in Empowerment Internet Radio," is Empowerment Broadcasting for your Soul. Now in its 12th year of daily global broadcasting, more than 1 million people have made their way to The World Puja Network's daily powerful, compelling, and informative broadcasts. Over 2,200 timeless archives are available 24/7.
      The Shift becomes more graceful with The World Puja Broadcast Network paving a clear-cut path for you, daily.

      Featured Shows November 2012

      Please see our World Puja Weekly Highlights sent every Sunday night for a listing of our shows, hosts and guest for the upcoming week, or visit www.worldpuja.org for our latest broadcasts. This promises to be a powerful month of broadcasts as the countdown to 12-21-12 draws nearer and we help usher you gracefully into and through it.

      In This Issue
      1. New Article From Maureen: "The Game Has Changed"
      2. Our Guests For Our 12-12-12 Event


      A Note From Maureen
      Dear Hearts,

      As always, I pray you are well.

      Beloveds, the energies are intensifying and will become more so in the closing days of this cycle ahead. As the next two months progress there will be even more profound breakthroughs and breakdowns. The Divine Descent is upon us, as Heaven is brought to Earth, through us.

      We are being made impeccably authentic and honest with ourselves and each other, as the energies continue their relentless pursuit to break us of all the mental and egoic strongholds that have held us hostage on all levels of our Creation.

      Our personalities are being strongly guided in these final hours to let our souls lead us to peace. If you will allow yourself to be guided, void of resistance, you will know alchemy, spiritual magic, vertical magic, and meet your true state of being.

      Evolution tasks us now with having our personalities serve our souls. Now, before the cycle closes, all of Creation stands at your ready to assist you in doing so.

      We are almost out of the cosmic birth canal, and what was for most, a very challenged labor. The Great Mother Earth and all of Cosmic Consciousness await our delivery, with great love and deep respect for us all.

      During this intense time of labor, many have learned their own limitlessness, and watched their endurance prevail. Many have accepted their Infinite Limitlessness, though many still struggle with the belief that they are not. It is now that each are asked to recall the memory of their "Original Condition, as it is the driving force of evolution itself."

      Our freedom is at stake Beloveds and in arms reach for the first time in our collective human history. Freedom has had no history for the human race, and now it shall.

      We and this Planet are being purged of everything that has made it impossible to be Free. We are a relentless, courageous, collective race intent on making this shift in both consciousness and vibration enabling us to shine forth as the brilliant beings of Gods Light that we are.

      In this final stretch we are learning the vital importance of staying in the present moment, noticing there is nowhere to go. We are aware that to drain ourselves of wondering and worrying about what is next has no value, or an answer before its time. We are finding that faith and trust are our allies, not to be ignored.

      We are discovering, that the power of our thoughts either attract the lives we have yearned for or deflect miraculous breakthroughs in our lives, immediately.

      We are being pushed to unlearn much of who we have been, what trespasses on our divinity, what disturbs us and how to transmute that which does. We are learning how to accept, rather than fight Life  and its miraculous unfolding.

      The God of our Being holds us accountable now for everything we feel, everything we do, think, express or have as a leading thought. As a result, we are steered in the direction of adopting ourselves as a New Human joining in a New World.

      In these final weeks Beloveds, of this year and the beginning of the next, is a time for sincere consciousness toward yourself and for stillness and being a silent observer as you deliberately begin to catch up with who you really are, now, and then move yourself forward into who you choose to become in the New World. You must be still in order to Create your next.

      You are now the Creator. Take a breath, and take that in. You are the Creator.
      The Game Has Changed.

      Know you are loved,
      Please share with content intact and websites attached.


      Meet The Incredible Guests Joining Us For The
      12-12-12 World Puja Network World Meditation and Planetary Transmission

      Dearest Maureen,
      It's nearly 2 am and I've been on your World Meditation and Global Transmission for 2 hours, here in India!
      What an awesome gift to humanity you created!!
      Much love,

      You are going to get a veritable "Million Thank You's" for this WORLD EVENT! that happened today, Maureen - that! .....so so Ripped My Heart and Mind and Guts and Soul! out of it's usual bounds into such an expansive DELIGHTFUL RECOGNITION OF WHO I AM (AND OF OTHERS TOO!)
      Love and Blessings to all of you,
      D. C. Weis

      I would not have missed this celebration and transmission for anything in the world!  It was everything and so much more than I could have expected or asked for.  You and all of your guests are beautiful gifts all of your own but collectively you really wove together a powerful, life-changing experience for the world.

      L. Danasak

      "What a powerful experience, not only as a presenter, but as One who became a part of this profound Chalice of Love Global Love. Thank you from Peru for an amazing experience."

      Tiara, "Children of the Sun"
      May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.
      I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May Grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!
      Maureen Moss
      President of The World Puja Network, LLC

      E-Mail: Maureen@...
      Or: Maureen@...
      Copyright © 2012 The World Puja Network, LLC
      The World Puja Network, LLC
      2305-C Ashland St. #405
      Ashland, OR 97520
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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