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OPENING YOUR THIRD EYE Simion Transformation Series_Nov2012

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      The Transformation Series   November2012 OPENING YOUR THIRD EYE Simion through Amariah Mara
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       Third eye spiral
      The Transformation Series

        November 2012

      Simion through Amariah Mara


      We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.  You are at a pivotal point in your evolution as human expressions now on Earth.  Much has been developed to prepare you to make change in the coming years with this time of December 2012 before you as an eye opener.  The real question is will it open your eyes?  And what eyes will it open for you? 

      The last couple of decades have been a period of escalation for opening your physical eyes to seeing the illusions and veils placed before you that have caused you to live in a mist.  Many have begun to
      brush away that mist, or have entirely done so, and are able to now see that nothing is as it appears to the naked eye, nor to the minds interpretation of what it sees in the world, or has been told to see in the world. 

      sparkling eyeThat was the first step of the human species awakening process.  If you are still going through this phase, no fret, it is a process of removing the layers of illusion and may come in spurts and will accelerate.  If you are well past this stage, you may be asking, "so what now?" or "what is to be done about it?"  Most will pass a phase of anger until they recognize that this only feeds the demons of illusion. 

      When this is realized, one also sees that all of this illusion is created and perpetuated by your thoughts about it.  This is when you begin to think of what you really want to see in the world instead of dreading what you do not want to see.  This is the first step of change, and it begins with each of you.  Many light workers are already well on their way to adding thoughts and vibrations to the world they wish to see.  Sometimes they fail to perpetuate it in their own life, but they forge on.  Those that forge on past December 2012, will begin the real work of creating a fresh reality. 

      Given that most of what you are familiar with as human beings thus far is an illusion, it is no easy task to see beyond to something new.  How do you see something new when your eyes only know the past sights that you have been taught to see?  Even the best light workers may have a difficult time transcending to a new vision, even though they know intuitively that there is more to see. 

      6th chakra lightWe will tell you now that it is time to prepare for a new type of vision.  The vision of the famed third eye.  That is right.  You all have heard of the 6th chakra and of the 6th sense that allows vision beyond the limits of your physical senses.  It likely has seemed more surreal to you than real, even if you have had glimpses of psychic ability.  The entire consciousness of the next dimensional awareness sees from an expanded third eye.  The third eye is more than you have been taught or can even know with intellectual contemplation. 

      The third eye sees beyond the polarity of the third dimension.  In the fourth dimension, where your third eye will see clearly, you will transcend the limits imposed by the seeming separation of opposites.  This new vision is able to fuse opposites into the consciousness of One.  It is not simply that all the shades of grey between black and white are seen. It is that black, white, and gray are understood to be from the same light source in various stages of dimming the inherent light within.  Once this is truly seen, your vision of everything changes. 

      third eye lightThe point of your third eye seeing is to illuminate all so that one sees beyond the shadows of what appears as a 3D reality.  Then the light is all that one sees, and clarity is the result.  You all seek clarity so strongly, yet it eludes you.  You feel blocked in your decision making because you feel you cannot see beyond the pain of the moment.  That pain is an illusion of darkness, because your two eyes cannot see the light within the situation.  This month, and through this year, think of activating your higher vision that sees with a new clarity as it sees from the light of your soul. 

      It is said that, "the eyes are windows to the soul."  Well your third eye is the window OF the soul.  The soul being your energetic consciousness in its experiential wholeness, that is light and knows no darkness.  As you cross over from your incarnate form, your soul sees only light and knows only that state of being.  As you transcend the need to keep perpetuating duality, you can remain increasingly in that place of light.  Finally, you need not return to duality, as you perpetually see beyond.  Then you will find new levels of knowing to experience and be as you move through various dimensions of awareness. 

      The first step in openin
      third eye 6th chakra
symbolg your third eye vision is to look out from your soul instead of from the two eyes that are linked to your 3D brain.  Your third eye is linked to your soul and transcends the limits of your hemispheric brain that is seeing from a polarized view.  As you are now, most of your life is spent looking out those two brainy eyes and everything is filtered through them.  You can't even fathom not seeing like you do. 

      So we will start you today just on this task of wondering; how would my soul see?  How would my whole energetic being that knows all as light and sees no definition of black, white and in between, perceive my world now?   Begin imagining that your soul, that is linked through your crown to the source light of the universe, is radiating through this special third eye, into your present expression.  It is a laser light eye of sorts and looks through all the 3D forms to their very core.  What would the core of life in everything around you look like from your soul eye?  We will be standing by in the 7th dimension accessed through your 7th chakra, eager to hear your ideas and consequent experiences as you move this way.

      third eye meditatingYou see, in order to see with the soul, you must open this central eye within your present consciousness.  To open it, you must stretch beyond your two eye vision.  A hint; those two eyes do not need to be open for your third eye to see.  In fact, it may help at first to close those physical peepers, to open your soul sight.  Each time you exercise your soul vision a thread will be created between your physical expression and your whole energetic soul self.  This is expanding your awareness. It is what will help pull you into a fourth dimensional awareness that is beyond space and time and allows you a sense of true light consciousness. 

      Your third eye will see beyond 3D and will see colors and experience elevated states that views your physical reality from a new perspective.  You are not moving to 4D over night and 5D comes after you can create within a lighter vibrancy physical reality of 4D.  You are not skipping to 5D as a race of beings, though you may move through 4D quicker than other beings once you see from this view.  There are Ascended Masters who moved through 4D and into 5D from 3D Earth existences. The race of human beings in general, as a whole, now have the potential to move to 4D in unison with Gaia, which is a new event.  One step at a time my friends.  Do not be deluded that 4D is a pass through astral experience.  It is no such thing in our view.  It is a crucial step in seeing beyond polarity in a less
      physically dense creative experience.

      Auras auric field around coupleSeeing and knowing astral energy is seeing beyond the limits of your current physical awareness and is a natural state of 4D.  Astral is the thought energy that creates your collective world view. In opening your third eye, you will see energy patterns creating physical forms, and you will see the so called ghost forms that still remain as thought energy tied to places and people.  You will see the auric fields that surround all forms and holds their thoughts, emotions, and experiences.  However, you will not see all this as scary, as you will know they are thoughts in motion.   Astral energies only appear dark when you are glimpsing from a 3D consciousness.   If you consider astral energy to be negative and dark, you are still coming from a 3D polarized consciousness and not seeing from your soul view.  Remember, dimensional realities are not distinct places, they are different levels of awareness of consciousness creating experiences.

      More fun in seeing thought forms will be the opening of your vision to heightened creation and seeing how your thoughts and emotions form balls of energy to create your surroundings.  That is how you open to being a third eye creator, and not just a seer.  This becomes your new art form as an awakening master.

      We leave you in this transmission to begin stretching your third eye muscles and will come back to see how you are doing and ready you for more in a part two of Opening your Third Eye.

      Until then, enjoy your new laser eye vision experiments.

      ~ Simion, from 7D

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      We are the ones to create our new world!
      Let's carry on in our journey of light!


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