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                                Angels Always
                                        October 2012
       Lovely One
       Have you ever been angry at yourself for being angry?Do you believe that as a seeker on the spiritual path, you haven't the right to become angry. Or do you deny you are angry, do you stuff your anger and pretend it's not there? We all feel anger, whether we are on a conscious spiritual journey willing to heal, or not. Some may say they are never angry, it may be they have learned to transmute it, but they most certainly continue to deal with anger before employing the process of turning darkness into light.
      Those who simply deny they have anger..... are - well, in denial. But no one can remain in denial forever; long term denial causes issues and in many cases leads to illness. Denial also contributes to storing anger in the energy fields. An energy field filled wiThe way to transmute anger is to first feel it. We must allow it to flow through us and out of us. Not necessarily in an angry outburst directed at another, but directed out of us as a conscious stream of energy released. Our feelings need to be felt and when we allow ourselves the right to feel our feelings, we empower ourselvesth anger, and its offspring, hate and rage, continues to attract people and situations that mimic that darkness back to them. 
      . We are each of us in a state of healing and transformation. As we move more deeply into the higher energies rushing toward us, we are also activating ancient memories and soul wounds.
      This is a healing process but it does stir up unreleased anger, yet it also offers us the opportunity to expand past our current level of being. I'm not trying to give you the impression that I'm speaking from some sort of ivory tower, I'm presently working with facets of anger as a part of the grief process due to a very challenging family situation. I seem to move back and forth between grief and anger. I didn't have the intention of using anger as the topic of this month's newsletter, but as is so often the case, the Angels thought it might be helpful to work with something I'm familiar with. Each of us, you, me, all of us, must get in touch with our anger, face it and transform it. You'll find some very helpful guidance on this in The Angels Message below.
      Connected to you through love.....Lilygrace 
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                                   The Angels Message
      Dearest Ones, we want you to know that though we are not physical beings as you are, we have been gifted with the ability to transact with your emotions. Perhaps we can best describe it as something similar to the Vulcan mind meld, for those who are familiar with this idea. For those too young to appreciate our attempts at humor in this way, you might think of it as a merging of spirit, which does not involve physicality, it is to go beyond form to initiate a spirit to spirit contact of understanding, based on the Oneness of All. We do come when you call, we do want nothing more than to assist and guide you to your highest good. Though we do not resonate with anger on the Celestial energy level we are enabled to share in it, understand it, in a way not easily expressed in mere language. This occurs when we enter into and share in your physical realm, which is happening more frequently. This is for the sole purpose of assisting you from a place of understanding. We hold both an involved and yet an objective and evolved stance, always fluid with exceptional caring for you. We have a few suggestions, though you may find them to be familiar to you, we have intentionally attuned the energy expression of them in such a way so as to bring you into greater alignment from this point on when you practice them.
      The first thing we suggest is that you breath, consciously, deeply and with reverence for your life just as it is, with the situation, with the anger as it is. This is the first step in recognition and release. Be with it; be with the anger, slowing breathing in and out, reverencing yourself, reverencing the opportunity to be on the planet experiencing this anger. Knowing that it is your teacher, realizing fully that you will benefit from seeing what your anger is telling you. This alleviates any attempt at denial. Look at your first reaction of anger; you will see that there are repetitive behavior patterns being evoked. Your style of anger, the way in which you feel and display it are a recurring pattern, but so also are the causes for your anger. The situations in the present may appear to be varied, yet they trigger something that is the same. Some things from long ago, even as far back as a past life experience. Intending to be present with the memories and feelings evoked with the anger, instead of running from them, will bring you insight into your triggers. You do not need to dwell there, only be aware, allow your right to be hurt, this is most important, and then set the intention to cleanse and clear the energy of the past.
      If you feel yourself becoming stuck in the past within a trigger memory, and thus your anger beginning to surge again, ask us to come forward and give us permission to extend the flow of grace into your mind and heart. This will cause your spirit to engage more fully as you come into your center. Now, soften, you will feel the flow of grace rather than anger begins to flow through you. As you become calmer, remember that the experiences that caused the original anger, as well as your present anger were those you chose to learn from. You are not a victim; therefore you have complete control and dominion over your life. What may appear to victimize you, is serving the purpose of assisting you to remember the truth of who you are; a child of the Divine, an individual aspect of that Divinity.
      Decide to maintain a divine perception of your circumstances. Ask yourself, "What is it that I wanted to learn from this that caused me to create this opportunity"? Realize your soul with divine purpose, chose this opportunity, agreed to it, for your benefit, never was anything meant for your harm, ever. We stress this with the truth of all love.
      Fully allow forgiveness of self to wash over you, cleansing you as the waves of the ocean lap upon the shore. As forgiveness begins to seep through the pores of your awareness, forgiveness for others will follow, allow, but do not force it to infiltrate you. Forgiveness brings freedom and it is freedom that assists anger to be transformed. When you feel your freedom, the fear dissipates, and again more anger is released and transmuted.
      Now that your energy field is cleansed and clear there is room for the new to be born. For many this is challenging, because this step takes you into unfamiliar territory, one in which there are boundaries you chart on the map of your consciousness. As such this is what helps to keep anger from returning again and again to your energy presence. The decision to incarnate the new brings the awareness of your responsibility to permit only kind treatment of you by others. It is far less likely that anger will be your companion when your boundaries of self-honor are intact. This is the transformation that brings you to that new level of being, to a place of transcension. We meet you wherever you are, but it is in this space of transcendence that we fly together.
      We Are Your Angels Always.

      The Angels Message
       Pain On The Path
      Many of you have endured considerable pain upon your path. In some cases it has aided you in becoming more compassionate and understanding, and assisted you to become outstanding healers. But there are those who have become stuck within their pain, unable to move past it, they attach to it because they believe it has defined them, made them who they now are, and has been the central ingredient in assisting them to evolve.
      The Ascension into higher dimensional existence requires the casting off of the belief that pain in and of itself is a helpful tool of spiritual evolution. Though it may have been viewed as such in the past, it is no longer to be seen in this way by those desirous of moving into higher dimensional experiences. Pain is in some part a component of earthly experience, but a focus on past or present pain as essential to spiritual development is not to be encouraged
      Many have built their life's story upon a repetition of story after story of painful experiences of the past, while we in no way demean the difficulty of past challenges, we ask that you not carry this energy into your present, thus coloring your future as well. This process of pain was never meant to be the chosen path of progression We ask that you not continue in this acceptance of pain as necessary, release the belief that life is inherently a painful process.
      . We urge you to fully accept that the time has now come to do away with any vestiges of such beliefs, and to fully realize that there is another way. It is in your willingness to accept that your growth and expansion can come from joy, now and from this time forward, that your focus changes and enables this truth to become part of your experience.
      The acceleration of the Ascension carries a Shift of focus from pain to joy. We do not say pleasure, for that is fleeting and flimsy, but the joy of accessing the power within you to re-create in each moment. Your memory is a perception colored by who you were in the past, by your response to a situation as you once felt it to be. Your sense of the reality of that episode is wholly based upon your perception at that time. And in those cases in which truly terrible events did occur, you need not allow them to continue to haunt you.
      For some it is helpful to redesign the past, revisit it and imagine lessoning the severity of the circumstances, they may even totally recreate the event with a different ending. When this isn't possible, simply sending light to the situation and all those involved, will bring some resolution and implement a healing.
      In any case it is truly best for your development to let go, rather than to hold on to your pain. You are in no way demeaning the significance of the event in releasing the pain, you are only releasing the idea that the pain itself contributes to your spiritual progression. We think you will agree, dear ones, that holding such a belief will only serve to invite more painful incidents into your experience. In addition your compassion can now be ignited by the intention for oneness realization rather than the shared rubbing of wounds.
       By accepting  your worthiness as inherent and not dependant upon the endurance and overcoming of suffering you access and experience the 5th dimensional experience.  
      Know Lovely Ones that love is ever being sent through to you in the now moment. It is time to embrace all that you are and ever will be through joy.
      We Are Your Angels Always

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
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