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Earth-Keepers.com: Attributes of the Total Solar Eclipse: November 2012- Portal of the Goddess

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  • Ash
    Attributes of the Total Solar Eclipse: November 2012 Feminine Portal of the Hathor-Goddess     The New Moon of the Total Eclipse A New Beginning of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2012

      Attributes of the Total Solar Eclipse: November 2012
      Feminine Portal of the Hathor-Goddess 
      Hathor Anchor Fr  
      The New Moon of the Total Eclipse
      A New Beginning of Planetary Balance
      Completion in the Feminine Portal
       Goddess Portal
      The Portal of the Goddess Hathor
      Bringing in the Balancing  Love of the Divine Feminine 
      Total Eclipse of the Sun November 2012
      Animation of the Total Eclipse of the Sun on 2012 November 13-14 
      A Total Eclipe of the Sun is Coming
      It Will Create a Extremely Important Aperature
      It is A Portal that will Occur Between  November 10  & 16 
      It is a Total Eclipse of the Heart
      It is the Balancing of the Planet
      with the Divine Feminine Energy
      of the Hathor Awakening
      Calling All Beings to Receive the
      Energy of the Goddess 
       November 10-11-2012
       2012- Hathor Activation

       Completion of the Venus Transit - Divine Feminine Balancing
      thru the Hathor Portal
      Hathor Ad  
      Calling All Goddesses, Gods & Angels - Be Proactive !!! 
      Our incredible discounted attendance rate of $145 ends in 2 -Days
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      Balance the Planetary Energies...Starting with Self
       Anchoring the Divine Feminine Influx
      This Hathor Awakening Event is managed, led, sponsored & organized by:
      Kaleid-Escape Energy Work- Adrienne Goff;   Metanoia Center- Catherine Kominos, &  Personal Pathways of Light - Linda Robinson.
       Adrienne-Cathy-Linda Hathor
      Questions? .. or to register Click Above  Links
      Scroll Down for more event information &  for Channeled Message
      Please note that the Hathor Awakening Gathering is a Kaleid-Escape-Metanoia-Pathway of Light  Production, not an Earth-Keeper Event. As such please be aware that any queries regarding the event or registration processing  for the event should be directed to Adrienne Goff or Linda Robinson at the above listed websites and emails.  We are extremely honored to be of  service to the sponsors & gift our enthusiastic endorsement, participation &  promotion of the Hathor Gathering in loving admiration of the 3-Angelic organizers & in absolute recognition of the vast importance of the Hathor Divine Feminine Completion. Please join us in beautiful Austin, Texas !! In Support of the Hathorian-Goddess energy !
      In Love & Service, Anne -Earth-Keeper Admin Director
       Dove - animated
      Planetary Balance-Divine Hathor
      The ideal for the planet is balance in perfection. As such it is a Divine Equity of that termed Divine  Feminine & Divine Masculine that is requisite for the parity of equilibrium. So it is the exquisite balance of both, for integral Divine Humans are in true origin source, both and neither. It is only in duality that gender application occurs. Yet it is the energy of the Divine Feminine that is needed to balance the planet for the NEW EARTH to achieve balance. The Eclipse of November 2012, will open a Hathorian Portal of the Divine Feminine.
      it begins with each individual balancing by receiving the Feminine Influx and disseminating it from one heart to another, encapsulating the planet.
      Join Us  
      F-M Balance 
      Powerful Divine Timing !
      The Hathor Awakening is Embellished by 3 Stunning Energy Amplifiers
      Energy of the Total Solar Eclipse ( occurring on Nov 13 New Moon) - with peak energetic window from Nov 10-16) November 11/12, 2012, North Taurids Meteor Shower
        November 16/17, 2012 - The Leonids
      Radiating from the constellation Leo the Fe-Lion ... Energy of the Hathor ! The Leonid Meteor shower is extremely significant and has historically produces some of the greatest meteor showers in history.
      Nov 2012 - The  Hathor Awakening
      The Total Eclipse of the Heart
      in the
      Portal of the Hathorian Goddess
      Hathor - Austin
      Balancing the Planet  
      Gaia 77
      The Divine Feminine began to download with the nurturing energy of the hallowed Venus Transit. Humanity experienced the astonishing and extraordinary vision of Venus transiting exquisitely across the Sun. Venus, ever the enduring symbol of the sublime & nurturing Unconditional Love and the heralded 'Goddesses' termed the Divine Feminine. And so indeed the Divinity of such Love, that termed the Divine Feminine is now in the requisite role of balancing the New Earth, achieving the necessary parity of raising the Feminine. It is the return of the Goddess !
      The world is now shifting to open its collective Heart in an ecstatic blissful loving embrace . The uploading of the Divine Feminine is allowing a beautiful rebirth of Feminine nurturing values to lead us into our 2012 prophesied Ascension. It is the Age of the Golden Hathor representing Unconditional Enduring Love. It opens the portals of The Age of Crystalline Light into non-polarity dimensions.
      The New Divine Feminine is occurring in November in the Solar Eclipse.
      When all humanity equally embrace one another the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine... then & only then a renewed World of Peace can and will follow.
      We warmly encourage EACH OF YOU to play your intra-active part in this process ! Do you feel the Call ? It is 2012, a Sacred Year of completing important Soul-Contracts . 2012 will not come again. You waited eons to be here at this moment. Open your heart, listen & follow ! Be proactive in the Ascension.
      Help us anchor the Divine Feminine to balance the Earth.
      The Goddess is calling !
      Complete Information- Details & Registration
      Hathor Goddess Gathering
      Click Below Link:
      Or Email :
      Scroll Down for Channel
      Hathor Awakening 
      Join us for an Incredible Gathering on November 10th & 11th in Austin, Texas
        Adrienne-Cathy-Linda Hathor
      In the Energy of the 2012 Total Eclipse  
      Don't Miss this Amazing Event Led by 3 Extraordinary Hathor Emissaries
       The Golden Hathor Goddesses :
      Adrienne Goff, Cathy Kominos, Linda Robinson
      with Special Guest - James Tyberonn & Anne Tipton
      Anne-Tyb Egypt 2012 
      And Tesla Violet Ray Healer
      Angie Carter 
      Angie Carter 
      It's 2012 - Time to be Proactive in the Ascension !
      The Balancing Influx of the Divine Feminine Occurs
       in the Energy of the Nov 2012  Eclipse
      Calling All Goddesses!
      Special Channeled Message from the Golden-Hathors
      The Enduring Power of Love
      OCTOBER  2012
      Greetings Beloved Ones,
      We are the Hathors, and we come to you in love.  This is a time of preparation of Self for the final upcoming events of 2012 and the heralding of 2013.  Alignment of purpose with a heart-centered focus will help you gain the greatest advances for Self and for those around you during this important time. 
      Each thought and each action need to be infused with the power of love for the greatest benefit.  Each time you focus on your heart center and the love within, you infuse your entire Being with love.  This love permeates every part of your Being, and its power and radiance will grow with your continued focus and attention.  With your continued focus on love, your vibration will increase to a higher level, for love carries the highest vibration.  It can override all other vibrations when it is held with focused intent.   
      As your radiance of love grows stronger, it spreads to all around you.  Indeed, it spreads beyond the scope of your immediate surroundings to the planet, the Universe and beyond.  Beloveds, you are very powerful, and the power of your love that you send is a gift to all. 
      Spending dedicated time on this focus can help you advance on your heart-centered path.  Gathering in groups to meditate and do heart-centered activities adds extra energy, for the combined total of energy is greater than the sum of the individual parts.  Each person brings unique characteristics to the group, and the blend of these characteristics forms a total energy of love that is very powerful.  The power of one is multiplied exponentially when it is combined with that of others.  This energy is magnified when a group comes together in a power spot on your Earth, for the energies of the geological characteristics amplify what you are sending forth.
      Gathering in a group in a power spot benefits all who are present as well as those who are in this and other dimensions.  Your planet Earth also receives much benefit from your loving energy.  This loving energy also radiates out to your universe and other galaxies beyond.  All forms of energy, whether it is human, plant, mineral, animal, or other form, will receive your love when it is sent for the highest good.  When you remain focused on love with the intent for highest good, this is one of the greatest gifts you can offer. 
      Beloveds, we encourage you to heed the call to action to focus on love in these coming times.
      Know that you are greatly loved. 
      We are the Hathors,                                                                                                       
      ...and we surround you with love. 
      You may freely share this Message of Love & Light . All copyrights reserved to Linda M. Robinson. www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com . Please feel free to share the message in its entirety, unabridged, undedited with loving reference of authorship and channel source: The Golden Hathors. Transmitted via Linda Robinson, Messenger & Scribe of the Golden Hathor
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      The vast array of beautiful crystals on hand truly create an astonishing Vortex, which balances Chakras & Opens the Heart !
      Which is precisely why we chose to have the 'Hathor Activation of Divine Feminine' event onsite. The beautifully appointed displays & exhibits are wonderland of amazing mineralogical & crystalline expressions of GAIA, our Mother Earth !
      Our conference is surrounded by these amazing 'Crystal Beings' of GAIA ! You will be blissfully amazed!

      This event is sponsored by: Kaleid-Escape Energy Work/Adrienne Goff, Metanoia Center/Catherine Kominos, and Personal Pathways of Light/Linda Robinson.
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