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Divine Guidance/Path of the Soul Card: Rewards ~ Chenrizi Manifestation

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  • Ash
    When I think of a reward the deepest felt reward is being able to give, to share from a place of genuine compassion and love.It is embracing the fullness of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2012
      When I think of a reward the deepest felt reward is being able to give, to share from a place of genuine compassion and love. It is embracing the fullness of life and the fruits of the life that we live. Yes welcome and embrace with joy and passion the fruits that we receive which enable us to give even more freely. That is apart of the abundance that we tap into which is an integral aspect of how open we are to ourselves in what flows between us. It is not in giving with the intent to 'get'; rather it is the reciprocity that flows between us and all things. When we change the world changes and as the world changes we change. It is within us to make those choices in how we wish to change and the rewards from that are immeasurable which are echoed with the Chenrizi Manifestation.

      I recall a commercial that aired over a year ago about where our focus is as people and this world. Too often we have seen how that the focus goes upon where there is a type of division. Instead focus on the good within each and every soul, within this world. That is not ignoring the other; rather it is our way of shifting the focus in how we deal with life within ourselves and around us. The more we find and rediscover the commonalities we all share we shall see how much more alike we are and those differences become that. Simply a difference. Some differences are beautiful examples of the diversity of life and the gifts we have. Other differences have gifts within them as we learn how to work together to resolve what may have been a conflict or point of contention in the past. We are not 'putting it aside'. We are transforming it. Together. For the highest benefit of all of us and that is a key toward the foundation of the New World we are co-creating and manifesting. It starts within us and radiates outward as we continue to grow and join together, hand to hand, heart to heart, soul to soul. We come and do come through each of us a diamond shining with his or her own unique radiance and light while reflecting the essence of Love within each of us, the world around us, the sky above and the Universe Within Us.

      We have not only reached that turning point. We are the turning point. Continue to hold to all that is true and pure in your heart and prepare ourselves to take off in new adventures and receive the joy, love and fullness of Life itself in all of our Divine Glory. :)

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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