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Intuitive Learning Circle: Tipping Point Game - "I Choose Prosperity"

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      Soul Resources • 2728 Valencia Dr NE • Albuquerque • NM • 87110
       Games for Change
      © 2008 - 12 All Rights Reserved

      Tipping the Sacred Cow - A Game for Change

      So many things are going on in the world. In the past, we stood on the sidelines waiting for someone to step forward on our behalf, now a new energy has been seeded and is growing. It springs from the understanding that progressive change happens organically, from the ground up. That means it's now time to make decisions as a collective that will form the new economy. The trickle down theory never really worked for our economic system and it's become painfully obvious that we can't depend on those at the top to handle all the changes and have that trickle down too.
      The only way that our economic woes can really change is for those who are actually holding the system up to stop supporting the failed policies and prioroites of the Status Quo.
      This Scared Cow Tipping Game dares to test the question:
      "Is it possible to reverse our collective mindset around economic sustainability peacefully and responsibly?"
      I think it is possible and want to invite each of you to join me in playing a free consciousness raising "game" that I call "I Choose Prosperity".
      The goal of this particular series is to create a tipping point for positive change that will lead us through this financial quagmire to a more peaceful and sustainable economic system.

      What is a Sacred Cow?

      Sacred Cows are social agreements, decrees, doctrines, adages or points of law that have outlived their positive purpose, if there ever was one, and have become a burden to our evolution.

      They are important to dispense with quickly because as long as the agreement behind a Sacred Cow remains unconscious, our collective mindset continues to behave as if the agreement were true. This causes unnecessary suffering and a slowing down of progressive change for the better.

      Therefore, the purpose of our Tipping Point Game is to find a way to peacefully release old, dogmatic agreements that have bound us from the past on a conscious and unconscious level so that our minds can focus on something positive as we navigate the difficult waters around us. 

      Changing Minds Is Easier Than You Think

      Our game uses Intuitive Learning Circles to focus your attention and allow you to relax and listen to messages from your heart. Each Circle has its own healing action that activates healing and inuitive guidance from within.

      For example, the symbol to the right can help you to access Soul Contracts that are ready to be released and dissolved. That means that you have completed the karma and learned the lessons and are at a stage in your life when it's time stop re-enacting the drama and move on.

      You can activate the change easily by gazing at the symbol and breathing deeply into your belly while you think about the agreement you want to release. Once the Soul Contract is released, your mind is free to make changes in behavior, attitude and beliefs.

      You can practice now by looking at the circle and repeating this affirmation to yourself,

      "I release any agreement with the idea that the top 1% should operate under one set of rules and the remaining 99% should operate under another."
      If you like, you can even imagine there is one contract for the 1% and another for the 99%. Imagine yourself taking a match to both of them and letting them burn until there is nothing left but ashes blowing in the wind.
      Using the Power of Collective Consciousness Peacefully

      When several symbols are put together, as in our Sacred Cow Game, you are guided through a sequence of questions and affirmations where you can clarify your thinking and adjust how you are using your energy.
      Today, you can choose to tip the first Sacred Cow and then tip the additional sixteen at your own pace. Each Sacred Cow has a special bearing on underlying issues of freedom and economic sufficiency.
      Not only that, if enough of us release all sixteen Sacred Cows, it is possible to co-create a tipping point or critical mass that would substantially "loosen the burdensome yoke of the old guard," and free us from the stifling policies of the Status Quo.


      Sacred Cow - Blocking the Flow

      No one can deny that the economic landscape is changing. When change of this magnitude happens, it's common to want to try and force things to go back the way they were. The flow of Nature and Man are intimately connected in ways we have yet to fully understand, yet Nature isn't always working against our aims, as we are so often led to believe. With the proper respect it's possible to observe the myriad of possibilities she offers and learn new ways of being, doing and understanding.
      That's why our first Sacred Cow is one of the main standbys of the old guard:

      "Things have to be done a certain way to be successful."

      We know that this one is utterly false (pun intended), and yet somehow, way back in the primordial mass of our reptilian brains, there is a fear of trying something new – a dread of the unknown. We want the answers  handed to us - to work by the book. The unfortunate thing about that is  "the book" is written by the Status Quo!
      Wouldn't it be an interesting experiment if we let go of the old formulas and learned to trust what's coming to us naturally? If you're game, you can look at the symbol above and affirm the following statements:
      "I relax as I release the tendency to let how things "should" work interfere with finding what really works for me."
      "I now free myself to find alternate methods of creating prosperity for myself and my loved ones."
      When you tip today's Sacred Cow, you will understand better how you might be unconsciously feeding the fear of the unknown and making it worse than it actually is. Not only that, you will gain insight from your Soul about how you can partner with Nature to bring balance and prosperity back into your life.

      Play our Sacred Cow Tipping Game, release your unconscious agreement to participate in limiting Nature, and get back into the flow.
      Rheanni Lighwater © 2008 - 12
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      Play the game now!
      Rheanni Lightwater

      Sacred Cow Tipping is Created By ~

      Rheanni Lightwater is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Medical Intuitive and Hypnotherapist in Albuquerque, New Mexico. "Sacred Cow Tipping" draws from a series of healing tools she has developed called the Intuitive Learning Circles.
      Purchase them for yourself from IntuitiveLearningCircle.com/bookstore/.
      Phone or Skype consultations and private sessions are available for individuals seeking energy healing, chakra clearing/ alignment or emotional balancing. Rheanni will assess, provide insight and help you resolve negative energy patterns using her rich toolbag.

      Consultations are available only in English and last between 60 and 70 minutes.
      If you would like to set up an appointment with Rheanni, email her at contact@...
      Thank You for Playing "I Choose Prosperity!
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