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Simeon ~ Cosmic Consciousness Online: Beyond Duality into Unity w/ Master Menon

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    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Beyond Duality into Unity w/ Master Menon                     10/10/12   Join My List! Cosmic
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      Beyond Duality into Unity w/ Master Menon                    10/10/12  

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      Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid
      Cosmic Consciousness Online Quick Links
      Highly Recommended!!!
      by Maia Kyi'Ra!   

      Greetings of Unity Friends,  

      Ascended Master Lord Menon has been very present in the process of creating the 10/23 Trinary Planetary Logica webinar. I have thus learned a great deal more in a very short period of time!

      Master Menon is also going to be directly guiding us in the meditational portion of the transmission by speaking to us directly to take us through a powerful alchemical process.

      This is a process that allows us to better be able to discern our deep inner  desire to return to our Mother Star from our desire to head out into the cosmos to access the Universal Source Intelligence that the Trinary Logica represents an aspect of.

      This is important, because we can now access the Trinary Logica here on Earth directly within our own Planetary Logica. Doing so helps heal another very fundamental form of separation.

      However, with this dynamic intimately intertwined with our desire to return to our Mother Star, re-orienting can be quite difficult. Master Menon thus initiates us using this high level alchemy to eliminate that problem!

      I found that it also has made me feel even closer to my Mother Star, as if she is right here more than ever with me! This is really shaping up to be a Unity-Oneness process par excellence!

      Additionally, in this presentation you will learn about and/or experience the following with some excellent processes provided as new quantum tool take-aways:
      • Our new Trinary Planetary Logica (Unified Oneness Logic Circuitry).
      • The Nine New Earth Planetary Seals, Nine Rays, 7 Sacred Tones and our new EL'Ohim.
      • Shifting from binary to trinary light-encoding and patterns to dissolve duality for self and world.
      • The shift in role advanced beings on our planet are now experiencing.
      • Expanding the flat plane dynamics of dual polarity into multi-dimensional tetrahedral dynamics.
      • The true nature of the Universal Trinary Logica, or 3-point quantum triangulation of consciousness.
      • Dissolution of the separation inherent in being either "out there in cosmos" or "down here on Earth" - integration!
      • Quanta as distinct energy potentials in consciousness and reality.
      • Expand understanding around the nature of quantum reality.
      • A process for experiencing the power of using Trinary Logica to dissolve conflict and duality in your life experience.
      • Understanding the nature of "polarity toggling" which bounces you around and leads to conflicts and move beyond it.
      • Using 5 quantum questions to transcend the binary polarities of duality into unity and love.
      • Transport to your point of soul origin and re-calibrate with your Mother Star.
      • Opening the the Father/Mother's love as our third point of reference to dissolve duality.
      • Expand awareness and balance your desire to return home to your Mother Star to bring her gifts here to Earth.
      • Be embraced by our New Earth Mother, Gaia An'Ma, with a beautful unifying message and transmission.
      Friends, we sure would love to have your special love-light with us for this Quanta 1 Attunement to Oneness, it would just not be the same without you!
      See further info below to join us!

      Blissings of Oneness Love,
      Simeon Chi'Ra and Karen Ani'Ra
      Click image go online, click image again for hi-res version ~ my gift!
      Trinary Planetary Logica
      Quanta 1 Attunement

      Saturday, 10/13/12
      11am MDT (5pm GMT/UTC)
      app. 90 minutes

      Can't make the time of the live event?
      Register anyway and get video access!

      On 7/23/12 the Sha'alura Cosmic Wave penetrated our planetary core and recoded our Planetary Logica (logic circuitry) from binary to trinary code.
      In the second 2012 Equinox window between 9/21-9/25/12 we experienced the manifestation of a hyperspace Sha'alura Cosmic Wave ripple which strengthened the harmonics of our Planetary Logica's new trinary encoding.
      The Metatronic Councils of Light have just offered us an opportunity to engage them in a series of Trinary Planetary Logica attunements that they are calling "Quanta." This is for the purpose of gathering a dedicated group of souls that feels called to work consciously to further this process within their own incarnate beingness as a service to our human collective as well as their own evolution.
      In each Quanta there will be further information revealed about this overall process, our new Trinary Planetary Logica, and how we as humans need to adjust our own logic patterns accordingly to move beyond the programming which was born of the old binary Planetary Logica. This informational awareness expansion will be followed with an experiential pure energy transmission in a meditational format.
      A "Quanta" in this usage is defined by the Metatronic Councils of Light as being a specific quantum potential of Metatronic Full-Light spectrum encodings. They intend to transmit a specific overall Quanta of Metatronic energy related to and interfaced with our Trinary Planetary Logica through a series of graduated increases in energy potential.
      I'm truly excited about being able to both facilitate and receive of this gift of Divine Grace and to do so for all our brothers and sisters on Earth. Please join me in the sacred work in behalf of our human collective!
      This webinar transmission is open to everyone. If the lowest amount of sliding-scale love-offerings online is too much, click the "Alternative Access" link below the "Register" button. If the reduced sliding-scale love-offerings are still too much, click the "Honorary Access" link below that "Register" button!  

      Core Stuff at CCO!

      Oneness Love La'kina Transmissions - hi-energy high quality videos once a month with 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na.

      These are actually more than one-time transmissions. They are highly specialized and very potent Programs of Light designed to help you melt the Old Earth ice cubes and start the New Earth Oneness Love flowing in your body and being!

      Trust in Love Video Workshop -
      Quantum Shifting from Fear-Pain to Oneness Love.

      Some powerful new tools and techniques for 2012 and beyond consolidate your power as the being of Oneness Love that you are. Fear-pain patterns dissipate your power. You can learn to shift to Oneness Love at will!

      Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry - A Metatronic Program of Light working with the core matrix of the nine New Earth Temples of Pure Consciousness.

      Watch the F.R.E.E. video trailer! (7) eBooks + (3) videos + (18) hi-res energy-art slides in the new full package!

      This program was introduced by the Metatronic Councils of Light in March, 2011. It is a means for us to gracefully and easefully accelerate the ascension of our consciousness into the New Earth.

      You can additionally incorporate this program into your own work as a facilitator at no additional cost. More info on the facilitator guidelines is also available at the links above.

      7D Science of the Soul oneness transmission is a full media package with a two part video, two part MP3, two eBooks (both available separately), and 27 hi-res energy art images.

      This transmission represents 16 years worth of attained higher awareness and multi-dimensional downloads. It includes information on souls birthing from stars, soul merkabahs, groups, families, siblings and twin rays as well as walk-ins. It also has a very powerful initiation in the Ma'EL re-birthing chamber within the 7D Temple of La'kina with High Priestess and Illuminari, Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na.

      Revised GODS Chi Activation Video and DVD
      REVISED GODS Chi Activation Video and DVD:
      hugely improved from the standard webinar video recording. Two parts now, can access just meditation easily. Music behind meditation. MUCH better quality soundtrack, editing, more... Can be purchased as download only or also with DVD!

      Infinity Ascension Sessions: free-flowing, powerful multi-dimensional channeled guidance, counsel and transformational assistance for your accelerated ascension process going into 2012 and beyond... Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na is usually present for most of these sessions!   


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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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