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Morning Messages: This is Who You Are

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      October 29 - November 26, 2012
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      Greetings to my beloved Morning Message familyOct 10 ,2012

      My Personal Message___________

      This morning is fogged in so everything is gray and quite. This has been an intense month for me and from the personal transmissions the 'team' has offered it seems that it has been an intense month for others as well. Actually it has been an intense year. It is so important to remember that theses are the times we have been preparing for and we have all the skills and support we need. 

      I am amazed at how many long hours to prepare all my documents and files for this audit. I am grateful to my local bank has also been so supportive with copies of needed documents and my office goddess who is assisting in the process. I have certainly been tested to use all my conscious and energetic tools.

      I deeply appreciate your prayers, energy and participation in the intentions of uplifting the IRS, a positive result for me and the transforming of our collective fear with the Internal Revenue Service. Together this is an opportunity to anchor a high level of LIGHT consciousness in this entire organization. It becomes Win-Win solution for everyone.  Thank you for your love and support it has embraced me daily.
      On an entirely different front, I am very disappointed to share this next news. With all things considered and the support of the 'team' I am postponing the creation of the Conscious Alchemist DVD until next year.
      Everything that I have created in partnership with the 'team' for Morning Messages has been an incredibly smooth and easy flow.  Doors opened, people stepped forward, and production was effortless, it was fun. I finally accepted the fact that there has been one delay after the other in the creation of this DVD.  The flow has not been there even though I have been holding the space and setting my intentions.

      Unfortunately both my video editor and graphic designer have other life situations they are dealing with and are unable to assist at this time.  I want to thank those who stepped forward as partners and sponsors in this project and to say it is with deep regret this project has to be postponed. As the 'team' always says "There is more to be revealed". So I will be filled with waiting until the new energy of next year supports this coming forth.

      I will be attending "The Art of Seeding New Realities" a Hathor intensive in Seattle WA November 2-4, 2012. If you are attending this event please connect, I would love to meet you.

      Please join us on Sunday November 4th there will be a World Meditation. This meditation will focus upon the 'seeding' of a more gracious passage through the transition cycle of 2012, as well as the birthing of Earth into a new and more enlightened Yuga or Cosmic cycle. There are two transmissions and processes we are invited to do in preparation for this event and our future. Read the Hathor Planetary Messages "The Sphere of All Possibilities" and  "The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness" www.tomkenyon.com 

      I am excited about the new monthly free one hour program I will be offering with the 'team' October 29 as well as November 26. "We Are Here with guidance and gratitude".   You get to ask the 'team' a question. All details in this newsletter. Cyndi has also created a new WIN Facebook page and is inviting you to Like the new page and enter the sweepstakes to WIN a reading with the 'team': http://www.facebook.com/WisdomIntuitionNetwork    

      I am still in the process of creating YouTube's of the Morning Messages monthly transmissions. I will keep you posted.

      The 'team' continues to extend their invitation to connect with your personal guides and be empowered as you move through your personal challenges and changes. Remember when you call to book your private appointment with the 'team' please mention code gratitude for the $88.00 financial exchange

      Your communication and sharing makes this work so rewarding for me. I am honored to serve you. I am deeply grateful the Bluesky donations. I truly appreciate this support, may you be blessed a thousand fold. I acknowledge your magnificence as together we anchor a new reality. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy
      _________ Message from the "team"_________ 

      This is Who You Are

      Peggy Black and the

      We are here offering guidance, embracing you with gratitude as you own and express your unique multidimensional gifts while anchored in this dense reality. As you observe your reality there are areas that appear the same and yet you can sense that there is a subtle difference. There is a wave of unfolding potential that has been flowing slowly beneath collective awareness that is beginning to be recognized by more and more individuals.

      You dear one are anchoring this new potential. You are calling it forth. You are aware that reality is more malleable than you ever thought. It is not as solid as you have been taught or programmed. It is pure potentiality, pure possibility awaiting your focused imagination. This is who you are. You are a creator. You call forth the changes and welcome and allow the flow of synchronicity into this dimension. You are the focus.

      The quantum field of pure energy and vibration awaits your clear impression. It is your dedicated focus, your clear and powerful imagining that allows new realities to unfold.
      You are stepping out of the powerless and helpless mindset that has been the dominant energy in the collective consciousness for eons of your time.

      You are beginning to honor the power of your imagination as you begin to envision the possible as actual. You are beginning to claim and own your multidimensional skills to sculpt and call forth a new reality for yourself and for the collective.

      We have often acknowledged you as conscious alchemist, awake and aware of your creative potential and power. You live in a state of unlimited possibilities. Everything is composed of pulsing, vibrating strings of energy. This energy is either a wave or a particle, depending on the intention and the focus. This energy is always influenced by your will, intention and consciousness.  Remember that energy follows thought.

      This universe, this quantum field, will always respond to fit your picture of reality. Thoughts, beliefs, emotions, intentions and attention create your experience. Your creative potential is far greater than you realize, you possess the power to turn your intention into reality.

      This universe, this quantum field, receives your vibrations and responds with a reality that matches. You goal is always to be consistent, clear and focused. Remember your imagination is a powerful creative force, when you claim this power and infuse your imagination with your emotions especially your gratitude it does and will shape your reality.

      When you set aside time for this conscious practice you will become highly skilled.
      Be patient with yourself especially with the active brain that continues to offer distractions. Use your tools which will quiet this inner chatter, or if it will not quiet just allow it to be in the background. First allow your awareness to activate your solar plexus, located behind the navel, and also bring your focus in to your heart area; begin to generate feelings of gratitude.  This will become easier with patience and practice.

      Next allow your awareness to connect to the area in the center of your brain; envision the small pinecone shaped gland nestled between your two brain hemispheres.
      This is your pineal gland often referred to as the third eye or the seat of the soul. It is the bridge between the physical and the non-physical worlds. It is the active key to your imagination and creation. It is the pineal gland that allows you to visualize or imagine other realities and visual constructs.

      We invite you to connect more consciously with this center. It is both the pineal/pituitary glands that are your wireless connection and gateway to galactic knowing. It is the powerful source of ethereal energy for your light body.

      We invite you to begin to direct your attention and focus to this area of your brain often as this conscious action will begin to infuse and activate this center. When you place your focus in your solar plexus and within your heart's field and partner with this third eye center you become a powerful alchemist working consciously in the quantum field of all possibilities. It is from this triad of partnership of these creative centers that you begin to imagine and call forth new realities.

       We invite you to set aside the time to allow yourself to create as alchemist. Practice quieting the chatter within, breathing deeply and placing your awareness in the center of your brain, the center of your heart as well as in your solar plexus. Begin to sense or see these three centers connected by a path of light vibrations. Imagine your solar plexus lighting up and the vibrations of gratitude beginning to flow from your heart, and imagine this triggers your pineal gland to become an image projector on the screen of the quantum field. Envision your new realities, your new self, and a new global future.

      Be engaged, active and excited. Remember it is important that this practice is fun. Play with this, be lighthearted and in your joy while in this creative space. There are no limitations here in this field of all possibilities. Your action will begin to engage and activate the matrix. There is nothing in this universe that is not available to you. 

      With practice you will begin to free yourself from any limited bondage of old habits, old beliefs or lies you have been told. Be aware that as you begin this exercise it can trigger old memories from your childhood when you were shamed or invalidated because of your vivid imagination. Notice any old wounds that surface or impose limitations to your skill of imaging.  Be kind to yourself if old memories and emotions arise, use sounds to express and clear any repressed emotions, remove the limitations and heal the wounds of shame and invalidation.  

      We know that with consistency you will develop great skills to envision awesome outcomes for yourself and your world. This is only another aspect of your unique gifts as a multidimensional being. Your action will begin to engage your future and as the timeline shifts it is accelerating your visions which are empowered by your gratitude to manifest more quickly.

      We embrace you with our deep gratitude as you transform the challenges of your physical reality.  We celebrate with you the life enhancing reality that you call forth; we are here to witness and support your powerful endeavors. 

      Remember the conscious and intentional use of imagination is your birthright and your source of power. When you understand the influence and true potency of your imagination in partnership with your emotions your will transform the world. the 'team'

      ©2012 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may  share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.  www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available 

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      October 29-November 26, 2012
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      InformationPage: http://morningmessages.com/telecast.cfm
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      Time: Monday, October 29th at 10:00am Pacific
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      Time: Monday, November 26th at 10:00pm Pacific
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      November 7, 2012  tele-webcast with Cyndi  

      All information is on the website www.morningmessages.com on the telecast link.

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      DATE & TIME:   November 7th , December 5th, 2012  
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      FORMAT: Webinar (Attend via Internet or Phone)

      The link to the telecast and the free archived telecasts are found on www.metaphysicalwisdom.com  
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      Give me a call. I would love to share the "team" with you.
      They are clear, loving, humorous and expansive. You will feel their energy.

      What a generous outpouring of concern and compassion. My soul guided me so precisely to you/team to release a long held trauma, currently feeling quiet and secure. Blessings Carolyn

      Thank your team so much! What an amazing, life-changing experience. I am so grateful to have tools available to me now. love Lisa

      The session was powerful; I am ready to go deeper. Let's book another. Michael

      The team is amazing. I feel like we moved mountains. Thank you, Vicki n Kazakhstan

      The 'team' helped in shifting the energy of experiences that have haunted me since childhood. Truly amazing. Wow! It's like a new day really did dawn. Gratitude

      Thank you; there is a sense of awe, relief and gratitude, almost like being empted out. Joan

      The reading was powerful, authentic and especially solution oriented. Thanks Donald

      Good Morning Peggy, in the past 15 plus years I have more healing, activations, transmission, attunements, mastery sessions, clearing regressions, etc. than you can imagine. This session with you and the Team has definitely been among the most powerful. Thanks you very much. Blessings Cathy

      I can't begin to express how grateful I am for the Team's help in shifting of the energy around the experiences that have haunted me since childhood. Truly amazing, I have tried for decades to understand it and now to know it is not something to be feared but rather a gift and invitation. WOW. It's as if a new day really did dawn. Please accept this as a heart-felt (((hug))) Lisa

      Phone my appointment line 831-335-3145 between 9:00-6:00 Pacific Time. You can also e-mail your phone number and time zone to: apersonalmessage@...
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      Thank each of you for your kind donations. You have been so very generous.  Thank You for your support. Click to Donate
      I hold you in my prayer and send you my deep love and gratitude for our connection. You have truly enriched my life. Thank you each personally for your support and love. 
      Blessings beyond measure, Peggy
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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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