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James Twyman: Golden Indigo Explosion!

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    Newsletter October 8, 2012 Golden Indigo Explosion! Over the last several weeks I ve received nearly one thousand emails from Golden Indigos all over the
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      NewsletterOctober 8, 2012

      Golden Indigo Explosion!

      Over the last several weeks I've received nearly one thousand emails from Golden Indigos all over the world. One would expect there to be hundreds of different messages, but in the end there was one thing I read over and over - IT IS TIME! It's time for our elders and our Indigos to stand side by side, like great book ends holding together the wisdom of the ages. Until now the scattered energy has been impossible to focus, simply because we were lacking the balance found in these two equal forces. But now, at last, the time has come for the wisdom of The Golden Indigos to catapult the vision of the Indigo Children (most of whom are young adults now, spreading their light in so many directions) into the era of peace that has been promised for thousands of years.
      The only question that remains is: Are You Ready? The answer, of course, is a resounding: I AM!
      A few years ago I wrote a book called The Moses Code, and I think I am only now beginning to realize its importance and significance. I originally wrote the book and produced the documentary because I felt that the Law of Attraction, as presented in The Secret, needed to be taught at a far deeper level - what I called the Soul of Attraction. The Name of God that was given to Moses at the burning bush - I AM THAT I AM - was a code that unlocked our highest potential, both individually and collectively. It can be used to draw "goods" into our individual lives, or "goodness" into the entire world. This has always been the message of the Indigos, and it is now the only message that can save the world. That statement may sound dramatic, but what I'm really saying is that it's time for us to truly "claim" this world we've been envisioning, not just talk about it. We do that through the I AM consciousness, which is another way of saying that we will claim it through the power of the Name of God.
      So how does this fit into the Indigo and Golden Indigo message? Everyone who wrote to me saying "IT IS TIME" understands that it's time for us to stop asking for something to happen in the world, or in our lives, but rather, claim that it already has happened. We do that by claiming it as real and completely realized within ourselves: "I Am Peace, I Am Awake, I Am Holy." Most of all, it's time for us to embrace our enlightenment, not as some kind of future event after we've learned more or been forgiven for all the things we imagined have held us back till now.
      Are you ready to say: "I AM Enlightened!"
      Say those words three times to see how it feels. Just saying them aloud unlocks the imaginary chains that have kept you away from the ultimate truth - that you already have everything you need to realize who you are. In other words, you already are enlightened, or filled with light. There is no shift that's required, only the full and complete acceptance through the Name of God.
      That may sound like a dream, or something too simple. All I can say for sure is that it's already happening, this very moment. The key is to become aware of that happening, and that's what I want to discuss next.
      Redwood Highway - A Film for our Time
      As you know, we are in the process of producing a major motion picture focused on the Golden Indigos. Would you like to be part of the making of that film, and receive a powerful Internet course on the above subject as a thank you? In a few weeks I'll be giving you the chance to donate to the production of "Redwood Highway," and receive several gifts that won't be available to the public at large for at least a year. We'll send you an e-version of my unpublished book "The Three Enlightenments," along with an entire recorded retreat that will launch you into the full experience of your own enlightenment. This book and retreat will amaze you in their simplicity, and most of all, they will open the door that seemed to have been tightly locked for so long.
      You also be part of the Executive Producer team on the movie. In other words, your name will be listed on the website and other places as being part of the production team that made Redwood Highway possible. We'll even send you special production notes as we're filming (we start shooting on October 15th), behind the scene videos, and even short clips of the film before anyone else gets to see it. We've never put together such an amazing package, and it's our gift to you for making a donation to the film.
      Once again, for your donation of $125-$175 (you choose) we'll send you:
      1. An e-version of my newest book "The Three Enlightenments" which won't be published for another year.
      2. The complete audio of "The Three Enlightenment Retreat."
      3. Listing on the website as an Executive Producer of Redwood Highway.
      4. Behind the scene video clips during production.
      5. Production notes sent directly from the set.
      6. An advance look at movie clips before the world-wide release.
      For now, all we need is your email address. This is an advance notice of the program just for people on my personal email list. We'll officially launch and begin sending out the book and retreat material when I return from Italy in a few weeks. Simply click on the link below and we'll send another email when it's time to make the donation.
      Don't miss your chance to be part of this amazing movement. The Indigo generation includes each one of us, and this film will be a major part of it being discussed around the world. Just click on the link and add your address, and we'll let you know when we're ready to launch.
      See you in the movies,
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