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Expect Wonderful: the revelation of our issues with world peace

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  • Ash
         Saturday, October 6th   Hello My Friend,   Some interesting stuff is going on lately and I am feeling very reflective today and felt the inspiration
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2012

      Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth 
      Saturday, October 6th
      Hello My Friend,
      Some interesting stuff is going on lately and I am feeling very reflective today and felt the inspiration to write and connect with you.  The energy is strong.  There is a meteor shower tonight, so perhaps that is causing this.  I also feel a big shift happening in the Earth's energies.  I know this cycle toward our ascension as a planet is hurtling forward in time and space.  There are rough endings happening, and the desire we have to be graceful and peaceful is challenged by the way each person we know and encounter is experiencing this energy...or so it seems.
      Is it really challenged by others?  Or is it our own willingness to worry and take personally the way each of us is able to respond to the dynamics of this tumultuous time?  As the we approach the fulcrum of this wild ride, the faith and belief we have in this whole process gets really put to the test.  Because we're not talking abstractly about the future anymore.  It's happening now.  It's happening here.  It's happening to US, and we feel it and yet it's like we cannot see beyond the tips of our toes what and where we're becoming and moving as and into.
      Amidst so much change and approaching this epic, time of prophecy on Earth, it strikes me to ponder...and I want to know--
      Do you believe that Peace on Earth is possible?
      Please slow down and feel your way into this and really see what your response is.  Don't allow yourself an automatic knee-jerk, mental/cognitive response, see what you truly feel.
      An interesting thing is happening about all this which is part of why I'm writing you.  Sunday, we're coming together to explore this topic during an event--you've seen the emails--an event to create and amplify a Momentum of Peace.  I was very excited about being guided to create this event, as I feel a deep affinity with this momentum in the purpose of my own life.  So I am excited to see what comes forth from our Cosmic Collaborators when we show up tomorrow to receive, and also to bring forth our own intentions for this experience, as we co-create this convergence and communion of light.
      Interestingly, the sign-ups for this event are the lowest of any event I have ever done--even the first one I did when I began Expect Wonderful almost three years ago.  
      Just to ease your mind about my business, in case you now worry for me if I'm going down the drain :)  I have many sign-ups for the whole program of events from now through December, which is where most of the sign-ups for this event Sunday came from.  And many sign-ups for the full day retreats in October and November. 
      So do you find it surprising that the topic of World Peace and creating this might be one of the least popular things I've ever invited people to join me in co-creating?  If so, then perhaps you begin to see why I might find this more than a little bit interesting.
      I was meditating today and turned my attention to this and really what I noticed was how as we are coming to terms with the close of duality, how out of practice we are, how limited our ideas are still, about our own potential to create a peaceful planet.   
      I was surprised by this and also kind of a bit sad, actually.  Sometimes noticing things like this make me tired, you know? Like, "Oh my GOD this is so intense...there is so much to do!"  So then, I took a break, watched the latest "Project Runway," and then I came back this feeling refreshed by listening to dogs crunching bones and watching Michael Kors make brilliant sparkly commentary about clothes. 
      So now, with fresh heart and eyes, I want to invite you to do what I'm doing--ask yourself: What IS IT about the idea of Cultivating a Momentum of Peace that just didn't resonate you into action?  That doesn't call out to you like your favorite thing in life?  Like other events you've being revved up to participate in. I'm curious--because each of us had a response to this that created the overall outcome which is hardly anyone is showing up Sunday to anchor this energy or place their focus on creating this together.
      Now, I want to say loud and clear: I don't need you to sign up for this event.  I am not concerned about that. I am doing well and there are lots of people coming to all kinds of programs and things, and also I TRUST life and am more than anything kind of deeply curious about this.  When I began to tune into this more with curiousity I began to see that we are being shown something by this, which is why I'm writing to you. 
      To understand what we're seeing, we each will need to reflect for a moment on our relationship to creating world peace and then see the bigger picture of what that looks like--because that's what created this.  
      Is creating peace on Earth is important to you personally?  Do you feel it's part of your life?  Is it on your radar?  I am simply inviting you to ask yourself this--not to feel bad, not to sign up, just to understand and if you feel inclined and open--to share why it didn't call out to you, to be part of creating a momentum of peace on our planet. 
      Does it feel like PEACE ON EARTH is just too inconceivable?
      Does it feel like the wrong use of time and focus, that there are other more pressing things for you to create?
      I'd love to know what your relationship to this theme of our evolutionary aspirations is.  I know we're busy and life gets full.  I know that many people do other things on their own besides coming to Expect Wonderful events.  This is different though.  It's a hugely dramatic dip to what's before and after this.  And I am hearing from Archangel Michael, that there is information in this about how some of these big dreams for us are actually really hard to know how to even believe in, much less to truly work on, pay attention to, in essence to expect into creation.  He says it's hard for many of us to even envision what a bridge, feeling-wise from here to a peaceful world here might be like.
      So tomorrow, my intention is that we will get a glimpse of that--what that bridge looks like.
      I look forward to that, as I sense that there are some glass ceilings to be shattered in our collective sense of what's possible and I will be curious to check-in with you a week or so after this experience to see if you've noticed anything different after we anchor and receive these transmissions tomorrow.
      11:00 am pacific time
      (or via audio download -
      whenever it's best for you)
      So that's what's in my heart and attention right now.  Thanks for listening :)
      I am grateful for how this illuminates for me that there is a new layer of potential available.  I see that we can expand in terms of hope and vision.  That by even just knowing this and summoning more expansive perspectives that we can explode into a more creative energized presence about peace.  That when we do this we begin to change things, by pollinating our planet with more liberating ideas and thought-forms around Peace, and the manifestation of it in our lives and in our world!
      I remind myself... 
      To make peace with our given nature, past and present, is how we each create peace within and in our world.  It's how we initiate a momentum from our own radiance. 
      What are your observations about all of this?  
      Take a moment and check-in deeply with yourself, what's got your attention these days?  Where do you feel called to focus?  Where does peace fit into that?  Does it?  What's your sense of why we might be having this experience?  Then share your comments below.  I know by this sharing we'll get a glimpse of how to move our world and our lives into more alignment with our ideals.
      Love + Peace to you beautiful one!
      P.S.  If you'd like to share your comments on the blog--I've posted this as an article where we can read and share with one another our experience of how we relate to peace.  I'd love to know your observations!
      You can read, share and comment here:

      Meredith Murphy | Expect Wonderful | PO Box 2433 | Pasadena | CA | 91102
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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