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TSL Now: OPEN DOOR Airs 100th Show! Plus Vio let Flame Vigil Update…

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  • Ash
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      To view this email as a web page, go here.
      TSL Now, Connecting The Summit Lighthouse Community
      Volume 3 Number 13
      Ascended Master Library Coming Oct. 5th
      October 4, 2012
      (Violet Flame Vigil Update Below)
      The OPEN DOOR Celebrates 100th Broadcast!
      On Tuesday, October 2, our Ascended Masters online radio program – The OPEN DOOR – broadcast its 100th show!
      It hardly seems that two years have passed since our online radio program came into being.
      The OPEN DOOR is brought to a worldwide audience every Tuesday by co-hosts Thom Schumacher and Terry Canady via the 7th Wave Channel, one of VoiceAmeria's global family of online radio networks.
      VoiceAmerica is a worldwide leader in online radio and its networks reach a cumulative audience numbering in the millions!
      The show currently averages approximately 130,000 “listens” each month and, to date, has been heard more than 2.5-million times!
      Over the last 12 months, the program has steadily maintained a position near the top of the entire 7th Wave Channel line-up (reaching #3 out of 40 total programs).
      Each 1-hour program features lively exchanges between the show's co-hosts on a specially-selected ascended master topic. Each show's content is further enhanced with pre-recorded material from Elizabeth Clare Prophet taken from her lectures and workshops, most notably her recorded interviews from the inspiring Inner Perspectives radio series. Engaging Q & A rounds out each show, featuring Reverend Sidney Bennett, with occasional visits by Reverend Neroli Duffy.
      As an added bonus, all past programs have been archived for anytime listening!
      To reach the 100th broadcast plateau is gratifying, but there is still much more we hope to achieve utilizing Saint Germain's technology.
      Experience The OPEN DOOR!
      Tune in Tuesdays at 11 a.m. Pacific, Noon Mountain and 2 p.m. Eastern.
      Inner Perspectives
      World Mother image by RoerichChapter 50
      • Putting on the consciousness of Mother Mary
      • How does ritual help us...
      • How we can overcome subconscious alienation
      All people, men and women alike, should meditate upon the Mother flame, which is a fountain of living fire within us. It is a fountain of purity that must be quickened, raised and released.
      When the Mother comes into prominence and into dominance within the temple of our being, she quickens God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit within us. We see, then, that the Mother on earth is the one who helps us to understand the Father and teaches us his laws. She enables us to understand the wisdom of the Son and she shows us how the love of God is the action of the Holy Spirit in our lives through our sacred labor.
      Magnet of love, wisdom and power quote by Lord Maitreya image

      Touched by The Teachings
      What You're Saying About...
      "Outstanding! Very good introduction to Kabbalah for beginners; very true to the Judaic tradition. I liked the accurate introduction to the basics the most." Houston, TX
      "Wonderful book. I recite the prayers everyday." Campobello, SC
      "My rabbi told me about this book. Excellent book, I like the way in which the contents were put together. Very good opinions and excellent research." Pueblo, CO
      "My introduction to Kabbalah. I was surprised to see parallel concepts to Eastern thought (Daoist, Buddhist, Hindu) & Gnostic thought. Well written to explain complex concepts." Hope Valley, RI
      Product Spotlight
      In This Issue
      Prophecy - Worried?
      Ascended Master Online Radio
      En Español
      We Are Family
      The Seventh Root Race - The incoming seventh root race, the seven rays of the seventh root race, and meditation for the conception of incoming souls.
      Having an Avatar - How do you apply to have an avatar? The master's dispensation, the mystery of works and grace, and Parenthood: a 33-year responsibility.
      New On YouTube
      violet flame and Saint Germain video
      Violet Flame Decrees
      Elizabeth Clare Prophet
      What's Happening
      Harvest Class 2012
      The Relentless Wave
      October 4 - 7
      Corwin Springs, Montana
      Vivenciando a Luz Interior
      Summit University
      Fátima, Portugal
      5 – 7 de Outubro
      La Matriz Esmeralda
      Summit University
      Guayaquil, Ecuador
      12 – 14 de octubre
      Path of the Bodhisattva
      New York City, New York
      Nov 30 - Dec 2
      Violet Flame Event
      Seabeck Conference Ctr, WA
      November 2 - 4
      TSL Webinars (Archives)
      What's New
      God-Victory for America Animated spiritual visualizations with decrees to The Great Divine Director, Cyclopea and Astrea. Decree Pace: Intermediate+. (You can also turn off the audio to meditate and decree at your own pace.)
      Master El Morya
      Universities of the Spirit

      Violet Flame Vigil Update
      10 More Countries Join the Vigil!
      Over 1477 people in 70 countries have now signed up for the Violet Flame Vigil in half-hour, one hour and two hour sessions!
      Ten new countries: Cameroon, Cuba, Denmark, El Salvador, Finland, Guam, Malaysia, Scotland, Taiwan, and Togo.
      Now is a great time to join the Violet Flame Vigil!
      Extended through Dec. 31st

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