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Simion Transformation Series_Oct2012_Refining your BLUEPRINT

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  • Ash
      The Transformation Series   October 2012   BLUEPRINTING for the SOUL  Simionthrough Amariah Mara
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2012

        blueprint light
      The Transformation Series

        October 2012

        BLUEPRINTINGfor the SOUL
      through Amariah Mara

      Special Message from Amariah

      Yes, this is months message is a repeat of last months.  This is no accident and neither was the funny fact that, unnoticed until now, I had put October on last month's message title.

      Usually, just before I sit down, and sometimes even a day before, I receive some telepathic message as to what the topic of the month will be, at least I get a general idea or some hint, and thus I have a vague idea of what is coming when I sit down to channel.  This month, I received nothing; no hints at all.  When I opened last months newsletter to use as a template for this month's news, I noticed that I had titled the channeling with October instead of September.  How curious, I thought. 

      And then as I sat to channel a message from Simion, it came clear as a bell that the message is the same for October as for last month, and should be repeated as is.  "Why?" I asked.  The reason given is that the opportunity is still here to work on our Blueprint and it is encouraged for us to do so! 

      Wow! This came as a relief for me personally, because I have felt that I have not fully completed my blueprint, and still feel as though some editing or heightening of my plan needs to occur. I feel as if I have only created the foundation of my soul plan, which is one of divine intention.  I feel it is a strong foundation.  However, there is so much that goes with this divine plan and how my will as a divine being can implement that on Earth.  I feel grateful that the opening is still here during this big year of 2012 to continue to refine and amplify the soul plan for manifesting my divine will as a creative being of light.  Yipppeee! 

      I hope you will all read the session again and really set your plans and get ready for their motion to manifest.  May your blueprint be filled with light and truly come alive for this year ahead!


      We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective. 

      It is with great enthusiasm that we speak to you now about soul blueprinting.  We use this word, blueprint, from your vocabulary to depict your soul plan and the importance of this period of time to access and amplify your personal life purpose. 

      3D house blueprint
      When your soul made a choice to be born in this lifetime, you along with your spiritual guides, created what can be
      viewed as a blueprint for your life.  This is not a set plan that can not be changed.  It is a guide for living a purposeful journey.  It is like the blueprints that you use to show details of a building plan for architecture or a vessel.  In your case, the vessel or structure is your body and life circumstances.  The plan is set for the vessel to be aligned properly to have a certain function or purpose. 

      life wheel bluprintSpring and Fall of any given Earth year, now being Autumn in the Northern hemisphere and the Spring in the Southern hemisphere, offers an increased opportunity for the blueprint to be tweaked and activated for your greatest potential.  Within Mother Nature, you see this evidenced in the creation and nourishment of the seeds of life. 

      Within all seeds are what you call genetic blueprints for the structure and function of each life form.  The nourishment given to the seed at various seasonal stages will determine how the life form will represent any given aspect of its code.  The blueprint may not be activated at all if it does not have what is needed to make it blossom, and this includes the motivations of the collective consciousness of the species.  Some seeds will have the best possibility of sprouting to become true to the intended code, if circumstances allow.  There are many factors, beyond your biological perspective, that determine the healthy growth of plants, including energetic and elemental influences.  The same can be said of your genetic and spiritual blueprint.

      ship blueprintThatsaid, now is a wonderful time for you to be focused on nourishing the seeds of your life blueprint.  You may want to use this blueprint analogy in a visual way and even see your life path as a 3D image, reflecting your multidimensional life.  You can then play around with and tweak the image from different angles.  Consider perhaps that your blueprint is like a ship.  What is your driving force?  What type of propulsion would best represent your energy?  What direction will your bow be pointed as you move?  What will act as your compass?  Who will ride with your ship?  What type of cabins and helm will you have?  This is to be an analogy of the energy and substance of what your blueprint is, and where it can take you in your life. 

      vitruvian man blueprint
      Perhaps using the chakra system as your blueprint would suit you better.  In that case, imagine what life experiences would fit into each chakra energy system and how you would like that to develop in the coming months.  How will you amplify the areas needing more nourishment? Your consciousness is in fact well aware of where you are now and the greater nourishment that is needed in any given area of your life.  If your energy of relationships is looking shabby and dull, then how about a face lift or brightening in that department?  What would be meaningful for you in that area of your life?  Imagine how you would like this part of your personal blueprint to appear.

      pencil on blueprint
      You have an opportunity to emphasis and enlighten or erase points in your blueprint to assure more of your soul plan is activated. 
      Spend some time contemplating what that might look like.  Use visualizations that best suit your personality to help you adjust and accent aspects of your blueprint.  Some of you may have an easier time seeing your blueprint as a flow chart or pie graph or in numerological ratios or as volumes of various life nutrients, where you can make adjustments to quantities.

      flower petal blueprintSome might want to imagine they are a flower and each part is an aspect of their personality and intentions. Maybe you want to stick with a chronological life plan blueprint. Maybe your figurative soul blueprint is a house and each room holds and generates the energy and inspiration for an aspect of your desired self development. Be creative with how to represent your soul blueprint and use your imagination to help you focus your mental pencil in creating and developing a plan you want to manifest. 

      Instead of focusing on specific wants, however, it is advised that you focus on larger more encompassing intentions, and leave room for the details to be filled in according to the energy signature of those intentions. Forexample, instead of thinking, I want my life blueprint to include my living in a house in Maui on the beach, have your blueprint show the essence and meaning of a place that is tranquil and invigorating for your soul.   Feel the sensations that place will cause in you, and how it will allow you to bring all other aspects of your blueprint alive.

      saucers bluprintWe also encourage you to think outside the norm and to push the limits of your plans.  How about a flying sailing vessel or even a space ship with compartments that allow you to move objects with your mind. That would be your psychic development center.  Why not stretch the possibilities of your blueprint to see how far it can take you. 

      Like Mother Nature, you are an ever evolving species with the opportunity to reach beyond your past histories and into a new way of being.  What will that look like for you?  Remember this is your soul blueprint, not one given to you by external influences.  Using imagery and emotional senses to make this real for you is not just a fun project, it will allow you to activate aspects of your truest soul plan in ways you would not normally think of with your logical mind. 

      guitar blueprintImagination is food for your developing soul!  Play and have fun giving your vessel new life and vitality to aid your year's manifestations and become more true to your soul journey.  The more time you give your blueprinting, the more conscious directive power you give your life experience.  Its up to you to activate your highest potential blueprint for this year and the next!

      ~ Simion, infusing you with the light of your greatest potential blueprinting!

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      TEAM7D  ~ Revealing Light!
      September Activities Update from
      Volunteer Coordinator, Mark Lewis. 

      Most important news is that we have been given gifts that is causing us to refine our Team7D blueprint!!

      1. Lakshmi and Narendra, our wonderful web Wizards in Chennai, India have created a prototype site for our  membership portal website which will contain information, wisdom and frequencies to support individual and collective Soul Evolution. Amariah is now working on the design and content elements.
      2.  Ketusa, Amariah and Mark have come up the name for the new book The One Soul Book
      3. Thanks to Silvia, a mirror of the Simion website now exists in Spanish  http://simion7d.com/spanish/
      4. Gricel continues to shape plans for the online study group of 'Keys to Soul Evolution' ... if you are keen to be a part of this, contact gricel77@...
      5. Ben has taken on the role as the developer for our Facebook page, so look out for new energy there ... https://www.facebook.com/simion7d
      6. Geoff in western Australia made the connection to Lisa Harrison and is continuing to open doors to opportunities for Amariah to appear on radio shows Down Under.
      7. The Sunday weekly Team7D Unity group meditation, to which all are welcome, has been ongoing and a beautiful experience for those that are participating. The connection is private and on your own, but we are all with one another no matter how far away.  We sit and connect in our unity for 15 mins (with the option to sit longer) at 7am PDT .... which will be 10am in New York, 4pm in Berlin, 7:30pm in Chennai and 10pm in Perth.


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