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[ANGEL] 10 Virgo, The Angels of Sacred Oils and Essences

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    ** ** ** ** ** *10 degrees Virgo*** *The Angels of Sacred Oils and Essences*** ** *Also known as* ** *The Angels of * * /Buriuh /*** ** ** *Beloved,*** ** *We
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      10degrees Virgo

      TheAngels of Sacred Oils and Essences


      Alsoknown as


      TheAngels of






      Wehelp people gather together flowers, herbs, oils, and objects to make incense, sacred oils, essences and objects that contain healing and spiritual properties.


      Depending on faith, which is omnipotence of will, purity of thought, clarity of flowing feelings, and imagined sensations, the space of physical forms are filled with desired divine qualities.


      Whenyou call in the heavenly hosts to help you with this, we perfectly permeate spaces of physical objects or substances with desired divine virtues whenever fate allows.



      Byusing Divine Virtues with ThePower of The Word, it is possible to impregnate these and anything with divine qualities.


      Thereis a cause-effect relationship betweenthe inner world of each Child of Light and the outer worlds, this is the relationship between the micro- and the macrocosm.  This is represented by the well known phrase “As above, so below”.

      Thisprinciple has been used in spiritual practices since time began.


      Forexample, sacraments performed in temple services create symbolically on physical levels whatever changes are desired on spiritual levels.


      Rememberthat solid matter is not solid at all.  Everything,on all levels, is mostly spaceIt is this space, even in physical objects, that is flooded with energy of divine attributes by the use of will-visualization, thought, feelings, and sensations.

      Wheneveryou wish to create changes on the physical level, remember that first comesa state of pure being and unity with Divine Being and all creation. Then comes desire, which is the spiritual FIRE electrical element, then comes thought, which is the mental AIR element, then come flowing feelings of the desired manifestation, which are the emotional WATER magnetic element, and finally the sensations of physical effects that manifest into form, which are the EARTH element.


      Tospiritualize any substance, such as oils, incense, and objects, the ability to comprehend and use the cosmic language is important.  Meditate on each letter’s divine virtue with its color and element [Fire-warmth,Air-ease, Water-coolness, and Earth-gravity/weight].As this is embraced in the imagination in the inner world of meditation, an information ‘packet’ is created that will manifest in the outer worlds with intent and breath.


      Checkyour feelings.

      Whatare you feeling?


      “Loveconquers all.”

      Masteryof flowing feelings can change fate.

      Allfeelings can evolve if they are allowed to flow in an atmosphere of Divine Love. .


      Inthis way, LOVE CONQUERS ALL.


      Overtime, a full picture is emerging, through these messages, of the exact nature and process of human interaction with the heavenly hosts and the divine virtues.  Divine Providence has decreed that this knowledge be made available at this time.

      Nowis the time for the full inheritance of the children of Love to be understood and received.  Now the words of the Masters,  that “yeshall do all things”, must come true as the prayers “that earth should be as heaven” are answered.

      Inthis time of the Golden Age, the Alpha and the Omega, the Children of Light and the Heavenly Hosts permeate physical matter with Divine Virtues.




      Hereis a list of the letters as they relate to the elements.


      Cutand paste this list into a separate file on The Power of The Word for future reference:


      ThePower of The Word


      Analogousto the fire element is:


      Inthe akasha principle [consciousness penetrating all, omnipresence]: letter Sch

      Inthe mental kingdom: letter H

      Inthe astral kingdom: letter S

      Inthe physical matter: letter T

      Analogousto the air element is;

      Inthe akasha principle: letter A

      Inthe mental kingdom: letter C

      Inthe astral kingdom: letter L

      Inthe physical matter: letter H

      Analogousto the water element is:

      Inthe akasha principle:  letter M

      Inthe mental kingdom: letter N

      Inthe astral kingdom: letter W

      Inthe physical matter: letter G

      Analogousto the earth element is:

      Inthe akasha principle: letter umlaut A, ae

      Inthe mental kingdom: letter I

      Inthe astral kingdom: letter F

      Inthe physical matter: letter R










      In the Akasha principle [consciousnesspenetrating all, omnipresence] - Delta





      A, ae

      In the Mental kingdom

      - Theta





      In the Astral kingdom






      In the Physical matter





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