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P'taah Portal Tour News & August 2012 Message

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      News & Message from P'taah
      August 2012
      In This Issue
      Jani & P'taah's 2012 Portal Tour
      July 2012 Conversations-We All Do the Best We Can
      P'taah Catalog
      All Knowledge Is Within You! - P'taah's August 2012 Message

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      Dear Friends,

      Jani and P'taah have now begun The Portal tour. They start out in England and then are doing a week-long English-speaking retreat in Turkey.

      Following the retreat, there will be events with a translator in Aschaffenburg, Germany (near Frankfurt); Munich, Germany; and Zurich, Switzerland.  

      They finish in Istanbul with another translated event on September 30.  
      Personal sessions with P'taah are available in each location. To book yours, contact the sponsor.

      All the information that we currently have is included below, with links to each sponsor's website. 
      With much love,

      Jani & P'taah's 2012 Portal Tour 
      Saturday 18th August-The Portal and Sunday 19th August-The Portal into the Natural World 
      Cost £65 per day (£120 for both days). For further information or to book please call  01502 478 081. One to one personal sessions are available. 
      Contact:  Ric & Patti
      +44 1502 478 081

      Friday, 24 August to Friday 31 August  
      Join Jani King and P'taah for a week of sun, sea and spiritual adventure with plenty of time to enjoy the wonderful sights and activities in this beautiful area of Andrasan and Cavus Bay in south eastern Turkey. 
      B&B accommodation will be arranged in a local hotel. All rooms with air-conditioning, shower and sea view (Cost approx. £28 single & £36 double per night).  
      Cost of retreat £285 (excluding accommodation, flights, transfers and meals). 

      Contact:  Ric & Patti  
      +44 1502 478 081 
      Monday, 10 September, 2012 
      Place: Stadthalle am Schloss, Schlossplatz 1, 63739 Aschaffenburg 
      Time: 19:00-22:00 
      Ticket cost: € 35,00 
      € 25,00 discount tickets available for students, pensioners, and others 
      Please bring your identification 

      Tickets can be purchased on the Robert Betz website or at: 
      Adelberger - der Laden 
      Römerstraße 55 
      63785 Obernburg 
      Tel. 06022-8633 
      Hauptstraße 146 
      63897 Miltenberg 
      Tel. 09371-6692710 
      14 September 2012 
      Place: Gasteig, Rosenheimer Str. 5, 81667 München 
      Time: 19:00-22:00 
      Tickets: € 35,00  
      Tickets can be purchased on the Robert Betz website 

      20 September 2012 
      Place: Volkshaus Zürich, Stauffacherstr.60, 8000 Zürich, Schweiz 
      Time: 19:00-22:00 
      Tickets: D 35,- / CH: SFR 42
      Tickets can be purchased on the 

      Istanbul, Turkey Workshop
      30 September 2012 - 10:00 to 18:00
      Tickets 150
      For information contact
      Osman - Ph: 0090 531 990 37 37 
      Email: osmancan@...


      July Conversation with P'taah
      We All Do the Best We Can - Pattie & Lil

      In utero memories of babies. Remembering that place of oneness when we are birthed. Focus-changing as we grow older. A sense of noticing the vibration of mother, father and siblings. By the time of 6 years of age, there is an experience of some kind of rejection, of needs not being fulfilled, and of noticing a vibrational frequency that is not compatible with oneness. The formula is given for transmutation of fear to love; the 4 Keys to Transformation. Fear is not your enemy. It's just that little part of you that has forgotten Who you really are.  
      When you look at your early life, the important thing is to look with compassion and understanding at your parents actions. As you do so, you find compassion and understanding with your own mistakes. The possibilities for transformation in the coming portal of change. What is truly yours is the possibility and the deservability to create life as you would have it. Feelings of not deserving to make your own choices, create laughter, harmony, joy etc. How you create it to be depends on what you believe about who you are. Discussion of sovereignty and free will while allowing others to choose for themselves. New ways of saying thank you.

      What intuition is. How you expand and grow. Understanding who you truly are and looking at the wholeness of you to find that deep happiness that lies within.  
      Loving who you are is not some kind of sin or vanity. Wherever you co-create a situation where there's a negative reaction, then there's something to look at. What do you believe about yourself that causes you to continue to co-create what is not harmonious. Because of your global communication, and your awareness of what's going on globally, you as a one world, one people, are required to create transformation and change.
      The concept of the carbon footprint is drawing attention to what you're doing on a global scale to your planet. It's about paying attention and where you have a voice, use it. Hating war does not stop war. Loving peace stops war. We're approaching a time where nothing will be hidden. The power-grabbing will be seen for what it is no matter how nicely it may be wrapped up. Then you have a choice.  
      The July session is available this month on MP3 at the special introductory price of $6 and on CD for $10.80. Don't wait. Order yours now!   
      Better yet, become a Pay-As-You-Go subscriber and never miss an issue. For just $5 a month, an MP3 of every Conversation is delivered to your Inbox the minute it is finished.


      Visit Our Catalog Page 
      Our P'taah store has a variety of items, including the P'taah books - Act of Faith, Transformation of the Species, The Gift and El Regalo, the Spanish version of The Gift.
      The complete Conversations with P'taah inventory is now under its own tab,  Conversations with P'taah.

      We also have the Outrageous Dreams, Outrageous Reality DVD, and the P'taah meditations -  Exploring Beyond the Crystalline Door, Meeting with Your Soul and Journey of Connectedness - on both CD and MP3.  Archived older sessions recorded in cities around the world can also be purchased on either CD or MP3.
      Lastly we feature laminated versions of the powerful Morning Song in English, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Dutch, French, Turkish, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Polish, and our newest translation - Italian. And don't forget our Mayan CIB sterling silver pendants and/or earrings. One of CIB's meaning is intergalactic communicator and P'taah has chosen it as his glyph.
      We invite you to visit us there soon.


       Message from P'taah - August 2012
       All Knowledge Is Within You   
      Beloved ones, all of the knowledge of all of the world is within you. And you know, to tap into it, you do not have to read another thing. You do not have to go to another workshop. You do not have to have another therapy.
      Do you realize that all of that is simply stories that you hook into so that you will not have to feel? Well, if you will not feel, you will never come to know the Gods and Goddesses that you are.

      We do not tell you anything that has not been said to you a thousand times before. We do not say anything which has not been said to the humanities for eons of time. It is simply that you do not hear. You are so busy in your mind saying 'but' and 'if', so busy hooking into the stories, that you do not hear. And you do not hear because you are terrified of giving up that which you call the addiction to your condition now.

      What we tell you is the utmost simplicity. What we tell you works. What we tell is that which will create freedom - free dominion - freedom from fear, freedom to be who you are.

      What we offer you is simply a reminder that you create it all. If you really desire change, if you truly, truly want freedom, all there is to do is to begin to be. It is not so difficult.

      And when you forget to be, that is all right - do not run what is called 'heavy judgment' and do not worry that you will miss the boat. You will not. You have already committed yourself to the change simply by birthing yourself here and now.

      So it is not that you will miss out. And when you miss an opportunity to transmute the pain, to embrace the fear, that is all right. There is only one thing that you can be absolutely sure of and that is you will re-create the situation again, hmm!

      And time does not matter. What is it that is hurry? There is no hurry because time, outside of this time-space continuum, it is all occurring at the same time.

      This life was meant to be easy. This life was meant to be joyful. This life was meant to be played. Are you ready to give up the struggle? Ready to start playing? Ready to embrace that babe within you that is so afraid? Are you ready, really, to be who you are?

      You see, beloved people, are you ready to stop being spiritual, to stop playing the game? Because while you are busy being spiritual, while you are busy being this person that you feel you should be, while you are busy taking all of what are called belief structures from your religion and from the social structure and bringing them into what is called this new religion, called New Age, you are not being who you are. You are simply re-creating other structures within that framework of belief to keep you from feeling, because all the structures feel safe.

      Even the fear feels safe because you know it. The pain and the anguish that you have known from your birthing feels safe. You know it. You are intimately acquainted with it.

      And what is called 'leaping into the abyss without a parachute', what is called the 'act of faith', is simply to leap off when you are not really sure that you can fly! It does not matter what we tell you. Even if you believe it with your intellectual mind, you do not KNOW it.

      So, as you may turn around your belief structures, as you may identify that which keeps you where you are, as you identify how wondrously you create your reality moment by moment, soon that belief up here (points to head) that says you can fly becomes an absolute knowing within your heart because all of those beliefs up here really are only up here.

      What we are concerned with, absolutely, is your heart. Your heart, so that you feel safe to become vulnerable, so that you feel safe to be absolutely who you are. And that occurs when you know that who you are absolutely, every facet of you, is simply an exemplification of the Source - of Creation. And you may do it step by step.

      Wondrous indeed, is it not?!

      Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!     

      Light Source P'taah | 61416 Twentynine Palms Highway | Box 1251 | Joshua Tree | CA | 92252
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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