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Dolphin Heart World: Who Loves You, Baby? ~ Dolphin Heart World Summer Newsletter

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    Linda Shay Your Dolphin Ambassador! Aloha Friends! You haven t received a full newsletter from us for a while! David and I have been in a cocoon of creativity
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2012
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      Linda Shay
      Your Dolphin Ambassador!

      Aloha Friends!

      You haven't received a full newsletter from us for a while! David and I have been in a cocoon of creativity this summer. We're excited to share the result of one of these creations with you today. We hope you'll be inspired!
      Now that Mercury has gone direct again (Yay!), I feel so much excitement and new energy movement in my body, and, literally, "in the air!" The Olympics have been inspiring, as always. And humanity has successfully landed a new rover on Mars. It's named after one of the key qualities of Dolphin Consciousness -- Curiosity! David and I stayed up past our bedtime to watch the live landing. It was an unbelievable feat and a truly extraordinary accomplishment. WOW!!
      In light of all of this external excitement and movement, Dolphin, David and I are going to invite you to come back home into your beautiful, most precious Self in our feature article: Who Loves You, Baby?
      I invite you to call forth the beautiful healing frequen-seas of Dolphin to flow through you, and around you, as you dive in to our warm, welcoming waters!

      This Month's Treasure Chest

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      Come on in -- the water's great!


      Who Loves You, Baby?

      by Linda
      There is a specific answer to this question that I’m going for here, but let’s go on a journey of discovery, and let the answer reveal itself, shall we?
      David and I recently co-hosted an internet radio show on Loana Morgan Radio – the first radio show we’d done together in a few years. We had a really great time doing it, and the feedback we’ve received has been tremendous!
      The theme we talked about is so important, and is so “up” for so many of us on our path right now, Dolphin inspired me to share excerpts of the show here (edited for clarity).
      Here we go!
      Linda: I’d like to talk about a really important gift I came home from Hawaii with, as a result of my recent trip there to swim with my beloved Hawaiian spinner dolphin family.
      A couple of weeks after I’d returned home, there was a morning that I got out of bed, and I went to the mirror, and immediately I started looking at myself and noticing my wrinkles, and noticing my hair – that it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do – and noticing the places on my body that weren’t as tight as I would like them to be (laughing).
      David: We’re getting very intimate here.
      L: (laughing) Yes! Very intimate!
      But it was so interesting, because in the area of self love, I think I’m functioning pretty well. I think that I really do have a high level of self love, and appreciation, and acceptance. But in this one area, all of the sudden I was engaged in that activity, and it was like the dolphins said:
      "Wake up! Look at what you’re doing. Look at these thoughts that you have about yourself that you’re affirming over and over and over again. And notice the energy – the frequency – that’s entering into your body with every single critical thought. Notice that!"
      It was shocking! And in that moment, the lightbulb went on for me, and that unloving behavior completely shifted. The dolphins gave me a number of ways to be in a new relationship with my body, and things to do every day to be in love with my body, and to tell my body how much I love and appreciate it. Those simple small daily practices have made such a difference for me!
      The theme for me was self love. The dolphins showed me that I had a ways to go there!

      D: What seems to have been a theme through many of the recent Journey of Discovery with Archie sessions I’ve been doing is this same issue of self love – of literally how we treat ourselves on a moment-by-moment basis. And so, that’s really become something that both you and I have become more conscious of.
      And what’s been interesting is that a lot of the people who receive these sessions really are far along on their spiritual path. They really are people who have been serious lightworkers. They’ve done many workshops; they’ve done many sessions with other channels; they’ve done many, many things. They’re very, very beautiful people. And they’re very, very dedicated to bringing love and light to the world. And so often, they’re giving it to everybody but themselves!
      …This has really been a theme. Through these Archie sessions, I’ve become so aware of the ways in which we’re unkind, even cruel, to ourselves.
      L: Whenever I had that experience of looking at myself in the mirror and being critical, one of the things that the dolphins reminded me of was the Dr. Emoto work with water – the positive words causing the water to crystallize into beautiful patterns, and the negative words creating chaos and darkness in the patterns in the water. Well, our bodies are 87% or something like that, water! So every unkind, unloving thought that we generate towards ourselves creates that dissonance inside our bodies. It just became so clear to me.
      And this is something dolphins don’t do! They can’t relate to this.
      D: They’re so surprised to see us doing this to ourselves.
      L: They don’t live there. That’s not their way of thinking or being in the world.
      D: And, so often someone would say in a session … "I know what I should be doing, and I’m not doing it." Or, "I know what I have to do, but some part of me doesn’t want to do that."
      L: And then we have: "I’m not enlightened enough; I’m not clairvoyant enough; I’m not feeling enough …" All these "I’m not enough’s." And that’s so common on the spiritual path. We compare ourselves to other people, and we want to be more … of something. And the dolphins are really highlighting that that’s not loving, and that’s not kind. We’re doing ourselves a disservice.
      D: So, Archie’s intention in these sessions … is that it’s time for this whole way of being to simply stop, and to be replaced by genuine loving kindness towards ourselves – at all moments, in all situations.
      He used an analogy. He said:
      “You are a flower, and your desire is to bloom. Your intention is to bloom – to totally show your beauty to the world. So, imagine you have a flower garden, and you walk out and the bud is there and you’re standing in front of the flower, and saying, ‘BLOOM, darn it!’” (L & D laughing)
      L: “Bloom faster!”
      D: Yes. We attempt to change ourselves by force. There is a very subtle kind of force that we think is the way to get ourselves to be more of what we want to be, of who we want to be. We would never treat anybody else that way! (D laughing)
      But the way Archie put it was very, very profound. He said:
      “You are attempting to create the new paradigm using the methods and tools of the old paradigm. You are attempting to reach the new way of being, but you’re still operating from the old way of being – of judgment and criticism and duality – thinking that that will get you to the new way of being. And it’s simply not possible. It simply doesn’t work that way.”
      I hope this whets your appetite to listen to the rest of this lively and fast-paced 40-minute show! At the end of the show, I lead a very beautiful and powerful inner process intended to lead you into a state of beautiful, deep, and expansive self love. I invite you to listen to it, and if it resonates for you, to listen to it often!
      So … Who Loves You, Baby?
      Yes, the dolphins love you. Yes, God loves you.
      Who else’s love is essential to your full blossoming in the world? Whose love is essential to you realizing the new paradigm of unabashedly, joyously, and passionately showing your beauty to the world for all to see ~ here ~ now?
      Yep! YOU!
      Who Loves You, Baby?
      Let the answer be: “ME!”
      Click here to listen to the June 22 Loana Morgan Radio show, featuring Linda and David speaking on: Self Love ~ Love and Wisdom From the Dolphins.

      There's a
      New Dolphin Energy
      in Cyberspace!

      We've mentioned in past newsletters that one of our creative projects is to create a new Dolphin Heart World website that better reflects where we are now. We’re not at the end of this project by any means, but we’ve made a major leap forward!
      So ... it is with great Joy and deLight that we invite you to visit our "improved" Dolphin Heart World website!
      Our beautiful new banner logo was created by Manjari Henderson, our dear friend and graphic artist who created the cover for my book Dolphin Love for us. Thank you so much, Manjari!
      On the front page, we've written a new Welcome Message that paints a clearer picture of what it is that we do at Dolphin Heart World. We'd love your honest feedback on this message. Is it clear? Is it inviting? Does it make you want to dive in and learn more?
      Also, we now have an honest-to-Dolphin Services page. It gives an overview of the wide range of services and products we offer, and organizes them in a way that will help you discover your ideal next step on this Dolphin Path -- when you're ready to take a next step! This page also makes it possible (finally!) to sign up for Sessions and Attunements entirely online! Our new online scheduling system handles every time zone in the world (there are over 300), so you can make appointments in your own time zone. Whew!! We’re Jumping for Joy with excitement about this leap into the twenty-first century! Again, we'd love your honest feedback on these new features.
      We still have lots more we're going to do. Coming next will be my new Dolphin Blog, Eeks & Squeaks! This will make the entire website experience more interactive. I'll be writing new articles frequently, and you'll be able to post your comments, so we can be in ongoing conversation. (Note for you techies: we'll be converting the whole site to WordPress).
      But what's there now is already a vast improvement! So please click, take a look around, and let us know what you think/feel. We welcome your feedback!
      Oh yeah, and remember to come back and read the rest of this newsletter! There's more good stuff! Eeeeee!
      Diane Steiniger ~
      a huge gift to Dolphin Heart World!

      Ch-ch-ch-changes ~
      Thank you, Diane!

      by Linda
      Many of you will remember our friend Diane Steiniger, who made so many contributions to these newsletters, and to Dolphin Heart World, earlier this year. In June, Diane, David and I all came to the realization, at about the same time, that it was time for a shift. We all agreed, amicably, that what we came together to do was now complete. Thanks to Diane's support, David and I are now in an empowered place to create the kind of business we know Dolphin Heart World has the potential to be. We all feel really good about this!
      Diane has now launched her own business, Write by Design. Diane is a very talented writer. Her new business specializes in "helping small businesses make a big splash on the web!" If you, or someone you know, might benefit from Diane's services, we invite you to check out Diane's new website. We recommend her highly!
      Please join us in sending Diane a huge energetic hug and Thank You for all the valuable contributions she has made to Dolphin Heart World. We love you, Diane! We wish you JOYous and Prosperous Success in your new adventure!

      Linda and Dolphin on the AIR-waves!

      by Linda
      If you missed my latest radio show that aired Tuesday, July 24, on Starseed Radio Academy, I feel compelled to share the link for the recording with you (below). I was told that I'd be on for 30-45 minutes, and then they'd open the show up to callers with questions or comments. Well ... we ended up going the full two hours! The listeners who called in asked the greatest questions and drew so much new stuff out of me. David kept passing me little notes saying "This is GREAT!" He had planned to only stay around long enough to make sure we got started okay. When the show was over, he said, "Once you started talking, I was hooked. I couldn't leave the house!" It was really fun!
      If you're still hesitating, one caller asked about mermaids, and I got to tell my honest-to-Dolphin mermaid story that really happened when I was in the ocean in Florida a few years ago. Now do I have your attention ... and curiosity?? Eeeeee!!
      Linda Shay & David Rosenthal
      Your Dolphin Ambassadors!
      Shay, thank you for spending some of your valuable time with us today. We hope you're inspired to love yourself just a little bit more ... or a lot more!
      And please let us know if we can support you on your journey in any way. We look forward to deepening our connection!
      We wish you radiant blessings of
      Dolphin Love and Joy!

      Linda & David
      Dolphin Ambassadors
      855.DLFNLUV (855.353.6588) toll-free
      928.852.3788 local and international

      Creating vibrant lives of loving and joyous connection ~
      with self, with humanity, with All of Life!

      Love Heals. Joy Transforms!

      Are the Dolphins calling You?

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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