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[ANGEL] 2 Leo, The Angels of Electricity and Will

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    * * *2 degrees Leo* *The Angels of Electricity and Will* *Also known as* *The Angels of * * /Methaera /* ** *Beloved, * ** *Use the power of the SUN! * **
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    2 degrees Leo

    TheAngels of Electricity and Will

    Alsoknown as

    TheAngels of



    Usethe power of the SUN!

    Rememberthat a person’s physical body is the most dense of four integrated bodies. 


       Thenext most dense is the astral emotional body,  then the mental body and finally the spiritual body. These four bodies correspond to earth, water, air and fire, and the Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwave states.   


     These states correspond to physical sensation-memory-logic,   then feelings,  then thoughts and finally the use of will in the form of chosen desires. 


      There is a fifth body, whichis thecore truth of everyone and is sometimes called the akashic body. This is a fifth element that is also sometimes called aether.

     This is that part of self that is one with Divine Being and all creation. This divine essence or body is omnipresent.

    “Iand the Father are ONE.”

    “You are made in the image and likeness of God.”

    Thephysical sun that you see in the sky is the physical body of a great being. Different religions and cultures have given this being different names. This being also has an astral body, a mental body, and a desire body that integrate with each other. It also has an akashic body.

    Justas each organ in a body performs specific functions, so does each planet in our solar system.

    The particular function of the SOLAR SUN concerns radiation of waves/particles carrying information of OMNIPOTENT DIVINE INTENTION, WILL AND DESIRE for the highest good of all.

    Lookingat the sun, in a safe and natural way, such as at sunset or sunrise, allows physical natural waves/particles of light of Divine Will to physically enter the body temple of each person through the optic nerve. This nerve directly connects to the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands.


     These are master glands of the body.

    Whena person looks at the rays of the sun, information dances into the optic nerve as light waves. These waves turn into light particles through the effects of attention in meditation.  


     These divine light particles inform the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus  to  secret powerful healing and enlightening psychoactive chemicals and neuropeptides into the bloodstream.

    Raysof the sun also inform and charge liquids and crystals with healing and enlightenment.  


      The waters of earth and her stones vibrate with the messages of the sun!

    “…andin the end days, even the stones will cry out.”

     The sun’s rays catalyze unity with Omnipotent Divine Intention to manifest what the Mayans have called The Ancient Future. This is The Alpha and The Omega, The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, The Original Divine Blueprints of Cocreation and Joy.

    Asa person meditates on the divine virtues of the letters of our name, we awaken fiery enlightened intent connected to the sun, to flowing divine feelings of divine heart. We inspire inner guidance and high inspiration from Divine Providence, and the using of The Power of the Word to cocreate with Divine Being.

    Indoing so, we inspire divine Creativity, for we are angels of the dance of creating Heaven on Earth.

    Manifestcreation is made possible through electrical and magnetic energy.  Electro-magnetic energy is the masculine and feminine, the positive and negative, the creative and receptive, it is fire and water,  IT IS Flowing WILL and Flowing FEELINGS.

    Withdivine will and divine feeings, divine perfection is attracted into manifestation out of infinite possibilities.

    Inthe oriental philosophies of health, it is said that a balance of 5 to 1 yin/yang is optimum.  Yin is magnetic feeling energy and is the water element and yang is electric will energy and is the fire element.

    TheEarth is a water planet. It is 80% water.  The human body is 95% water at birth and is always more than 70% water. Emotions, the water element, determine reality.

    Wehelp attune emotions to divine perfection through fiery great will, high intuition, wisdom and transformation.

    Alwaysremember that flowing feelings ATTRACT new realities into form. Learning to master feelings and the astral body is necessary to master physical reality.

    Emotionsand feelings are the change agent of  the physical realm of the five senses.  To manifest HEAVEN ON EARTH  the nature of emotions, and therefore the nature of change, is CREATED through individual willpower attuned to omnipotent DIVINE WILL for the highest good.

    Thefire principle of intent must pass THROUGH THE MIND, through THOUGHTS, to become the water principle of flowing emotion. For this reason we help each person to meditate and master the divine virtue of wisdom and enlightenment.

    Meditatingon enlightenment reveals the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind.

    Theprocess of Divine Fire passing through mind creates an eminent mind, a mind in which the divine virtue of wisdom and enlightenment makes capable visualization, reasoning, perception, the cognition of the most profound truths, highest knowledge, high intelligence, etc.

    Asclear pure ideas are formed, imperfect ideas can then released back to Divine Being for transformation other higher states that are the highest good of all concerned.

    Miraclesare performed this way in the inner and the outer worlds.

    WeHELP each child of light understand ELECTRICITY, which is the physical expression of will and intention.


    Weare ONE with The Omnipresent Creator of All Life,  we are ONE with you.

    Weare ONE with ALL for ALL are ONE.

    Ourlove for you is as powerful as lightening.

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