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    ** ... * * * * * 21 degrees Cancer* *The Angels of Wisdom* *Also known as* *//* *The Angels of /Arakuson /* *//* *Beloved, * ** *We help people understand the
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       21degrees Cancer

      TheAngels of Wisdom

      Also known as


      TheAngels of ‘Arakuson’




      We help people understand the causes, purposes and effects of diverse Divine Laws in order to gain wisdom and manifest miracles that bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth.


      "Allthat I do ye shall do and more."


      Many times those who attain excellence in world service use great personal mastery to become aware of Divine Laws and understand them.


      It is of this that we wish to speak. 


      In every moment of your day, there exists the choice to focus your attention freely on whatever you wish.


      When the decision is made to dedicate your life to the service of bringing beauty and truth to the world, an intense process of learning and preparation begins. 


       This beauty and truth must first be found and enlivened within.


      "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and ALL will be added unto you."

      "The Kingdom of Heaven is found within." 


      This  sometimes takes many years and requires the help of many teachers.


      So it is that we become your teachers and help you in your meditations , especially meditations on the study of the Divine virtues in being, will, intellect, feeling, and sensation. This study is theancient language. 


      We help you attune to the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind. We help you release imperfections and undesirable limitations in your desires, thoughts, feelings and sensations, for changes into other states that are the highest good of all. 


      We help you attune to clear inner guidance in each moment, with amazing faith.


      "With faith all things are possible."


      We help you understand the source of everything in creation, and to create causes that change fate, perceiving all through the eyes of love and manifesting supreme happiness. 


      A particular emphasis is on  the study of the power of will and feelings.




      Taking these principles a step further, a secret to manifesting new realities into form is bringing ALL LEVELS into alignment. 


      One ‘old saying’ emphasizes the power of synchronizing all levels:

      “Anything which you sincerely believe, fervently feel, staunchly intend and

      persistently and clearly visualize must inevitably come to pass.”


      Thus, a most common impediment to manifesting miracles is the erroneous practice of putting out mixed messages or contradictions in consciousness.


      If, for example, you want something very much, but are so afraid that its opposite may happen instead, so that you worry extensively as you continue to imagine the unwanted outcome, the mixed message you are sending with 2/3 of your creative energies is undermining what you want from manifesting.


      In this case it would be necessary to heal and resolve the negative feelings of fear first. As you heal the negative feelings, associated negative beliefs about reality will also heal.


      Therefore, the most important levels to synchronize for miracles are intentions (will) and feelings, both of which are best strengthened by imagining congruent visual impressions.


        The (unconscious) brain responds directly to visual pictures, rather than words and linear thought.


      Will is electrical energy and feelings are magnetic energy. Acting together congruently, essentially the male and female principles, they comprise an extremely powerful, balanced whole that can accomplish miracles. 


       Align personal will with Omnipotent Divine Will.   This synchrony is accomplished by decreeing the highest good of all concerned with powerful congruent will and feelings and sensations of this happening.


      By attuning to inner guidance to choose a particular Divine Virtue, and  to BE, WILL, VISUALIZE, think about, FEEL, and sense this virtue, a great cause is created in the Akasha, or consciousness-penetrating-all.  This cause can be manifested wherever inner guidance directs.  It can be one’s self, another person, a group, a place, an object or the entire universe.


       DIVINE WILL AND FEELINGS  shine with strong belief, faith AND LOVE and create ongoing effects through time that bring justice, harmony and happiness.


      We come when you seek to understand the energies of male and female, Causeand Effect, WILLAND FEELINGS of Divine Virtues.  


       We guide you in your great quest for understanding, purpose and mastery of various Divine Laws, such as The Laws of Justice and Harmony that lie behind creation.


      It is your destiny to be successful in following the footsteps of the masters who performed great miracles in your world.


      Once seekers understand how energy works within the universe, they long for situations that give them opportunities to do unselfish deeds.


        To cause effects in the physical world,  imagine changes in will, thoughts,feelings, and sensations .


      By making changes in the inner world, changes are created  in the outer world. 


      The same laws apply to the micro and the macrocosm.


      As above, so below. As within, so without. 




      In the area of service to humanity, any effort to benefit others, without attachment to getting credit or payment for it, leads to a return which is surprisingly more wonderful than words can describe. The greater the numbers of beings which are helped, the more powerful are the resultant good feelings and circumstances to the unselfish benefactor.


      The ability to flow with strong emotions of Divine virtues gives a Child of Light mastery over magnetism, the ability to attract realities of perfection into physical manifestation.

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