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Morning Messages: Your Heart's Intelligence

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  • Ash
        Dear Morning Message community, As you know I rarely send out extra announcements however I felt that this was very important. I am personally invited
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      Dear Morning Message community, As you know I rarely send out extra announcements however I felt that this was very important. I am personally invited each of you to look into this online course. I love HeartMath and the 'team' is always telling us to go to our heart chalice and heart awareness in order to transform dense energies. I live about 10 miles from the HeartMath offices. They are all incredible loving beings who are doing this work. Blessings of grace, Peggy 

      Activating Your heart's Intelligence:
      A Practical 7 week course on the Science and Practice
      of Unleashing Your Hearts' Transformative Power

      Accessing your heart's full capacities can lead to a new baseline of vibrant health, richly satisfying work, deeper connections, less stress and a deeper sense of purpose in the world.  It's a heart revolution underway!

      HeartMath is offering a 7-session online course
      starting next Thursday, June 28: with HeartMath pioneers 
      Deborah Rozman, Howard Martin and Sheva Carr.

      Through the time-tested methods HeartMath teaches in this practical course   you can learn to reduce stress, improve your health, enhance your performance, and experience much more positive emotions as you go about your day.

      This course will give you scientifically validated skills and tools - used by tens of thousands of people -- to unleash your heart's transformative power.
      You'll learn to:

      • Decrease emotional upsets and increase positive feelings so that you can make empowering and life-affirming choices for yourself and loved ones, and our world

      • Loosen the hold of stress, worry and anxiety by actively choosing joy, compassion, appreciation and love instead
      • Improve your mental focus and clarity regardless of what's happening "out there"
      • Create an optimal inner terrain for healing and for easing the stress of chronic pain and illness, by consciously accessing your heart's wisdom
      • Build an inner reserve of energy that helps you to thrive in these complex and chaotic times
      • Activate your heart's intelligence to bring your work and life into greater alignment with your deeper purpose
      • Create more authentic and harmonious relationships
      • Achieve your goals more quickly and easily

      I truly see this as a foundational course for ANYONE who wants to help transform this world. The more of us who are coming from our hearts--literally--the more effective and compassionate change agents we'll be!

      Your heart is the master gateway to wisdom, health and enhanced well-being. And this course can have truly remarkable effects on the quality of your life, as well as a powerful impact in your work, relationships--and the world at-large during this important time of global change.
      P.S. The course also includes an added bonus of Daily HeartStart calls (a $169 value) with Sheva Carr and Eileen Gold, a certified HeartMath instructor.

      These calls are a powerful way to set your intentions each day. You can clear mental and emotional clutter to create more ease, intuitive guidance and true creativity for each day, leading you to greater and greater levels of daily fulfillment and adventure.

      Get details and register here:

      Click here to register



      Morning Messages P. O. Box 199 Felton, CA 95018
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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