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[ANGEL] 2 Cancer, The Angels of Volcanoes, Caves, and Pyrotechnics.resent

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    Easier to read version. My apologies, I m still on a learning curve with my new email program.... Thank you! *Thank you!* ** ... ** // ... // ... *2 degrees
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      Easier to read version.  My apologies, I'm still on a learning curve with my new email program....

      Thank you!












      2 degrees Cancer

      The Angels of Volcanoes, Caves, and Pyrotechnics

      Also known as


      The Angels of ‘Nudatoni’





      Emotionalattunement with Divine Will manifests as the perfection of flowing with strong feelings of Omnipotence, enthusiasm, high inspiration, and faith in creating new realities of Divine Love that result in supreme happiness.


      Flowingfeelings of Omnipotent high inspiration, creativity, and happiness are a driving force behind miraculous transformations of physical  matter  that outpicture the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind.


      Becauseof this, we are known as teachers of mastery of phenomena of nature such as volcanoes, caves, buried treasure, and pyrotechnics.


      Creating miracles to outpicture original Divine Will for the highest good of all concerned is the essence of the Cosmic language, the use of the Divine virtues, as explained in these messages.


      Once a person understands that amazing simplicity underlies complexity, and experiences The Law of Correspondences 

      [“Asabove, so below” and “As within-so without”], 

      then he or she can begin to create miracles as second nature.  


       It was because of this amazing simplicity that it was spoken,

      “Exceptye be as little children, ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom of Heaven”.


      The simplicity of a little child is analogous to original pure trust and innocence.  


       The simplicity of ever young immortal Divine Consciousness and Being is the natural state of people,  who are in truth “made in the image and likeness of God”.


      Originalpurity and innocence are sources of flowing feelings of unity with Divine Providence and all creation, omnipotence and faith, which can be used to control all natural phenomena.


      Simple understanding of unity with Divine Being and all creation in the use of flowing feelings of Omnipotence  and faith  is the key to both changes within the human physical body temple and changes within the planetary physical body temple. 


      Performing meditations with Divine virtues wherein first you relax and experience yourself as one with Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient Divine Being and all creation, and then becoming, through imagination, a tiny dot located within your solar plexus area with the rest of the body a vast swirling universe around you, and filling the body from this perspective with desired divine virtues in being, will, thought, feelings, and sensations, sets up sine waves that demolish previous blueprints of reality and reestablish new divine blueprints on all levels within the body. (These fourlevels, will, thought, feeling, and sensation, are referred to by mystics as the  “quadripolar magnet” and are Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta brainwave states. Delta is naturally dominant in infancy. Theta is dominant in childhood. Alpha is dominant in adolescence. Beta is dominant in adulthood.)  Then, with the out breath, this change is breathed or sent into an object, a person, a situation, or even the entire outer Creation, depending on inner guidance. The breath is sent both through the nose and through the pores of the skin over the organ corresponding to a Divine virtue being activated.


      These new blueprints manifest within the microcosm first and then in the macrocosm through The Law of Cause and Effect  {as above, so below} and The Power of the Word. Thesechanges manifest first in the human body temple and then the universal body temple.


      With the in breath, this change comes back in to amplify the change in the body temple.


      The key to using POWER AND WILL to manifest change in physical matter is found in flowing feelings. WILL and FEELINGS are the elements of fire and water. Fire and water, or electro-magnetic energy, is HOW miracles are formed.


      Fireand water are primary halves of the quadrapolar magnet of being-will, mind, feeling, and sensation.


        What FORM THE POWER TAKES occurs through the secondary half of the quadrapolar magnet, which is mind and sensation. Mind and form are the elements of air and earth.  Concepts of what the power/ fire does creates flowing feelings of water/magnetism, and then WHAT FORM it takes is attracted from infinite potential from these feelings.


      When you add the WHAT to the HOW you get MIRACLES.    This is a source of changes in the material world.


      In other words, one pointed WILL combined with STRONG FLOWING FEELINGS is the HOW, or the electro-magnetic POWER. THE MIND CONCEIVES OF THE IDEA OR CONCEPT THAT EMBODIES THE WILL.  Then flowing feelings occur and the physical FORM AUTOMATICALLY manifests from these.


      Take for instance the WILL to stop a dangerous fire.  The mind receives inner guidance of the Divine virtues needed to do this, which are the letters of our name, ‘Nudatoni’ .


      Theseare the virtues of supremehappiness, the act of creation and its ongoing effects, the mystery of love to create, the original purity of all ideas which is enlightenment and wisdom, transformation through release of imperfection so that it can change into another state, high inspiration, transmutationthrough seeing through the eyes of love, Divine harmony and justice, supreme happiness and finally divine virtue of cause and effect.


      Remember that the Divine virtue of flowing feelings of supreme happiness reveals solutions to any problems, and is the principle of cohesion. Supreme happiness can be conferred to others, or to any situation.


      The virtue of letter U, the act of creation, awakensdeep trance states in which a creative act occurs and the ongoing effects of the creative act can be seen and calibrated to the highest good of all concerned. In this way fate in self and others can be changed.


      The virtue of D is the mysteries of love to create. It is LOVEDIVINE that will create the desire to change any situation for the highest good of all.


      A and umlaut A, ae reveal the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind and awaken mystical faculties. Then imperfections on any and all levels are released for changes into other states. The virtue of umlaut A, ae, is most instrumental in changing physical matter. Old forms, on every level, must be released back to Divine Being for changes into other states.


      The virtue of letter T is high inspiration concerning whatever is being dealt with. It aligns the four brainwave states to accomplish a desired goal.


      LOVE DIVINE awakens cognition of indwelling OmnipresentDivinity, and causes transmutation to occur. This results in harmony and supreme happiness for all.


      The breath is used to change anything in the outer world through The Law of Cause and Effect, the virtue of I.


      The mind performs meditation with each of these virtues in which THE one pointed WILL and FLOWING DIVINE FEELINGS of each of these virtues bring the fire into harmony with the highest good of all.


      It is necessary that Divine qualities are FELT INTENSELY.  This step, the step of FEELING INTENSELY  what is WILLED through Divine Being  is the entiremeaning of the sign of Cancer


      The mind receives inner guidance to call in the help of the heavenly hosts who embody these virtues, who also will, conceive, and feel the fire coming into alignment. These heavenly hosts also activate these Divine virtues.


      There is also guidance to call in the beings of the elements of fire and water, the salamanders and undines, to join in with the meditations.  The gnomes are also invoked.

       The necessary changes or miracles on the material level of manifestation happen.


      We recommend practice so that you may convince yourself of the truth and effectiveness of this.


      We protect and inspire people who require caves for the purpose of suitable homes to live in,  the finding of healing

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