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Fw: Wednesday, August the 8th

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  • Polly Menendez
    Wednesday, August the 8th Mayan Calendar:10 Oc, 13 Pop ctssm42@hotmail.com All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT. From Cyrus the Astrologer
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2001
      Wednesday, August the 8th

      Mayan Calendar:10 Oc, 13 Pop


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer

      There is mystic rectangle involving Mercury, the Sun, Chiron, Hades and Uranus.

      The Moon enters Aries at 3:05 AM.

      The Moons entry into dynamic, assertive Aries rouses us into a cycle effective action. The long lunar void cycle of yesterday ends, bringing greater clarity. We are inspired to reach out, network and become a part of the community.

      The emotional realm attunes us to the world of divine ideas, bringing greater intuition and flooding the intellect with the Light of Wisdom.

      After the very powerful and transformative energies of the last several days, we can begin to stabilise our emotions and gain a clearer perspective. It feels like the Sun appearing after a storm, giving us a chance to regain equilibrium and cherish enduring values.

      The First and Fifth Rays are emphasised.

      We are likely to put our personal power, assertiveness and persistence to good use. Our strong sense of purpose gives concentration and objectivity.

      Our personal stability is maintained through organisation, positive attitude and our participation in everyday affairs.

      The mystic rectangle produces growth through balance, insight and intuition.

      Mercury symbolises duality and synthesis. It is the connecting link between the higher abstract, and lower logical mind. Mercury eventually establishes Right Human Relations between the personality and the Soul, bringing in the Light of Wisdom.

      In the Sun-Mercury opposition to Uranus, the self conscious individual merges into a greater group orientation. The Heart of the Sun stimulates and enlivens our Soul awareness. The Sun gives purpose and acts as a vehicle for the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom. This takes place physically, on the Soul level and spiritually.

      Here is a chance for us to experience greater inclusivity and refinement in our individual self expression. This is an important phase in our evolutionary progress as the energy of Uranus begins to flood our consciousness and affects the conditions in our outer life. Our intuition is strengthened and we are better able to perceive the quality of energy within the realm of form.

      Our rebirth into Light always requires the attunement of the lower self with the Higher. It is our Journey Home, as we progress through the Path of Discipleship to the Door of Initiation.

      Chiron links the inner and outer planets, thus bringing about the integration of the Soul and Personality. Chiron linked with Hades suggests the healing and merging between physical and non-physical realms. We are urged to delve beneath the surface and investigate the unknown. Hades brings together the physical and the metaphysical .

      When we ignore or deny the metaphysical, we tend to cast Hades realities aside and shove them under the rug. They surface during major Hades transits. Lessons involving disintegration and decay only emerge when we react to Hades transits unconsciously. A broad understanding of the principles of cause and effect may be necessary in order to benefit from Hades transits.

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