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Eclipse Season Update | 5.14.12 | from Allison Rae/HeyAllie.com

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    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here May 14, 2012    How are you feeling in this year of big changes, the much-anticipated 2012? Is it going the way
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      May 14, 2012
      How are you feeling in this year of big changes, the much-anticipated 2012? Is it going the way you thought it would?

      May and June promise more sudden turns and surprises. I've been publishing these newsletters since 1999, and I've never seen astrology quite like the cosmic line-up of 2012.

      Annular Solar Eclipse

      This weekend the Sun and Moon meet in a transcendent solar eclipse that will be visible in parts of Asia, Europe, Russia and North America. On June 4, a partial lunar eclipse conjunct the deep-space anomaly known as the Great Attractor forms a tense T-square with Mars and Chiron on the third consecutive lunar festival supermoon. (That's a whole lot to pack into one alignment, much less one sentence!)

      Eclipses happen in six-month and 19-year cycles. Issues that were front-and-center back then are likely to resurface now. Where the eclipses fall in your natal chart tells us which areas of your life will undergo the biggest transformation.

      The Line-Up

      Eclipses are just part of the story. I've been blogging on the current series of planetary alignments for several months. These include:

      May-June eclipse series
      Venus' journey in the underworld
      Venus' visual transit of the Sun
      June Solstice
      Uranus-Pluto square
      For dates and details, please visit my blog: http://heyallie.com/blog/

      Specific posts about these transits are:

      Shadow and Light http://heyallie.com/2012/shadow-and-light/

      The Great Attraction

      Supermoons and Mastery

      The Lovers Dance

      2012 So Far

      Venus Transit

      How Are You Feeling It?

      The energetic build-up is exciting and more than a bit edgy. From what I hear, everyone feels like something big is about to happen, without knowing what or when. It's super-important to stay grounded during this volatile period.

      The current alignment series is bubbling with opportunity for radical shifts, including:
      Integrated healing - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
      Reinvent yourself - follow the deeper pull of what you truly love
      Course correction - take a new direction or step more fully into your purpose
      Those who are most affected:
      May and June birthdays
      Anyone with significant natal placements in cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) or mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius)
      Lotus Heart

      Soul-Level Guidance

      Astrology is a window to the soul. Through the practice of intuitive astrology, we illuminate the soul's intent and the timing of natural cycles to help you move masterfully through these transitional times.

      My personal consultations by phone or Skype empower your decision-making in key areas of your life, including career, health, relationships, family, finances and geographic location. Each session is customized for you personally - no computer-generated reports here!

      Your astrological forecast combined with a potent energy transmission. Activates your soul's codes to support you on your life's journey.

      Life Path Consultation
      Comprehensive astrological reading focusing on the natal chart plus long-range transits and key issues in the current life situation (career, family, health, relationships, finances, real estate, etc.)

      Astro Forecast Reading
      Your astrological outlook for the next 12-15 months including career, family, health, relationships, finances and real estate.

      Please be in touch of if you'd like to schedule an appointment for yourself or your loved ones. Gift certificates are always available, too.

      "Thank you for such an in-depth reading. I received a new perspective about my personality, on things that were always confusing to me and you clarified them, redeeming those traits and giving me hope for transformation. Thank you also for the ideas on working consciously with that transformation."  - Marianne

      2012: Big Year 

      This Is It

      It's refreshing to connect with so many people these days who are committing to their path of service and taking the leap into a higher destiny. The world needs your enthusiasm and energy!

      Feel free to share this newsletter with others who might benefit by using the special forwarding link below. Additional information and resources are posted on my website:


      As always, thank you for sharing in this journey of a lifetime.

      With love,

      Allison Rae

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