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TSL Now: Little by little we make our Ascension!

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  • Ash
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      TSL Now, Connecting The Summit Lighthouse Community
      Volume 3 Number 8
      The Summit Lighthouse®
      May 3, 2012
      Don't Compromise Your Victory!
      Step by step, we climb the ladder of attainment, reaching ultimately to our ascension. When taken separately, each decision to be good and do good may seem small, but when taken together, they become the sum total of our progress on the path.
      Saint Germain has said that his ascension was the result of making "a million right decisions." And making right decisions puts us all to the test every day!
      One of the most insidious adversaries we face on the spiritual path is compromise. Little occasional compromises can seem so easy and almost-but not quite-outside of our conscious awareness. We make a seemingly inconsequential concession here, or cut a corner there. At first, it doesn't seem to matter. This apparently minor erosion happens so slowly we hardly notice it.
      But then one day we wake up to find that the combined weight of our minor indiscretions and rule bending has reached critical mass, becoming a serious challenge to our spiritual progress.
      Without realizing it, the mouse we chose to overlook has become a deadly dragon that we must slay if we hope to make progress on our path!
      And, of course, the last thing we intended was to compromise our ultimate victory.
      On the spiritual journey, there is simply no room for compromise, because the price we pay for it always comes due at some point.
      Whenever you have a decision to make (or a test to pass), here's a simple call that will remind you of what's at stake: "I AM the ascended being I wish to be right now!" You can't go wrong when you act from an ascended master perspective.
      Inner Perspectives
      threefold flame with chakra imageChapter 45
      • How to call the light in our aura
      • A mantra to use for the alchemy of change
      • How to feel oneness with God
      Let's visualize the threefold flame expanding from within our heart-the blue plume of the Father and God's power to the left, the yellow plume of the Son and God's wisdom in the center, and the pink plume of the Holy Spirit and God's love to the right. This threefold flame of the Trinity is visualized by the mind's eye, by the soul.
      In our devotion we are seated comfortably. We visualize the drawing of a magnetic sphere of white light around the flame, which expands as a great sphere of our cosmic consciousness.
      We visualize ourselves seated in this sphere of white light and as we are set now in the seat of authority, in the great Three-in-One-the throne of Father, Son and Holy Spirit...
      Lanello united we stand quote image
      Product Spotlight
      Violet Flame Decrees & Songs for Elemental Life CD Violet Flame for Elemental Life CD Elementals are the nature spirits of fire, air, water and earth. The elementals need us, and we need them!

      To avoid or mitigate cataclysm and environmental upheaval, the elementals need you to invoke the violet flame on their behalf, to transmute the pressure of mankind's karma. Give violet flame decrees and songs with Elizabeth Clare Prophet (2 hours 36 minutes!) on behalf of elemental life for the benefit of all.

      Available exclusively at The Summit Lighthouse bookstore
      Heart, Head and Hand Decrees Booklet & CD Heart Head and Hand decrees booklet and CD Meditations, affirmations, mantras, prayers and decrees to contact and increase the power, wisdom and love of God in your heart and aura.

      The decrees included in this album/booklet set were dictated to Mark Prophet by the ascended master El Morya, who said: "I have written those decrees as the very shortest means whereby a person can touch on the major elements in his life that he needs to fulfill in order to make his ascension."
      Touched by The Teachings
      What You're Saying About...
      "An excellent companion primer to 'Saint Germain on Alchemy.' Provides further insights and inspiration on these most needed teachings. I liked the excellent prayers, meditations and decrees the most." Buffalo, NY
      "Everything I've been looking for, very illuminating, great source of guidance for meditation and attaining a higher consciousness, gnosis. I like the correlations of Bible teachings on cosmic laws." Westville, IN
      "The first book just rang true to me with every sentence. Loved it and will read it again and again. What I liked most? The chance I may be on to the truth!" Sacramento, CA

      In This Issue
      Violet Flame Decrees
      Balance and Heal
      Chakras & Eightfold Path
      Of Gautama Buddha
      En Español
      Madre María
      Madre Divina el Occidente
      We Are Family
      Pre-Birth Spiritual Development Podcast, Spiritual development during pregnancy - pregnancy is the most important 9 months of your child's life!
      New On YouTube
      ECP Jesus and reincarnation video
      Jesus & Reincarnation
      Elizabeth Clare Prophet
      What's Happening
      United We Stand!
      July Retreat 2012
      El Destino del Alma
      Madrid, España 5 - 6 de mayo
      The Open Door Internet Radio
      Tuesday 12pm MT Recent:
      The I AM Race:
      The Only Race That Matters
      What's New
      Discourses on Cosmic Law 2 Cosmic Discourses 2 album Mark Prophet reveals that each of us has a spiritual, divine spark from God in our hearts—a threefold flame. He describes the colors and attributes of the threefold flame and says that within that flame lies the potential for each of us to become a Christ. He also explains that the goal of life for each of us is to "ascend" back to God as Jesus did.

      Mark illustrates, with fascinating stories from his life, how karma influences health. Looking beyond the physical body for the causes of disease, he shows how wrong thoughts and feelings can be the biggest hindrance to wholeness.
      Gautama - Wesak
      Seventh Ray Master
      Pentecost Quotes
      Sunday, May 27th

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