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Enlightening Your Life with Jennifer Hoffman April 9, 2012 newsletter

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      Enlightening Life Newsletter with
      Jennifer Hoffman & Uriel

      I'm teaching the Aligning Into Mastery class on April 15 in Lunenburg, Massachusetts from 2 to 5PM.

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      Happy Easter everyone! I hope you enjoyed your day and celebrated the return of the light, a new beginning and rebirth, which is what Easter is all about. And we're going to get some relief this week, which has already started, as Mars is finally going direct. Have you felt stuck, unmotivated or like you're spinning your wheels since mid-January? All of that energy is now going to be released.  

      This year's retrograde periods have brought up so much learning for us and impressed the need to move forward with conscious, deliberate and intentional focus.  

      The question for us to ask this month is "Does this serve me,  is it something I want to put my energy towards and is this the best expression of what I am becoming in the new earth?". 

      This month's message is 'The Path of Becoming', and it explains how we are moving out of the martyred healer paradigm into a more whole and fuller expression of our energy. Enjoy the article, which you can read at this link, it will help with the energies of April!

      If you missed a previous message or article, they are available in the Membership section on the website, click here for more details. 

      Here's what is in this week's newsletter:
      • April message update -- Soul Calls and Ego Answers
      • Q&A: When Can I Share my Messages and Teach?
      • Archangel Uriel's message is 'Whole and Wholeness
      • Indigo and Crystal article -- Did I Choose the Wrong Mother?
      These articles are available on the blog, by clicking here, to read and comment on them. 

      Have a wonderful week and I hope you can join me on the Enlightening Life radio show on Wednesday at 8PM US central time, where we discuss the newsletter articles, current topics and I take caller questions. See the link on the right to visit the show page.

      Many blessings,
      Jennifer Hoffman


      Soul Calls, Ego Answers 
      The mastery path is our soul's call to action, which nudges us towards the next steps of our soul contract and healing journey. Yes we are here to undo karma and in fact, we have taken on so many karmic lessons in this lifetime that we have had a lot of work to do. The soul's call to action and healing is answered by the ego's memory of karma and of what it has to undo, the energetic fear imprints it must claim so that healing can occur. But the ego often ignores the entire message of the soul and simply responds to karma instead of acknowledging the higher aspects of healing, which include forgiveness, closure and release. 
      Read the rest of this article on the blog by clicking here. You can comment and share your insights on the blog.
      Q&A: When Can I Share My Messages & Teach? 

      Dear Jennifer:  I am conflicted because I know that I am a teacher and came here to share my messages. Can I call myself a teacher now or should I wait for others to confirm that? Recently, when I announced myself as an Indigo and spiritual teacher to one of my friends, she attacked me and said 'Who do you think you are and what have you achieved in your life to be able to teach others?" I don't have a lot of material possessions or money, so have I accomplished enough to be able to lead others? I'm confused and scared. MS
      Jennifer's Answer:  Many of today's teachers, healers and spiritual leaders ask themselves that question because they have people in their life, like your friend, who challenge them and their s. 
      Read the rest of the article on the blog by clicking here 

      Uriel's Message -Whole and Wholeness
      Each aspect of your energy is whole and complete because it resonates at your energetic vibration and frequency. You are in wholeness on each step of your healing journey, aligned with the lessons and purpose of your lifetime in each moment. With each shift in energetic vibration, which happens first on the inner planes of consciousness, you feel out of alignment because  there has been a completion of one aspect of your life purpose, which is integrating your healing and aligning your energy into a new, soul-directed purpose. All of this expands your energetic vibration into a new frequency and opens a new possibility for wholeness. Now you are embodying energetic aspects that are vibrating at different energetic levels.. 
      Read the rest of the Archangel Uriel channel on the blog by clicking here 
      Did I Choose the  Wrong Mother?
      I always thought that I had been born to the wrong mother. Instead of the mother I had, I could see myself living with Princess Grace of Monaco . She lived in a castle, was beautiful, ultra cool, bought her daughter Caroline (who was my age) great clothes, and took her kids on great vacations. I used to dream about having such a cool mother and wondered why my mother didn't just let me go and live with someone else since she was so obviously the wrong mother for me. I didn't learn until much later than my mother was the right one for me and I had chosen her for the lessons I eventually embraced and transformed..
      Read and comment on this article in the blog by clicking here.
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