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Aluna Joy: Mt Shasta Solar Eclipse in 2012

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    THANK YOU for your support and kindness! . LOVE DONATIONS If you are feeling appreciation for our work please consider sending us a heart donation, or better
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      THANK YOU for your support and kindness!
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      The Mount Shasta
      Solar Eclipse Event of 2012
      A message from Aluna Joy...

      I was in the path of a solar eclipse when I was a young child . . . I remember it clearly. The sky slowly darkened. The birds sang their evening songs and then they all went still. I heard the crickets begin their chorus. That is when I looked up expecting clouds; instead I saw a shadow crossing the sun. I was alone out in nature, but I was not alone. I was one with the Earth and sky, and the distance between the two had just shrunk to the point that I felt one with everything. There was a deep stillness overlaying a potent raw power of the universe. I could clearly feel my place in the scheme of life. It was a powerful and life changing moment in time for me.

      When I was visiting Mount Shasta in late June this year, the whole town was buzzing about the upcoming 2012 May 20th Eclipse. The excitement that it was arousing among my Shasta friends felt like the energy I experienced over the Harmonic Convergence way back in 1987. It was great to feel that frequency again. I was in Mount Shasta for the Harmonic Convergence only by luck, synchronicity or accident; but it changed my life radially. It was a huge turning point. It changed the course of my life and activated what I am doing to this very day! So the question was . . . Was I being called back to Mount Shasta for the May 20th eclipse? Well . . . what do you think? The answer is YES. I was not going to miss this solar event for anything.

      I forgot about this eclipse for a while; but this eclipse did not forget about me. Soon it was coming back up on my radar. I called a Shasta friend Troika, and as we were talking, the eclipse came up again. She was already planning a weekend to celebrate the event. So we joined forces. Yet another great reason to go back to Mount Shasta. Now I get to celebrate this event with a nice group of like-minded friends!

      Then I remembered an old English pal of mine, Marcus Mason, who is an eclipse astrologer and an expert on eclipse paths, sacred sites and the effect that eclipses have on those areas. So I wrote him to see if he wanted to join us. He was already into full gear placing himself right in the middle of the eclipse path in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. The major stun factor hit Marcus when he discovered that the Aleutian Islands will be at the pivot point; exactly midway between Mount Fuji in Japan and Mount Shasta. These are two locations where the Eclipse path crosses the Great Male Dragon energy. . . the planetary Plumed Serpent Line which goes on through Mexico, etc…. This is yet another reminder that 2012 is and will be a very powerful and life changing year; no matter if the predictions about the Maya calendars are right or not.

      There are gatherings being held at all three locations during the eclipse time: Mount Shasta, the Aleutian Islands and Mount Fuji. Solar eclipses have great impact for those that are along its path for nearly a year. The eclipse will create doorway between where we were, and were we are going. The Sun will reboot and begin transmitting a new program to anchor our new base camp into a new world. I am expecting that this eclipse event and eclipse gatherings to have the same kind of life changing potential and powerful impact that the Harmonic Convergence had on us. If you missed out on the Harmonic Convergence, hold on to your yoga mats and crystals . . . this is going to be a breathtaking ride!

      Excerpt from the article....
      2012 - REBOOTING THE SYSTEM - The Star Elders with Aluna Joy posted at

      The next large wave we see that you will experience profoundly is a total solar eclipse on May 20th. In the path of this total solar eclipse, your dimension will begin an entire reboot of its operating system on your Earth. As the sun is blocked so perfectly by your moon, in this very still, no-time place, a new operation system will be created and uploaded into your body as well as your world, solar system and universe. Remember that this is a universal shift and recalibration . . . not just a planetary one. We are shifting with you, as well as Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms. We are all transforming together as ONE in UNITY. If you are in the path of the shadow of this eclipse, the download will be quicker, more complete and graceful. You will become the living messengers for this new download for the rest of the world that did not have the luxury to travel into the eclipse path. This new operating system will begin to spread across the Earth over some time (a month or two). Again we strongly say, gather with fearless ones on the days surrounding this reboot. Gather with ones that come from the inner knowledge of Love, trust and truth that this transformation of our reality is already victorious.
      A celebration....
      For those who say NO to FEAR surrounding 2012,
      and say YES to creating Paradise! 
      We are the ones we have been waiting for!
      Join us in a Grand and Divine Universal Recalibration during a rare Solar Eclipse in Magical Mount Shasta on May 19 - 20, 2012
      Join together with like minded lightworkers and soul family that are gathering across the path of the eclipse from Mt. Fuji to the Aleutian Islands to Mt. Shasta. Our Great Central Sun, our Sun and Moon will create a unique Heavenly Alignment and Grand Void of New Potiential over Sacred Mt. Shasta on May 20th! Being in an eclipse path is a RARE Blessing. But add this to the rarity of a conjunction of Alcyone, Our Great Cental Sun, in the Pleiades . . . Now that is once in a lifetime event . . . actually, it is a once every 26,000 years event. We invite you to join us in a great, No FEAR and No negative predictions, heart felt, Celebratation, in a Universal Recalibration of our new HEARTS and new EARTH during this amazing Solar Eclipse

      Over the weekend, the presenters plan to prepare and assist all attending the Mt. Shasta gathering in opening their hearts and souls in preparation for this universal rebooting process. We are committed to creating a positive "no fear" environment that is conducive to spiritual awakening. You will feel cleared and unified with a new universe and filled with love and harmony. You will be prepared to become living messengers for the new operating system that will culminate at the end of 2012. We invite you join us, and become a member of the "New World Rebooting Team".
      Find out more and sign up for the rebooting!http://alunajoy.com/Shasta-may20.html
      Please be patient with our upcoming and greatly anticipated Egypt Transcriptions... They will be coming to you as soon a humanly possible. We had a computer crash and are running a bit behind. Thank spirit for the warning and we had time to back up everything. Ahhh retrogrades... don't you love em?
      But while you are waiting... If you have not seen the
      AMAZING ORB VIDEO go to you tube and watch it here ...
      Our new essence that we made at this time is also available below.

       The Magic Healer Sacred Site Essence 
      Sekhmet Temple, Karnak, Egypt.
      Protection, Healing, Justice, Truth & Balance.
      Sekhmet called us to COME BACK. We did on March 16th, 2012 just after dawn, and she gave us all a job to do. This is a powerful essence for the Servants of the Light that have returned at this time to help heal themselves and the wounds of this dimension. With healing, we can move forward with balanced, cosmic justice, embraced fully by healing and compassionate energies. This temple has been closed to the public for years, but Spirit created space for us. The energy in this tiny temple was so powerful that we were all reduced to tears instantly. It ripped open our hearts, and we received a lion's share of healing in only a few short moments. Please use with integrity and impeccability. Use for healing yourself of past wounds, and to activate your destiny as Servants of the Light.
      Who is Sekhmet? The Egyptian, lion-headed, Goddess Sekhmet, with a sun disc on her head, is one of the most powerful manifestations of a Goddess of the Divine Feminine. She is also known as the one who loves truth and detests falsehoods. When in her good graces, Sekhmet has beneficial, protective and healing energies and is a magical and dynamic power. Sekhmet is a great mother of compassion being called a "lady of life". Her wisdom has placed her in service of healing humanity and Earth. By taking this essence, you will be called into service as well. Made on March 16, 2012, in the Sehkmet Chamber of Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt.


      Awakening the Cosmic Universal Heart
      September 15-26, 2012
      In the beginning of every Golden Age, Avatars are sent by the orders of the Great White Brotherhood and the Andean Masters. Also the sacred sites and mountains around the world become portals from the spiritual dimension to this dimension. People are called to these places where all the great masters manifest to help us, and bless us and awaken us. When we come with an open heart, we learn to be tranquil in these places. These blessing come for especially people who come in sacred pilgrimages. They will have more benefit, because they take their time, and meditate in these places, and the Masters have time get to bond with us.

      3 DAYS in Machu Picchu - Saqsayhuaman - Tipon - Cusco - Sacred Valley of Gods - Ollantaytambo - Pisac - Pisac's Indian Market - Q'ero Ceremony & Ascended Master Transmissions - Moray - Chincheros... and more surprises as Spirit directs.
      Booking fast - so huury if you want to join us.
      Read about our 2012 pilgrimage HERE
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      The Universal Heart Center
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