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Cosmics Consciousness Online: Gratis MP3 + PDF: La'Di'Pa'Da ~ Leopard Healing & Empowerment

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    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here La Di Pa Da ~ Leopard Healing and Empowerment             4/4/12   Join My List! Cosmic Consciousness
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      Cosmic Consciousness Online ~ Connecting Humanity with the Cosmic Plane of Awareness ~ Higher Awareness, Higher Consciousness, Ascension
      La'Di'Pa'Da ~ Leopard Healing and Empowerment            4/4/12  

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      Simeon Chiron Nartoomid
      Cosmic Consciousness Online Quick Links
      Highly Recommended!!!
      by Maia Kyi'Ra!  

      click image, go online, click image again for hi-res version ~ my gift!
      La'Di'Pa'Da Universal Life-Stream
      Leopard Healing & Empowerment
      A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Article
      w/ 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na

      If you are subscribed to the Oneness Love La'kina Transmissions you already received your email with the link to access this transmission's video!    
      4/4/12 is the date of activation for this Oneness Love La'kina Transmission. It is quite different than the others! This one works with the La'Di'Pa'Da universal life-stream that gives rise to the Leopard on Earth, also the Jaguar and Panther, and it is present in varying degrees in many house cats as well.
      There are some interesting revelations given by Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Fa on the Leopard and its universal life-stream. Things like the Leopard actually gives a type of healing and empowerment to the creatures which become its food prey.  
      This enables these creatures to return in their next incarnational cycle in a much more empowered state. It essentially heals the weaknesses that led to the creature falling prey to it as a gift in exchange for the nourishment Leopard receives from its prey.
      Such is how the wheel of life works in the lower dimensional strata of the Earth! It is all sacred. In this particular transmission Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na takes us on a journey to a 6D Sirian planet named Hiripa with a Black Sun Mother Star that emits what she calls "supra-violet" light emanations.
      La'Di'Pa'Da manifests as a supra-violet healing fog on Hiripa and there is a long sequence in this video with the violet healing fog intended to help you heal weakness in your field and thus further empower you without having to become prey for the Leopard! OMG thank you Shi'Ra!
      This video is a tad longer than usual at a bit over 11 minutes, and again features custom music by our Oneness Love brother Joshua Farmer. Josh is doing such an amazing job channeling this music for the videos! The two of us have flowed into a very nice form of light-engendered teamwork together!
      You can access Josh's La'Di'Pa'Da music MP3 and also the La'Di'Pa'Da info PDF right now as my/our gift! If you would like to experience this incredible 11 minute video transmission and you have not yet subscribed (honorary possible) you can do so here.
      I've gone back to experience this transmission several times since finishing the video already! It is very powerful energy, yet soft and embracing.
      Be sure to join us for the amazing upcoming Easter Hu'Orin, Temple of All-Embracing Love webinar transmission as well! Fulll info below... 
      click image, go online click image again get hi-res version ~ my gift!
      Temple of Hu'Orin ~ All-Embracing Love
      New Earth Pure Consciousness
      High Energy Multi-Dimensional Transmission
      A Family of Light Oneness Love Webinar
      facilitated by Simeon Chi'Ra
      w/ 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na

      Easter Sunday, 4/8/12
      11am MDT (5pm GMT/UTC)
      app. 90-120 minutes

      Can't make the time of the live event?
      Register anyway and get video access!

      Register Now

      This is the third in this series of nine New Earth transmissions of pure consciousness. The previous two transmissions in this series are as follows:
      Experiencing an expansion through the Temple of Hu'Orin, All Embracing Love, on Easter... how perfect! I'm amazed at how the unfoldment of this transmission series seems to be naturally lining up energetically with various points on our linear timeline!!! I love it when that happens!
      I just received a very powerful transmission from 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na. She indicated that she would be our primary guide, initiator and over-lighting presence for this transmission. Lord Menon's energy will still present in the mix as well.
      Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na being the primary energy for this transmission makes sense too when you consider that she is a primary energy within the 7D Temple of La'kina, and that temple's name means "the perfection of all through love."
      The Temple of Hu'Orin takes us directly into the heart of the New Earth Ascension Hologram. The all-inclusive universality of the Temple of Ona'Ra, and the infinite expansion of awareness in the Temple of Qua'Ha, conjoin their harmonics to guide the first movement of love into manifestation.
      This first movement of love into manifestation is the all-embracing love of Hu'Orin. It is a love that accepts everything without any exclusions, and which encompasses everything in its field of awareness and can thus also embrace everything fully. Put simply, that is very BIG LOVE!
      The real beauty of it is that it is inherent in all of US! None of these temples represent anything that is not already inherent within us. They are meant to "call it out" so to speak. They amplify its signal amidst the myriad of other signals in our field that we have to sort through in the process of life on Earth.
      As the signal gets amplified it becomes stronger and easier for us to stay tuned into more continually. We can therefore engage this transmission for an amplification of the All Embracing Love of Hu'Orin within our being!
      I would love to experience this transmission with your special energy in the matrix. Please join me and our global cosmic Family of Light for this beautiful and expansive experience of all-embracing love facilitated by the amazing Divine Solar Feminine Presence of Shi'Ra'EL'Fa'Na.  
      This webinar transmission is open to everyone. If the lowest amount of sliding-scale love-offerings below is too much, click the "Alternative Access" link below the "Register" button. If the reduced sliding-scale love-offerings are still too much, click the "Honorary Access" link below that "Register" button!

      Core Stuff at CCO!

      Oneness Love La'kina Transmissions - hi-energy high quality videos once a month with 7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na.

      These are actually more than one-time transmissions. They are highly specialized and very potent Programs of Light designed to help you melt the Old Earth ice cubes and start the New Earth Oneness Love flowing in your body and being!

      Trust in Love Video Workshop -
      Quantum Shifting from Fear-Pain to Oneness Love.

      Some powerful new tools and techniques for 2012 and beyond consolidate your power as the being of Oneness Love that you are. Fear-pain patterns dissipate your power. You can learn to shift to Oneness Love at will!

      Creating New Earth Crystalline Circuitry - A Metatronic Program of Light working with the core matrix of the nine New Earth Temples of Pure Consciousness.

      Watch the F.R.E.E. video trailer! (7) eBooks + (3) videos + (18) hi-res energy-art slides in the new full package!

      This program was introduced by the Metatronic Councils of Light in March, 2011. It is a means for us to gracefully and easefully accelerate the ascension of our consciousness into the New Earth.

      You can additionally incorporate this program into your own work as a facilitator at no additional cost. More info on the facilitator guidelines is also available at the links above.

      7D Science of the Soul oneness transmission is a full media package with a two part video, two part MP3, two eBooks (both available separately), and 27 hi-res energy art images.

      This transmission represents 16 years worth of attained higher awareness and multi-dimensional downloads. It includes information on souls birthing from stars, soul merkabahs, groups, families, siblings and twin rays as well as walk-ins. It also has a very powerful initiation in the Ma'EL re-birthing chamber within the 7D Temple of La'kina with High Priestess and Illuminari, Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na.

      Revised GODS Chi Activation Video and DVD
      REVISED GODS Chi Activation Video and DVD:
      hugely improved from the standard webinar video recording. Two parts now, can access just meditation easily. Music behind meditation. MUCH better quality soundtrack, editing, more... Can be purchased as download only or also with DVD!

      Infinity Ascension Sessions: free-flowing, powerful multi-dimensional channeled guidance, counsel and transformational assistance for your accelerated ascension process going into 2012 and beyond... Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na is usually present for most of these sessions!   


      Cosmic Nexus | 4545 Wheaton Dr | UNIT D370 | Fort Collins | CO | 80525
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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