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Expect Wonderful: April 2012 | News from the Ideafrontier

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  • Ash
        life at the ideafrontier April 2012     Hello Lovely,   April is here. And WOW.   Mercury and Mars are going direct and this is supporting the
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      Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth 
      life at the ideafrontier
      April 2012 
      Hello Lovely,
      April is here.
      And WOW.
      Mercury and Mars are going direct and this is supporting the evolutionary energy and combining to form an experience that feels like a massive unleashing!  It's a lot to absorb, really, given the massive clearing energies of these past few months, thank you very much!  But it's here, nonetheless.  Today Archangel Michael transmitted a beautiful message to the Legion Members about seizing our freedom and to illustrate this, I posted the following picture.  It is, in essence, the way to understand the energy this month.  
      See if you don't want to just leap out the door and also find yourself, like, well, hesitating, wondering, "is this for-real at last?" And in so doing, not wanting to get your hopes up.  
      There you have the energy of this month.  The unleashing of those who have been relentlessly pummeled with incoming energies, cellular transformation and the continual letting go of anything and everything that felt like our self.  Oh--and FREEDOM in spades. It's like a glorious golden dawn after a major storm.  Oh--by the way--it's okay to come out and create now!  In fact, it's TIME!
      And that feeling of who you were through al these most difficult clearings?  Well, just let that go and put on your party dress sweet one!  That is the energy of now.  Totally exuberant and inviting with seemingly no awareness of what was.  As it should be, really! Because this what was, is over and we're here now....so...
      Of course, one of the MOST amazing things is discovering that this sense of self actually, quite significantly, might simply be created by brain chemistry that we experienced as children!  And which we energized and continued to create.  FYI.
      Amazing.   I recently discovered a plethora of resources on this topic.  Inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenze (of the "What the Bleep" fame).  Can I say how much I just love his new book title, "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One."   The book he inspired that I love dearly and have found unbelievably useful is, "The Happy Place," by Lori Gossling.   Thank you to Karen Mead of A Peaceful Path* for turning me onto this. If you want to get rid of that, "I don't know WHY I woke up feeling ICKY" feeling, this is your ticket.
      So returning to this idea of freedom...moving beyond this, or into a deeper experience of self, we allow ourselves to let this go.  And standing there, new and fresh and a bit tender, we discover the door is wide open and life is awaiting our involvement in new ways. Ready to answer the call of our direction and intent.  
      It's an amazing time of opening and invitation and if we can just shake ourselves off and live in the present we can very naturally feel like we've got the best offers available to us, and we just have to tune-in and choose what we want and then step into this.  To actualize this experience, here are highlights of the Expect Wonderful offerings for April 2012...for you, with love 
      First, there is just one event this month, because the theme is SO major we need to seize it.  REALLY.  So the only event this month, on Sunday the 15th.   Please join us.  This year is a big deal buckos and this month is our open door to active creativity!
      It's such a golden time to birth our new ideals in the specific forms that appeal to each of us and thereby embellish creation with our own vision and light!
      Join us! for a Lightworker Collective Event
      Birthing the New Ideals
       Sunday, 15 April 2012
      11:00 am pacific daylight time
      (or by audio recording at YOUR perfect time)
      Click HERE for details and to register...
      If you've been noodling and longing for work that feels good, what are you waiting for?  I am so struck by the rightness of this longing, aren't you?  Well, this is a BIG theme this quarter, and I was pushed and prodded to offer a way to create work we love and open to abundance.  How are we to lead by example without embodying our true being as thriving abundant overflowing joy and wealth?  
      The New Earth Ambassador Incubator
      Do you want to change the way you contribute your gifts to the world...to create and offer your work in new ways that are aligned with your spirit and your heart?
      This is the focus of the the New Earth Ambassador Intensive: to incubate and develop your new expression of work. 
      "You can trust in the value of your inspiration and impulses as we are all inspired from the same ground of being. And as you are inspired to offer, another is inspired to receive. As you are looking for something, someone is inspired to create and share it. Life exists and unfolds in an awesome choreographic dance of unfathomable complexity and grace-filled connections."  
      I shared this in the daily inspiration recently as I feel we do not trust this deeply enough to give ourselves what we want.  Please dear heart, let yourself have work you love!  We need you this way.  ALL of life wants you to be happy.  Yield, okay?  In whatever way you need affirmation of this and support, call it forth.  And if I may be of service, please let me know--this is my special knowing--how to flow self-expression into work.  And I am here and available if I can be supportive of you in this.  We are leading by example as we create this way and everything benefits from our willingness to be happy and fulfilled!
      Lastly, on the "what available" if you want to feed your soul, may I just say, Mt. Shasta pretty much is the cat's meow!~  We'll be there in June and the offerings are deepening.  If you've always wanted to visit this amazing, power point, this could be a perfect doorway to do so!
      Join us!
      Conversations at the Ideafrontier
      An Expect Wonderful Retreat
        June 15-17, 2012
      Mt. Shasta, California
      Click HERE to read more and register!
      early bird registration available NOW!
      Love is in the air, my friends.  And you, in whatever experience you find yourself, are changing everything and feeding us all, so THANK YOU!  And if we can energize your dreams, or encourage your new way of being, call upon is--on the inner and/or outer planes.  We are One and I love you!
      Peace & Happiness abound!
      P.S.  Karen Mead of "A Peaceful Path" makes the MOST inspiring vibrational oil blends, that I not only became an affiliate (I can't help it, I LOVE them--and what I love--I sing about, be it cotton or mountains or dogs or these oils, thank you!), I asked her to join in our retreat in Mt. Shasta to offer a blend and to create an experience of working with these sensational oils!  If you visit her site and want to order oils, you can get free shipping by entering "expect wonderful" as your "apply coupon code."

      Meredith Murphy | Expect Wonderful | PO Box 2433 | Pasadena | CA | 91102
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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