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GreatMystery.org: Orbs: Emanations From Spirit Beings?

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    VIEW ONLINE Orbs: Emanations From Spirit Beings? Abundant help is available from the Other Dimension to move us forward on our journey toward expanding
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      Orbs: Emanations From Spirit Beings?

      Abundant help is available from the Other Dimension to move us forward on our journey toward expanding consciousness and learning to love in all situations.


      After literally stumbling into orbs appearing as bright as light bulbs in photographs I was taking at a spiritual retreat, I immediately sensed that I was onto something profound. There was no choice for me but to convince myself that my notion was on solid ground. I looked at thousands of pictures I had taken earlier, and thousands more would be taken to test the hypothesis that these light circles are nothing less than emanations from Spirit beings.
      Technical control of the conditions under which the photographs were taken and processed has been of utmost importance. While my wife and several good friends substantially contributed to the pool of images that were evaluated, I would only use those pictures where I was convinced, usually by my presence at the occasion, that they were authentic. My own “fabrication” of moisture and dust orbs cast further light on how to distinguish authentic from fake orbs.
      Most of my research has been concentrated on photographing orbs in settings of spiritual events but I also found appearances of orbs in more common-place situations of life. Some experiments were directed to yield more information about their speed of motion, expansion and contraction, intelligence, the mechanism of light emission, and differentiation between photographs of light spirits (orbs) and dark spirits. Particularly, attempts of 3-D (stereo) photography of orbs yielded interesting and unexpected results.
      In spite of the enormous evidence being discovered, day in, day out, by increasing numbers of people from all walks of life, we are only at the tip of the iceberg. The implications of a realization that we are “surrounded by a cloud of witnesses” are enormous – and, I might add, incredibly hopeful at large.
      —Klaus Heinemann, PhD

      What do we see, what do we learn?

      Hosts · Klaus Heinemann, PhD, and Gundi Heinemann
      Guests · Miceal Ledwith PhD, William A. Tiller, PhD, Norman Shealy, MD
      ONLINE Sundays beginning 29 April - 27 May 2012

      ORBS: Their Mission & Messages of Hope by Klaus and Gundi Heinemann
      The Orb Project by Miceal Ledwith and Klaus Heinemann
      Energy Medicine: Practical Applications and Scientific Proof by Dr. Norman Shealy
      Conscious Acts of Creation by William A. Tiller
      Orbs Around the World: An Anthology by Sandra Underwood
      For more information email: Great Mystery
      Photo credit: Robin Johnson
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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