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[ANGEL}Special message: 2nd Venus transit of Sun June 6th

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  • Spiritus
    Every 120 years or so Venus crosses over the face of the sun twice, 8 years apart. The Mayan Calendar is built on this phenomena. On June 6th Venus transits
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2012

       Every 120 years or so Venus crosses over the face of the sun twice, 8 years apart. The Mayan Calendar is built on this phenomena. On June 6th Venus transits the face of the sun at 16 Gemini, the place of External Splendor, with the axis being Sagittarius 16, the place of Sacred Courtship. I will be sending both 16 Gemini and Sagittarius next for you to study.

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      Wisdom in Action

      'Light Blossoms'
      Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser


       “I and the Father are one.”

      “All that I do, ye shall do and more.”





      The Law of One is the original law of Creation, and is the supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions.


      We are all one.

      When one is harmed, all are harmed.

      When one is helped, all are healed.

      Therefore, in the name of who I AM that I AM,

       onewith all;

      ALL CONCERNED happen here and now, and through all time and space.

      I give thanks that this is done.

      SO BE IT!


      From Astrologer Jackie Phoenix in the Forest of Dean, UK.

      Part 1 The Venus Transit of June 5th-6th

      It has taken a while for the astrology of 2012 to tickle my fancy, so to speak. But there is a cluster of events around May and June that has really lit my fire, floated my boat, or whatever the appropriate saying is. Basically, I’m way, way over the top excited about that little window in time.

      Essentially, there’s a lot of exciting stuff going on, lining up right on cue and trying to drop some sort of new spiritual awareness into our consciousness. We are all set to move into a new, more conscious relationship with our spirit. Our higher self is calling for a new level of embodiment of our wisdom and of all that we are. So in a sense, this little window epitomizes what 2012 is all about. It carries the essence-quality. There’s quite a lot to be said astrology-wise, but for those of you who get pretty browned off with the wordy stuff – here’s the potted version in keywords:-

      Alignment or coming into conscious relationship with the higher self. Expansion.
      Reaching further.
      Understanding from a higher perspective.

      The events of May-June represent an opening, a window of opportunity for those who choose to peer through.

      So here’s the astrological stuff – and I make no apology for rabbiting on for a bit – there’s a lot to be said.

      When a whole series of significant events cluster together it means something important is going on. One event alone may be note-worthy, but stack them up together and you begin to get the sense of momentous movement, shifting energies, potentials becoming available – that sort of thing. The time is right. Things can burst through which were previously held in abeyance. There’s a sort of build up of pressure and any minute it’s just going to flood out.

      So, the events of May – June;-

      May 20th – annular Eclipse of the Sun at 0 degrees 21 minutes Gemini –
      (New Moon)

      June 4th - partial Eclipse of the Moon (Full Moon) 14 degrees 14 minutes
      Gemini- Sagittarius

      June 5th – 6th Venus Transit of the Sun – 15 degrees 45 minutes Gemini

      June 19th – 2nd New Moon in Gemini 28 degrees 43 minutes

      June 20th – Summer Solstice - Sun enters Cancer

      June 24th – Uranus square Pluto – 8 degrees 24 minutes Aries-Capricorn

      June 25th – Jupiter square Neptune – 3 degrees 02 minutes Gemini-

      Any one of these alone would be significant, but bundled all together - well, you get the picture!

      Trying to decipher their messages, we see two eclipses and one “eclipse-like” event – all shunted into a two week span and there is a tremendous amount of activity centering around Gemini.

      An eclipse is an exact alignment of Sun, Moon and Earth. I’m regarding the Venus transit as an eclipse-like event because it involves a very precise alignment between Sun, Venus and Earth. And it’s the Venus Transit I’d like to focus on because it sits somehow as the jewel in the centre – the fulcrum – of all these happenings - though perhaps I can say more about the rest of the line up at some later date.

      Any eclipse or eclipse-like event represents a turning point, an ending and beginning. In a way, eclipses involve the interplay between shadows, the light and the dark. They seek to illuminate what wasn’t apparent yesterday. They can be brilliant illuminators because they shine the bright light of truth on some area of life. So they are moments of opportunity, times of peak intensity or critical juncture points.

      Normal eclipses – alignments between the Sun, Moon and Earth, occur about twice a year. The Earth moves directly between the Sun and Moon – and the Full Moon appears to go out for a while. Then a couple of weeks earlier or later (it varies year by year) the Moon gets exactly between the Sun and the Earth and the Sun appears to go out for a while. Regular events, significant points, but not so very rare.

      In astrology the general rule of thumb is the rarer the event, the greater its significance. A Venus Transit, or Venus Passage, is in essence a type of eclipse. Venus passes directly between the Sun and the Earth and it looks like a dark circle moving across the face of the Sun.

      Venus Transits occur in pairs which are 8 years apart. The first of the current pair occurred on June 8th 2004 at 17 degrees Gemini and took roughly 6 hours to complete. We see the second transit of this pair on June 5th – 6th. The pairs occur roughly between 101 and 125 years apart. The next pair begins in 2117 so the Transits tend to represent a once in a life time window of opportunity. The June Transit is a rare event which stands in the centre of an exciting line-up – a line-up which very much represents the shifts and changes that characterize 2012.

      The Mayans seem to have been obsessed with the cycles of Venus and we could say that the Venus Transit symbolizes the gem at the centre of all that 2012 is about.

      But why? Why would I say that?

      First and foremost, Venus herself – “the Jewel in the Sky”, Earth’s sister planet. In esoteric astrology, Venus is said to be Earth’s Higher Self – the energy, consciousness and radiation to which Earth herself aspires and into which she evolves as she takes on her mantle of sacred planet within the solar system.

      Venus is regarded as a harmonizing, balancing force carrying the vibration of love, unconditional acceptance, beauty and abundance. She represents awareness of soul intent and purpose, integrity to self and to one’s inner truth – the dearest of the dear in the heart. She is the planet of relationship – of the self truly relating to the Self and thence to all others.

      The astro-physical resonances of Venus govern the heart chakra and the thymus which is the neurological control centre for the immune system. Our immune system resonates strongly with the interface of our relationships - our relationship to our environment and all that surrounds and affects us – our relationship with all. And Gemini symbolizes that environment, our connection with people, things, situations and ideas that are all around us. The interchange between the two.

      The heart chakra is our centre of intuitive knowing, harmony, magnetic attraction – that which we value, love and hold dear. The heart’s way is through feeling – not emotion – feeling. It is where we find our capacity for compassion and our appreciation of beauty. It is where we discover the acceptance of unconditional love – for self and others, finding the beauty in all – all slices of the cake, the dark and the light, unconditional acceptance and compassion.

      Venus’s message, quite simply is;-

      “The way is through the passage of the Heart”

      So, Venus brings the energy of relationship, loving union, harmony and acceptance. She is connected with the law of attraction – that which draws two together and creates a whole. Venus draws us into alignment, resonance, harmony and balance. She seeks to unite.

      The Transit – the alignment of Sun, Venus and Earth, is saying that the Sun, the spiritual director, the life and light, the purpose and the Spirit of our system, is inputting energy into Venus, the higher Self of the Earth and thereby vitalizing, giving strength and power to her harmonic resonance. The Sun magnifies Venus’s power of attraction – her ability to draw to herself. Quite simply, Venus represents the energy of love and attraction that draw Earth to a higher level of her expression. With the Transit there is greater opportunity for increased resonance with Spirit via Venus – Venus quite literally entices and allures the Earth towards greater spiritual resonance.

      So what has this to say to us, as humans?

      Well, this is where it gets really interesting! Since 60 A.D. Venus Transits have continuously been on the Gemini-Sag axis. To me that’s just plain amazing – 2,000 years emphasising the same evolutionary development. It’s like something hammering away at the same point in order to get its message across and achieve its desired outcome. Drawing forth a higher alignment – Spirit (Sun) stimulating Attraction of the Higher Self (Venus) and drawing Earth (and us) into a greater resonance or higher expression of relationship and love.

      In view of this extreme Gemini-Sag emphasis, if we are to understand at all, we need to know at least something of what Gemini-Sag is all about. It’s an axis, Gemini-Sag, an axis on what astrologers refer to as the Mutable Cross. So our solar system keeps on sounding notes with its tuning fork that call to this Gemini-Sag axis. And our Sun reverberates these notes through the harmonic resonances of Venus. If you like, Venus is the gong that sounds the summons!

      Both Gemini and Sagittarius are signs on the Mutable Cross. Primarily all the signs on the Mutable Cross relate to consciousness in one aspect or another and to themes of growth in consciousness. All the constellations on this Cross mark points of change or are the custodians of those energies which produce the needed periods of reorientation, preparatory to fresh developments and new activities. The Mutable (or Moveable) Cross brings about those conditions which will produce great periods of change in the life of the planet, of a kingdom in nature or of a human being.

      If a Venus Transit occurs in December, it is in Sag. If it occurs in June, it is in Gemini. There is a constant interchange between the two. You don’t get one end of an axis without the other. If you were standing on the Sun and the Sun was in Gemini, you could look out across the solar system and the Earth would appear to be in Sagittarius. And vice versa.
      There is a sense of “bridging” or connecting between the opposites. Gemini and Sag inextricably linked.

      The significance of Gemini and Sag, and what passes between them is highly significant to the understanding of our Venus Transit.

      Sag is the sign of far-sightedness, far seeing, further vision. The Archer’s arrow focuses to a single point. It directs us to the future and is associated with the Galactic Centre. Gemini is the sign of duality. Sag says from duality emerges convergence, one-pointedness, a single direction. In essence the axis infers that the way forward is linked with some sort of progress beyond duality. Sag implies that beyond duality lies cosmic consciousness. Gemini is of the intellect, the rational mind. Sag represents intuition, our intuitive, feelingful wisdom-knowing that comes from the whole body of consciousness, not from the mind alone. Sag directs us beyond the mind as we know it.

      In the stars themselves and in the movements and cycles of our solar system are written the messages of our evolution. Here are the spiritual teachings and understandings that are sent to guide us on our way, to hold and sustain and reveal timings and intentions as we progress on our journey through the cosmos.

      The insistent Gemini-Sag Venus Transits mark times of unfolding. Expansions, developments. Principally progressions in our consciousness -unfolding, the spiritual maturing of ourselves and our planet. And as we decipher the signs, we grow in awareness of the immense part we, as tiny units in the human family, are priviledged to play in the great evolution of the stupendous whole.

      The transit of Venus in Gemini has to do with communication and connection. There are two planets intimately associated with Gemini – one is Mercury, Messenger of the Gods. The go-between, travelling and carrying information between the Gods and Man. What is less well known is that esoterically Venus is also inextricably involved. She is said to be the “esoteric” the hidden or higher ruler of Gemini. The energy and purpose that lies behind all that we recognize as Gemini. In this instance Venus brings the energy of the Sun (Spirit) to man through Gemini thus creating a bridge to the Gods.

      Gemini is the first of the human signs of the zodiac. It is the sign of the Twins, Castor & Pollux. Castor is the mortal, terrestrial twin. Pollux the immortal, transcendent twin. Gemini embodies the paradoxical split of soul and incarnate personality. The transcendent, greater Self who is often remote and unknown to us and the little “human” self that we identify so closely with.

      Venus in Gemini implies relationship between the two. Bringing them into accord. Harmonizing. Reconciliation of duality – the uniting of the opposites. Sag, pointing to the future, says the two become one – the selves united. Spirit, or soul, and personality merged. It is my profound belief that with each progressive Venus Transit a great step forward in the conscious relationship and recognition of the personality for the greater Self is on offer. The opening is there. Something becomes available to us – a recognition and conscious awareness – that has not been possible before.

      If we accept that the over-lighting or the melding of Soul & personality represents the Christed Consciousness, then this is what it is all about. At their “highest” level, the astrological implications of May-June 2012 are inviting communication of the New True Human – the joined-up version, the future model.

      Gemini represents everything associated with communication and connection in any form. It is forward-looking sign of movement. So the time requires open talking, telling, writing. The expression through all and every form of verbal expression of what it means to be a New True Human. This is about standing up and saying it. Moving around, travelling, connecting with people and activities, locally and globally – all these activities become more significant. Time to connect. Time to speak out. The Transit is about the linking of things, pairing or melding of opposites so – physics and metaphysics, life and death. Recognizing the one in the other. Communication in every form and primarily communication outward into the environment.

      It involves our inner communication too. Our further understanding of ourselves, recognizing new aspects within ourselves and seeing ourselves from different perspectives. It is also around our direct communication with our higher selves – as if we will be able to receive more, hear more, perceive more. Now that could be really exciting.

      Of course there’s a whole load more going on around this time, eclipses, Uranus-Pluto, Jupiter-Neptune. But this will do for now. How lovely it would be to join together and give the beautiful Venus Transit the very biggest, bestest, happiest reception and welcome into our hearts that we could possibly give.



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