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Simion Transformation Series_SPONTANEOUS METAMORPHOSIS_April 2012

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    Simion, through Jill Amariah Mara The Transformation Series April 2012 SPONTANEOUS METAMORPHOSIS   We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.  Welcome to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2012

      , through Jill Amariah Mara

      The Transformation Series
      April 2012

      We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.  Welcome to the month of Aries, April 2012, which can prove to be one of your most life changing months personally and globally.  It is a true triple A month!  Think; April, Aries, Awakening!  Numerologically you have the support of completion, as 4, 2012 equals 9. The energy of completion is then combined with the energy of the number One, that is representative of the first astrological sign, Aries, and speaks of rebirth, new sprouts, and fresh starts.

      All the cards are lining up for some powerful transformations to occur as the month progresses, with culminations in the later part of April.  That said about this particular month, we will continue with our transformation series.  The topic of which we feel is apropos for the energy of April.

      Transformation Part Three:  Spontaneous Metamorphosis

      This year of 2012 will see a lot of what will later be seen as Spontaneous Metamorphoses.  Everything that has been building up, has the potential to be released into creation at any given moment.  This can result in overnight personality and characteristic changes.  The alterations will have, of course, been developing over time, but they now have the possibility of suddenly being released.  All dormant potential can now spontaneously manifest.  It is important to allow for these changes as they are observed.  We will speak of how this relates to your personal lives, but the ideas can also be translated into global movements.

      What on Earth do we mean by spontaneous metamorphosis?  butterfly metamorphosisImagine you witness a caterpillar in a cocoon and you come back later to witness its final moment of becoming a butterfly!  Wow! It appeared to be a sudden, drastic miraculous change!  How could this be?  If you did not know any better.....if you hadn't been taught of how this metamorphosis occurs in science class, or observed the slow process yourself, you may think it was a miracle that happened in minutes. 

      This is the nature of the transformative  powers of this year 2012 as a launching for the release of hidden powers and potentials.  Everything to date in your personal development, and the growth of the Earth, has been at the caterpillar stage of development.  Now it is time to see metaphorical butterflies being born, and it will often appear to be quite sudden. 

      Here are some thoughts on how such sudden developments might appear in your lives.  Changes can and will happen literally overnight.  In other words, you go to bed one way and wake up different.  Or the shift will be in the middle of a conversation, and without any real logical reason you completely shift your answer or argument.  It will seem logical to you, perhaps, but others may find it drastic and sudden.  You may have been a generally depressed person with a pessimistic attitude for most of your life, and wake up one day feeling happy, light, and really optimistic, without explanation.  You may think you are just having a good day, but those that know you will be astounded or dumbfounded by your personality change.  And though, the old you may sneak in at moments, you will find that your new optimistic self is there more than your old self. 

      Green ButterflySuch sudden transformations will be happening with most of you in some way or another.  What it will look like depends on what has been holding you back, and what true potential is released.  A person who had a latent artistic ability, but hasn't picked up a paint brush may start painting beautiful pieces of art one day, and start a whole new life as an artist.  Another, who never thought a spiritual thought in their life, may suddenly become a great philosopher of metaphysical ideas.  You may have eaten red meat your whole life and wake up one day as a vegetarian.  You may have been a coach potato, and the next day become a mountain climber, starting with a walk up a hill in your own neighborhood that you never explored before. You may awaken with new sensitivities to nature and find you can communicate with your pets and plants.   Whatever the change, it will be something that was latent in your nature, and will reflect something of your whole soul being.  The new butterfly will be a reflection of a higher aspect of yourself. 

      The metamorphosis may take several steps. For example, you may awaken to your true optimistic self one day and a month later become a musician, having had no musical training, or having given it up long ago. One shift will affect another.  Much of the change is related to dormant DNA strands literally being switched on as the circuitry has finally been allowed to activate.  The activation may be triggered by changes in frequency from the influence of celestial bodies.  The circuits may turn on during a solar flare or even during Earth changes, such as earth quakes.  Certain astrological line ups can turn your strands on, as can a powerful New Moon.  The potential for your awakening talent or qualities will already have been there, waiting for release. 

      Blue Morph
ButterflyOften, something you have been trying to change your whole life without success will suddenly and seemingly miraculously be altered in you.  This may even be something quite physical, like instant healing.   You may have had a chronic ailment or habit that suddenly disappears.  You may not even realize at first that it has gone away, because you are so used to it being there and thus you continue to act as if it still is.  Someone else might have to point out to you that you no longer seem to need that leg brace, or that, gee, you are walking without a limp, or that your face has cleared up of acne, or your rash is not coming back, or that you are not smoking a cigarette after meals anymore.  You get the picture. 

      Often your friends or family will notice your metamorphosis before you do.  They will comment that you have changed.  They may keep saying things like, I am so glad that you see it that way now.  You may wonder what they mean at first, as you didn't even realize that you changed.  It will sometimes feel as if you have been that way all along.  But, when they keep mentioning it, you may begin to notice that, hey, you are different, and gee, it is true you haven't laughed and played this much since your were a child, or maybe never.  When you recognize you are in fact different, then you can further embrace it, and develop the potential that lies therein. 

      It will be important for you to allow these spontaneous developments and to encourage them further.  That sounds obvious, but it can be a bit shocking to be suddenly new.  You may not believe it, and thus will squelch the truth within yourself, and your changed loved ones, if you do not allow yourself, or them, to be different.  You learn to have certain expectations of yourself and others over time, and this can hold you, and them, back from accepting and being the change.  Thus, it is crucial to remember to allow each other to be the new butterfly as it appears with fresh wings and is learning to fly. 
      Most important is not to diminish the progress in yourself.  Once you see it, revel in it, and allow it to flourish.  You are being given a gift in these spontaneous shifts.  Accept the gift with enthusiasm and the gift will grow and your new developing wings will allow for new flight.  The direction of the flight may not be clear, but allow yourself to fly with the modifications, and you will surely be thrilled. This is your destiny.  You now have the opportunity to actually experience the change you have been hoping for, or dreaming of.  When it happens, you can run with it, or you can be in a state of disbelief and make the transition progress slow to a crawl. 

      We suggest you allow your metamorphosis to show you the truth of your greater potential, and fly with it.  We suggest you believe that the sudden changes can occur in your loved ones, as well.  Give them a boost of encouragement when you see them growing wings.  This is your chance to become your highest self, and to experience it in others, so embrace these spontaneous metamorphoses, and believe they are in fact possible! 

      ~ Simion, Seeing you as already there!
      Fly, Butterflies, Fly!

      telepathically relayed through Jill Amariah Mara

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