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Enlightening Your Life with Jennifer Hoffman April 2, 2012 newsletter

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      Enlightening Life Newsletter with
      Jennifer Hoffman & Uriel

      Did you feel the energy shift last Saturday? I felt it as a big release, a reminder that we are nearly out of the retrograde cycles and it's time to begin moving forward. But before we think we're going back to 'life as normal' there are a few things we need to consider.

      This month's message is about 'becoming', which is timely considering how much this retrograde period has brought up for us and how we need to move forward with conscious, deliberate and intentional focus.  

      The question for us to ask this month is "Does this serve me,  is it something I want to put my energy towards and is this the best expression of what I am becoming in the new earth?". 

      This month's message is 'The Path of Becoming', and it explains how we are moving out of the martyred healer paradigm into a more whole and fuller expression of our energy. Enjoy the article, which you can read at this link, it will help with the energies of April!

      If you missed a previous message or article, they are available in the Membership section on the website, click here for more details. 

      Here's what is in this week's newsletter:
      • April message update -- The Path of Becoming
      • The Energies of April
      • Archangel Uriel's channeled message is 'Justice, Revenge and Forgivenesas'
      • Indigo and Crystal article -- Cultural Hybrids
      You can read these articles below or visit the blog, by clicking here, to read and comment on them. 

      Have a wonderful week and I hope you can join me on the Enlightening Life radio show on Wednesday at 8PM US central time, where we discuss the newsletter articles, current topics and I take caller questions. See the link on the right to visit the show page.

      Many blessings,
      Jennifer Hoffman


      The Path of Becoming
      Most of our lifetime experience is focused on undoing karma. In fact, the only reason we are here today is to resolve karma and help the earth with the release of karma from the third dimension so we can all ascending into higher dimensions of being. This lifetime is so challenging for many of us because we have taken on many different levels and kinds of karma in one lifetime, where we usually focused on one, so that we could fast track the ascension process. And all of our lifetimes, from the very beginning, have been about moving from karma to forgiveness, from fear to love, from pain to healing. And here we are again, repeating this cycle but this one is different because as we end karma, and it is happening now for many of us, we are moving into a new cycle of experience, where we must release our need to undo karma and step into becoming..
      Read the rest of this article on the blog by clicking here. You can comment and share your insights on the blog.
      The Energies of  April

      We have been in a heavy retrograde period since January 23 and it has impacted every aspect of our lives. Whether it's a project, relationship, life decision, or outcome that was would not move, no matter how important it was or how hard we tried, this period has brought much of our lives to a standstill. Like a breath of fresh air, energy that has been stuck for weeks has begun to move  again and now we can start taking action. But although we have cosmic support to help us move forward, everything is not a 'go', as we now have to set a new energetic center and decide where we want to go and what is moving ahead with us. 
      Read the rest of the article on the blog by clicking here 

      Uriel's Message -Justice,  Revenge, Forgiveness
      Although the soul is aware of the healing and release that comes with forgiveness, it is hard for the ego to understand. Why should you forgive those who hurt you, who cause you pain, who don't acknowledge your support, love and sacrifices? But this is an emotional perspective and forgiveness is not emotional, it is energetic. While the emotions have their own energy, the process of forgiveness is beyond emotions, feeling, intellect and logic. It is at the level of vibration, resonance and energetic connection and it is a message from the soul that you are now ready to disconnect from karma and move into more harmonious living. 
      Read the rest of the Archangel Uriel channel on the blog by clicking here 
      Cultural Hybrids
      Like many Indigos of my generation, I am a cultural hybrid, someone who has experienced living in multiple cultures. I was born and raised in France and other parts of Europe but I have lived in the US for many years. While this gives me the advantage of having intimate knowledge of several cultures, it also means that I do not feel like I really belong anywhere. I'm too American to be French and too French to be American. I don't have a traditional cultural identity and that bothered me for many years. But lately I found that I have something better and what I thought was a terrible burden is actually a bridge to greater understanding.
      Read and comment on this article in the blog by clicking here.
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