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Fw: Monday August 6th

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  • Polly Menendez
    Monday, the 6th of August Mayan Calendar: 8 Lamat, 11 Pop ctssm42@hotmail.com All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT. From Cyrus the
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      Monday, the 6th of August

      Mayan Calendar: 8 Lamat, 11 Pop


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer

      The Sun and Mercury trine Mars-Pluto and sextile Saturn

      Neptune is inconjunct Venus, Jupiter and the North Node.

      The Moon in Pisces squares Saturn-Pluto.

      August 6th is the Feast of Transfiguration. This is the day that Jesus went up to the mountain top and received Illumination. The sacred fire of illumination is available to all sincere seekers.

      The energies of Neptune, Venus and the North nodes help us attune to the Sacred and the energy of the divine infant within, ever young, ever beautiful.

      We are called upon to celebrate the joy of life and give blessing for each new day as a sacred gift. The attunement to the simplicity of spirit brings out the spontaneous, joyful expression of our true nature. This expression allows us to become a channel for the Divine Love-Wisdom, catalysing healing, change and revelation.

      Mercury in superior conjunction to the Sun brings full consciousness with full positive feeling, magic and a sense of the Sacred

      We celebrate our cooperative efforts as continuing personality integration brings out ever more richness and tenderness in our being. The healing of our emotions catalyses change.

      The Sun-Mercury alignment is helping us to understand the connection between the mental, emotional and physical realms and we are learning to restore harmony between them.

      Our sixth sense is becoming ever more active, giving us the ability to tap into our eternal inner voice. Our inner guidance is helping us to meet the challenges and tests of the Saturn-Pluto alignment.

      Maintaining calm and balance is important. Meditation, emotional depth-work and exercise can help to keep our emotional and mental balance.

      The full Moon cycle continues today and tomorrow. Each full Moon brings revelation and potential for healing body and soul.

      Each Moon cycle is a wave of energy that goes forth from its New Moon

      beginning and comes to fruition when the Moon is full. The pattern of the heavens at the Full Moon determines the nature of the revelation of soul to be realised.

      The Mystic Rectangle means practical effectiveness in realising our goals and ideals. This combination enables us to consecrate our activities on the altar of divine Will. When we respond to the will of the Soul and dedicate our effort, we receive Divine grace and blessing

      The Moon trines Venus, Jupiter at 12:57 AM.

      Attuning to the energies of this combination confers illumination and wisdom. This influence is helping us to assimilate the energies of the Saturn-Pluto alignment.

      The Moon squares Pluto in Sagittarius at 4:02 PM and Saturn in Gemini at 4:15 PM.

      The two main stars in Gemini are Castor and Pollux. They represent two brothers were at one time antagonistic, but are learning to act as One. The one brother represents the Soul, the other one, the personality. Saturn in Gemini aligned to Pluto is teaching us to harmonise and attune the personality to the Soul so that we are able to attune to our Soul-purpose and take part in World Service.

      Gemini rules the arms and hands, indicating the service which the two brothers must render to each other in order to bring about the dissolution of the separative relationship which existed for so long between them. This dissolution is aided by Pluto in Sagittarius, the sign of the Pathwalker. This leads to the free interplay and circulation of the Spirit, Soul and personality in Sagittarius.

      The dance of the personality and the Soul fuses into one united and directed effort. Our sometimes unfocused, versatile and changeable nature becomes the self-directed energy of the Disciple, focused in effort and will. The keynote for Gemini is "I recognise my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow."

      The mental powers which have been developed and tested until now, begin to wane as the intuition begins to take its place in the new paradigm. The goal of the Disciple is the expression of love-wisdom and this is ever selflessly developed and consecrated to the good of the whole.

      We are learning that there is no true direction apart from thought and thought is power. In order to have an insight into the God�s Plan, we need to work with the power of thought and our own mental direction. The keynote for Sagittarius is "I see the goal. I reach that goal and then I see another."

      The Earth conjoins Sirius. The mundane becoming sacred.

      Point of crisis and moment of reorientation are helping us to better understand the process of stabilisation and right direction, enabling us to proceed more serenely and sanely upon the Path of Return. The test which the world disciple (Humanity) is experiencing sheds light on the ways of man. Only through understanding will solutions come and errors be corrected.

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