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[ANGEL] Special Message, Sun-Mars Opposition today 14 Virgo, The Angels of Medicine and Healing

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    ... ** ** ** ** *14 degrees Virgo* *The Angels of Medicine and Healing* *Also known as* ** *The Angels of ‘/Karasa’/* ** ** ** ** * *Beloved**, * ** ***We
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 3, 2012
    The SacredMars  Masculine
    New Mars Cycle
    March 3, 2012 - PART ONE

    By Daniel Giamario

    On the evening of March 3rd, Mars will rise in the East, just as the Sun sets. Technically, this is called the Acronychal Rise similar to when the Full Moon rises in the East as the Sun sets in the West. In this case it is Mars rising in the East as the Sun sets in the West or stated another way it is the Sun/Mars opposition. This year on Mach 3rd, the Sun/Mars opposition is occurring at 13 Virgo 47.

    This also happens to be the point in the Mars synodic cycle when Mars is closest to the Earth. In contrast Mars was furthest from the Sun (aphelion) on February 15, 2012. Two days after opposition, on March 5th, Mars is closest to the Earth, about 63 million miles away and is also in its brightest appearance from the Earth's perspective.

    Mars Opposite the Sun

    During the March 3rd, 2012 opposition, Mars reaches a magnitude of -1.2, only slightly dimmer than the bright star Sirius. It is interesting to note that Mars is at its least bright appearance during opposition to the Sun since 1995. In contrast, the Mars opposition to the Sun in 2003 saw Mars radiate at -2.9, more than 5 times brighter than the current cycle and at that time was even brighter than Jupiter can ever be.  Mars is always retrograde when it is opposite the Sun and is usually retrograde for nearly three months. This year Mars is retrograde in the sign of Virgo for 81 days from January 23 to April 13, 2012.


    14 degrees Virgo
    The Angels of Medicine and Healing
    Also known as
    The Angels of ‘Karasa’
     We protect and inspire all divine healers.
    We help inspire omnipotent faith so that a person’s body heals itself.
      We help healers utilize divine healing and medicine that are necessary for immortality and enlightenment.
    It is within our power to bring about such effectiveness in healers and medicines as can hardly be described.
    An intense time of healing has come upon the earth.
      From the most ancient traditional medicine people to modern specialists, we oversee and bless each and every one whose purpose and intent is to administer healing for the highest good of all.
    Under our guidance are pharmaceutical companies and anyone who makes medicines of any sort for the highest good of all concerned. 
    When people are sick and seek help from the heavenly hosts, we inspire them with divine faith to heal themselves or to find and receive help from appropriate healers.
     When doctors seek right diagnosis and proper cures we help reveal these.
    Medicines that we have to share with mankind are available now so that people may return to abundant health. These medicines can be enjoyed by all, during this time of Heaven on Earth
    as people ask for this to happen.
    Because of free will, it is important that those in need ask for assistance.
     It is the will of Divine Providence that our existence be made known because the need for the healing on earth is great and many are requesting help. 
     Even though we have in place contracts with souls of health practitioners before they incarnate upon earth,  when there are conscious relationships with us in everyday life,  we are often permitted by Divine Providence to do much more than we could do from the original contracts only.
     Through attunement with us and the divine virtues of our name, any Child of Light receives inner guidance that overcomes disharmony and restores health on every level.
     Specific requests result in specific results.  Whenever you request our assistance, be as specific as possible, and remove all limitations on what you think is possible to ask for.  Ask and ye shall receive.”

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