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Akashic Transformations: March 2012 Newsletter

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  • Ash
    Akashic Transformations March 2012 Newsletter     New this Month:   Monthly Message: March 2012 Featured Audio Channeling ($4.99 to download): Self Love:
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      Akashic Transformations
      March 2012 Newsletter
      New this Month:
      Monthly Message:

      Featured Audio Channeling ($4.99 to download):
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      Greetings --
      Welcome to March, 2012! March brings the newness of the Vernal Equinox, and continues the fresh and information-gathering energy that started in earnest in February.
      March contains significant heart energy. In fact, the rhythm of the month will in fact feel like the pulsation of a heart: things will feel as though they are coming in and then going out, or moving forward and then backward. In order to gain the most from this energy, it is important to try to tune into this rhythm and move with it, instead of fighting it. If you do this, you will find great power in this month, and will be able to tap into a deeper place inside yourself and in your connection with Spirit. If you are not
      willing to move with the rhythm of the month, you are going to find yourself really struggling to find balance.

      For even more on how to best work with the heart experiences you are bound to encounter throughout this month, check out the excerpt from this month's Message, and, remember, members always have access to the entire Monthly Message, as well as the Looking Ahead Message one month in advance, in addition to Weekly and Daily Channeled Messages.

      Remember, each week we feature a new Akashic Records On... Topic and this week, we are asking the Keepers about The Spirit World. Be sure to check it out to learn about the multidimensional ways that our souls are still connected to the Spirit World, and to each other, and why humans have always been drawn to spirituality and spiritual connections.

      This month, we are featuring the audio channeling on Self Love: Practices for Everyday Life The Keepers tell us that we can only love others as much as we love ourselves, yet sometimes it is difficult to release the inner critic and accept ourselves just as we are.  In this channeling, find out how to make Self Love more accessible in everyday life. Download this channeling for just $4.99 and practice three exercises daily to help make more room for loving yourself, and ultimately, others, warts and all!

      Also, please keep commenting, liking, and sharing our posts! Through each "like," shared repost, and comment, we are spreading the energy of light and love! We are almost to a big milestone on Facebook: 1000 fans! And once we hit this number, we will be celebrating the growth of the Akashic Transformations community by rewarding each fan with a free downloadable audio channeling - a MEDITATION ON LOVE! So be sure to invite your friends and family to join us on Facebook - let's reach 1000!

      March 2012 Message Excerpt:

      ...The heart center is very important this month, and love is very important this month. The month of March is like the heart of the year 2012. In fact, one way you can think about the progression of this year is like energy moving downward through the human chakra system. You began in December and January with a very elevated, ethereal energy -- it was hard to get things done, it was hard to feel connected, it was hard to find the ground beneath your feet. In February, you downloaded a lot of information down through the third eye and the
      throat chakra. And in March, you are moving from the throat chakra down to the heart center, and you will continue downward through the rest of the year. Essentially, as a human race you are pulling a great deal of higher level, multi-dimensional, spiritual energy and information down from those higher dimensions, into third dimensional reality and into this material world so that it can be used to help further your evolution. So that downward motion, pulling these higher wisdoms down, moves through your chakra system and it really comes into your heart this month.

      Many of you will have heart experiences. You might have heartbreaking experiences, you might have heart-strengthening experiences, and you might have both at the very same time. It is very important to take care of those things that you love this month and to take care of your own heart. Be sweet with yourself, feed your spirit, and feed your heart with experiences that cause you to feel more love and less fear. It has never been more important than it will be in March to look for things that feed your love rather than things
      that feed your fear.

      With much love and light to you,
      Jen Eramith
      Welcome to a magical conversation with Spirit!



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