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Simion Transformation Series_ACCELERATION March 2012

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  • Ash
    Simion Channeling The Transformation Series March 2012 ACCELERATION   We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.  This month of March is representative of
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      TheTransformation Series

      Weare Simion, The Evolutionary Collective. 
      Thismonth of March is representative of the era that you are leaving behind, the energy of Pisces, the fish. The fish live a life of Mercy enveloped in the sanctuary of the sacred element of water.  Your Earth has been protected by the shield of Pisces for millennium and this has been a place of protected growth, but you could not breathe your own air within this shield.  It was an era that demonstrated your potential, as seen in the energy of Jesus and others that came as messengers during this period. 
      In this new era, the Pisces water shield is being poured from the Aquarius water bearer.  This represents your freedom to flow forth from the womb of Pisces with a new bravery and certainty as you let go of the need for Mercy and claim your own power as the Messiah collectively.  Within this month of Pisces you can finally let go of the concept of the need for forgiveness and power from an outside source.  You can finally fully create your own power of transformation from within that is connected by means of your own consciousness to the source of all life in the universe.  And this is evident in Aquarius as an Air sign.
      This month can be a symbolic good bye to your Pisces era and become a rebirth of your new consciousness into the Aquarian Age. Now to continue Part Two of our Transformation Series. 
      Transformation PartTwo:  ACCELERATION
      This monthwe will focus on the effects of the water flowing from the container which is also symbolic of Acceleration.  This relates and builds on the concepts relayed in the first of the series, TimeShift.  All within the series are representative of ongoing sensations and developments, and each person will experience these transformations in their own time and way.
      Creation in your system is accelerating. You can feel this as a speeding up of time, but it is really a speeding up of the creative evolution of experiences within time and space.  This acceleration has symptoms and sensations that may be associated with it, which we will describe.  What is most evident, however, is that thoughtsand accompanying emotions and actions will exponentially accelerate the creation they vibrate within.  In other words, your individual thoughts and collective energies will create results much faster, and this will continue to accelerate during this year. 

      Hopefully, you are already realizing that you better focus your creative energies on a positive path, as we say this. 
      All you have learned regarding the importance of your creative frequency generating ability will become crucial to activate this year.  It may relieve you to know, however, that if you find you get off target and an accelerated creation occurs that you did not intend, you can just as quickly, reverse or change the direction and accelerate in a more promising way.  So fret not that you will be plunged into a dreaded place and never find your way out.  That is as long as you recognize your personal power to alter your course, and use it.

      You may look at this acceleration as similar to your science fiction star ships activating their hyper
      drivescausing them to enter a worm hole that takes them across the galaxy in a single bound.  Metaphorically, a lot of that will occur this year, especially when you have entered the coordinates that match your higher soul intentions.  When you are functioning in this intuitive place, the path of light will automatically cause a burst of accelerated creation and you may have to hold onto your seat as you will be flying through the creative process. 

      If you have been working on recognizing your individual soul drives vs. the fallacies of your ego identity, then this will be an exhilarating process.  You will see the results of your shift of consciousness from the petty behaviors of your ego mind to your soul inspirations readily, and will see forward movement as a result.  This will be truly inspiring and cause you to really move in your direction of passion.  
      The more you have been working on realizing your truth, the more acceleration you will see toward an ascension experience.

      The acceleration that is occurring is a part of the transition of Earth to her next octave and you will be a part of this
      .  The energetic acceleration will speed up the drop out of those that will not fit through the aperture to the next dimension.  Only finer energetic beings will move through the opening. 

      It may be slightly unnerving to your auric field as the frequencies begin to cause increased acceleration. 
      Some related symptoms you may notice are:
      1.   Heart ratefluctuation:  Speeding heart rate and sudden slowing.  This is your physical body adjusting to the changes, and it will often be more noticeable during solar flares.
      2.   Achyjoints:  Your bones are also having to adjust and become less dense and this can cause a bit of aching around the areas where you need to move them, such as knees, elbows, fingers, back and neck. 
      3.   Emotionaldisassociation:  Since creations are happening so fast, your emotional body may be behind what you are actually experiencing.  Hence, your emotions may not match the place you have moved into already, perhaps without even realizing it.
      4.   Can't catchup: Feeling that you can't catch up to what is happening in your life. You must begin to realize that you do not have to do as much "nitty gritty" actions for things to move forward in this acceleration period.  Much is being created as the light of your thoughts are finding their target and uniting with their creation points more effectively.

      meditation manOur advice in dealing with the Acceleration sensations is to Slow Down.  Now you are laughing at the irony, no doubt.  You will be able to direct accelerating creations best when you are in a quiet and calm state of consciousness.  If ever there was a time to do some meditating, this is it.  Even for 10 minutes a day, you will find it quite helpful to relax your body, slow your thoughts, and focus on being.  You need no fancy methods, unless you prefer them.  The idea is to find the place of ultimate creation where you can direct your flow.  This is found in a relaxed centered state, where you can feel the frequency you are emitting and can adjust as needed. 

      As you know and can plainly see, all this acceleration is occurring in your world creations as well.  You may feel as though you can't catch up with that either.  For example, technologies and social ideas are speeding through the air waves faster than even those in their respective fields can't keep up with the progress. 

      Again, allow yourself to slow down and feel the creative urges that are meaningful for you and don't worry about keeping up with trends.  They are moving so fast that by the time you get on the wagon, they will have progressed to rocket ships.  Focus on the rocket ship that is your soul ride, and you will have the acceleration of your life, and it will feel like a beautiful breath of fresh air!

      ~ Simion, in the accelerating winks of light transference
      Clickthis link for the The Transformation Series archivedon our website, so you can read previous insights.



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