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Quado's Garden: Discipline is Freedom and Love ~ Make Yourself Ready

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  • Ash
    It is important for us to keep to heart what has been shared and discussed before on discipline; true discipline which is not about control nor is it a form of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2012
      It is important for us to keep to heart what has been shared and discussed before on discipline; true discipline which is not about control nor is it a form of limitation. It is an expression of liberation. Of the heart, of the mind, of Spirit. It is written below that discipline is love of yourself. That is the truest essence of discipline: Love. To love and embrace yourself and life for these are intricately the same on more levels than we are consciously aware of. Allow the change that you are becoming to flow freely and give yourself the freedom to love. Passionately, unconditionally and fully. See yourself as the Divine Soul that you are and within that Know that you can and will grow, change, strengthen and find your Passion, your Expression, your Spirit ignited or reignited with focus, integrity, balance and peace. Allow yourself to shine as you are in this moment and Know that the Love of this Universe is with you and within you always. Doors are beginning to open, pathways being revealed, opportunities being presented. So within this Love make yourself ready. Not in haste but loving patience remembering that all will continue to flow together in Divine Timing. Make yourself ready by saying yes to yourself and everything, your passion of life will manifest in ways that will surprise others and yourself in all of the highest of ways. So that you have a song from your heart and soul ready however that translates out prepared for those opportunities. Whether it is literally as a song, poem, an example of your craftsmanship or whatever your numerous gifts may be. Believe in yourself, have faith in yourself and love yourself. You will discover or rediscover that commitment to excellence for that you are and so much more. It will encourage you, lift you, support you and spur you to deeper and greater heights. The Discipline of Love and Freedom. Give yourself to the Spirit of Readiness which is apart of this and watch how everything unfolds and remember you are apart of creating this and as it benefits you and all in this world and beyond.

      Discipline is Freedom and Love

      Today, learn to see discipline as freedom and love.  Discipline is love of yourself, because it is the pathway to achieving what you wish to achieve.  You may think that control is that pathway, that trying to change and control the outer circumstances of your life will open it up and finally bring you the happiness you seek, but it is not so.  The only control you can ever successfully exert is over yourself.  The only person you can change is yourself.
      Leave off trying to control others.  Leave off trying to control what swirls around outside you.  Instead, focus on yourself, on building the habits and practices which will bring you knowledge, accomplishment, skill and inner peace. 
      And from this will spring freedom, the freedom to do many different things well, the freedom to express yourself exactly as you wish to, because you have the skills necessary.  Give yourself the freedom to shine as an outward expression of your inner self, so that your appearance, talents and manner all express exactly what you wish them to express, because you have invested in yourself through caring discipline, steady patience, day by day, every day, building a foundation of great strength.

      Make Yourself Ready

      The actions you take toward your dreams--the classes, the disciplines, the preparations--are the strongest signal you can send to the universe, much stronger than mere visualizations of an outcome. 
      When you are truly ready, you have a demo of your latest song ready when the universe sends a record producer to the same party you attend.  Your belief in yourself and your talents is so great that you invest your time and energy in their blossoming.  And your faith in the great gifts of the universe is so solid that you know you will be presented with opportunities continually and gracefully, as a natural unfolding of yourself within the flow of the universe.
      Make yourself ready, fully ready.  Then relax and allow the universe to deliver.  Be relaxed, open and alert.  Notice how articles you need to read just happen to be lying open before you, how someone you meet happens to know someone you should call.  Then take a deep breath, fill yourself with courage and act, lift up that phone, talk to that person across the room you feel drawn to. 
      When you truly devote yourself to readiness, you will be amazed at how strongly the universe responds.  And you have what it takes to follow through.  After all, you are ready.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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