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Jennifer Hoffman: Enlightening Your Life with Jennifer Hoffman February 27, 2012 newsletter

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  • Ash
    I continue to resonate with the messages which come via Jennifer Hoffman and this morning s set are of special significance and meaning. From the love cycles
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      I continue to resonate with the messages which come via Jennifer Hoffman and this morning's set are of special significance and meaning. From the love cycles and our perceptions expanding onto what we perceive not only what is working for our highest benefit we are also discerning what is not are right on target with many areas I have been in discussions on; areas I have sharing. "The Challenge of Crystal Energy" and "Activate Your Dreams" especially have a very deep, deep resonance as they also mirror in a number of ways what I have come to receive, embrace and share. I highly recommend any and all to go through and receive as each of these speak to you; discovering and enhancing your own inner guidance and messages as they flow for you. Namaste With Love, Shay

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      Enlightening Life Newsletter with
      Jennifer Hoffman & Uriel

      We're under so much intense energy right now, which is increasing our need to find our inner balance, create authentic love in our life and learn to express our energy with joy. Are people leaving your life? They're making room for new ones. Are situations ending? They are making room for new beginnings. The theme for February is love and we are getting lessons in many of its aspects, especially how we love ourselves.

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      Here's what is in this week's newsletter:

      • Love is an energy before it is an emotion and it follows cycles of creation and destruction.
      • What is right and what is wrong? It's all the same because we live one step at a time and each step fulfills a purpose on our life path.
      • Archangel Uriel's channeled message is 'Activate Your Dreams'
      • Are you a Crystal? You are if you are very intuitive, empathic, and are more comfortable in the spirit world.
      You can read these articles below or visit the blog, by clicking here, to read and comment on them. 

      Old Love, New Love Cycles 
      Love follows a cycle, as does everything else on earth and in the Universe. But because we think of love as an emotion and forget that it is an energy, we don’t consider it as being part of the cycle of creation and destruction that everything in the Universe experiences. Our role, as co-creators of and with the earth, its ascension partner, and masters of the third dimension, is to create and expand love, allow old or ineffective love patterns to die so new ones can take their place. We can do this when we remember that love is an energy and it follows a cycle of death and rebirth.
      In autumn trees and flowers lose their leaves and die back so they can re-generate in the spring. Do we wonder whether they will do this or not? We don’t because that is part of the natural cycle. Love follows the same kind of cycle. Old patterns of love and loving, such as the ones that are needy, demanding, or controlling, cannot co-exist with new, higher vibrations of unconditional love that expand love into acceptance, self control, worthiness and value. So in order to make room for this shift in love, we enter into a love cycle.
      To begin the cycle, the old love pattern is revealed to us. So we connect with someone who has the old energy and then we experience the pattern we are to release and shift. If all goes well, that happens quickly and easily and we create an energetic space for the new pattern, thereby releasing the old person or situation and a new one enters our energetic space, at the new and higher vibration. But what often happens is we try to make the old pattern fit the new paradigm and that doesn’t always work.
      In order to shift an old love pattern we have to first accept and acknowledge it, release it to prepare ourselves for a higher vibration. If we try to hang on to the old love, to make it fit into a new paradigm, we are trying to make the past fit into the present moment. That energy can transform but only when there is something for it to transform into, and it is willing to do that. This is an either/or possibility, either the old love pattern will shift into a new vibration or a new love will present itself to us, in response to our intention for love. But we have to be willing to allow the shift to happen, be open to a new love energy that matches our intention and know that our intention always manifests, in one way or another. Set an intention for new love, allow the love cycle play itself out and know that when one love pattern ends, it is a brilliant opening for new unconditional love to manifest in your life.
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      Right or Wrong?
      As we shift our awareness into higher vibrations, what is ‘wrong’ with our life becomes very obvious to us. New vibrations feel wonderful and bring us great joy, but they also make us very aware of what isn’t working for us, where our needs are not being met and where we have settled, accepted and been happy with far less than what we now know we deserve. There is nothing wrong or right, and every shift in energy is an opportunity to start with a clean slate.
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      Uriel's Message - Activate Your Dreams
      Are you ready to make your dreams a reality? You know that it is all an illusion, in fact all of life is an illusion that is nothing more than an energetic manifestation at a specific vibration. There is nothing in the third dimension that is real, except your perception of it. There is nothing in the third dimension that is permanent, unless you hold an energetic space for the continued manifestation of that reality. Hope for a better future is the starting point that must be followed by activation of this as a new paradigm for the next moment. Dream a new dream for your world and activate it with your thoughts, beliefs and actions.
      Activation is more than physical movement, although from your human perspective you see activity as something you do with your physical body. Activation, without appropriate energetic adjustments, merely moves energy in the same direction. It is easy to want to take action to activate your dreams but to move into them with grace and ease, the other levels of activation should be implemented and this will dramatically and very quickly shift your reality. These are times of instant manifestation but to activate that energy in the desired direction, allow activation to flow from your inner self to your outer reality.
      There are many levels of activation, beginning with acknowledgement, then moving into acceptance, alignment and action. Acknowledge the truth of your current reality, own its creation, take responsibility for your use of power. This allows you to accept, without judgment, the energetic space you are in at this moment. See where you are aligned, what truths you have allowed yourself to hold, what energies you have been creating with, through your beliefs and thoughts, that created this reality. Then with conscious and deliberate intention, activate your new paradigm to create the energetic space for its reality and take action in the direction you are guided to follow.
      When you allow action to be your first step in activation you are not aligned energetically with what you want to manifest and it cannot be different from what you already know as your reality. Beliefs and thoughts move energy and are either unconsciously setting the energy for your intention or consciously aligned with it. Activate your dreams by following the activation process and by keeping your awareness of your dreams and aligning yourself with the energies needed to manifest them, you will create the energetic space that allows them to become your reality.
      You can also read and comment on this message in the blog, it is available by clicking here. 
      The Challenge of Crystal Energy
      You can also read and comment on this article in the blog by clicking here. 
      Crystal energy, like Indigo energy has been with us for generations, each generation building on what those before them have created. This energy has the same pioneering mission as Indigos but Crystals teach us that it is by being as children, by maintaining our child-like joy, trust and innocence, that we connect with the power of our true selves. Will we make their task hard or difficult?  If we look at the news headlines and see the growing atrocities that are being committed against children we have to think that perhaps this will be hard. But for the Crystals , the task is easy because they are who they are and they cannot be anything else. So, whether societies accept them or not, it doesn'€™t matter. They will let their lights shine and at the right moment, they know that others will be open to the gift of their energy.
      With the Crystal generation has come an astounding growth in the number of autistic children, those who simply shut themselves off from the outside world and retreat into their own inner sanctuary. These children can and do awaken when they feel the time is right. Crystals can hold their energy, maintain their purpose and to have the ability to wait, patiently, until the world is ready for them. Unlike the Indigo children, they will not outwardly rebel against the system and impose their views and opinions. They will be content to hold their truth and to wait until they can be heard. This is the energy of those who refuse to fight, who know that the best way to win is to not engage in the battle.
      The adults who carry the Crystal energy know this lesson well, as they have been quietly sharing their spiritual knowledge for many years to an audience that has just begun to really accept them. But they did not change what they were doing, they merely continued to teach and write, with faith that eventually their message would be heard and understood. The challenges of the Crystal energy is to come to terms with their quiet energy and create a place where they are safe, are heard and can learn to feel comfortable with their energy, which brings light and peace to a world that is used to darkness and drama. Crystal energy is highly intuitive and communicates quite easily with the spirit world. They often feel like they live in two worlds and find the spirit world much more comfortable than the material.
      Crystals can be quite lonely as they have trouble relating to others and finding those of like mind to connect with. They will look for acceptance before they open up to share what they know, which can be very enlightening. But once that door is open, they will gently and lovingly get to work in a way that allows for gentle (but direct) healing and transformation. If you have Crystal energy or a Crystal child, get comfortable with your intuitive abilities and find like minded people to talk to. Once you find comfort with your energy, you will be able to create your own cocoon of security in the world, that you can share from with confidence. Then you will be able to grow into the responsibility that you have accepted, to lead the world into a new paradigm where we all face the world with the innocence, trust and grace of children.
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