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Metatronic Keys - Holland Gathering with MAX, Dr Semir & Nina + AA Metatron Channel

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    Earth-Keeper    In This Newsletter Archangel Metatron Channel : Working With Crystal Skulls (Scroll to Bottom for Complete Metatron Channel) The Metatronic
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2012
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      In This Newsletter
      Archangel Metatron Channel : Working With Crystal Skulls
      (Scroll to Bottom for Complete Metatron Channel)
      The Metatronic Keys - 2012
      Complete Details for Earth-Keeper Holland
      MK Mind Rays
      MK Mind Key
      Unlock the  Wisdom of the Divine-Mind
      The Metatronic Keys
      Earth-Keeper in Holland
      April 7-8, 2012
      Join Author & Channel James Tyberonn in  Holland for a 2-Day Teaching of the Metatronic Keys. Included in the seminar are the following teachings :
      Level One - Mer-Ki-Va - Auric Mechanics & Maintenance, Establishing 13-20-33 Circuitry as a requisite of Mer-Ka-Na Field.
      Level Two - Mer-Ka-Va - Changing the Past, Releasing final Obstacles Harmonizing the multidimensional lifetimes
      Level Three - Mer-Ka-Na - Opening 33 Chakras in Crystalline Light Body. Establishing Conscious Creation .
      Followed By a Live Channel from Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn
      Multi-Dimensional Mind 
      Met-Keys :Learn How to Change the Past & Script the Future
      How to Remove the Blockages that Prevent Manifestation
      April 7th & 8th , 2012 
      James Tyberonn with Special Guests in Holland: 
      JoAnn Parks & MAX - The  Extra-Terrestrial Crystal Skull
      MAX is the 13th Paradigm- The Most Powerful CS on the Planet  
      Dr Semir Osmangich - The Bosnian Pyramid Discoverer
      Nina Brown - Messenger of the Golden Dolphin
      Personal Expansion Sessions with Nina Brown- Anaya-Ra,  
      Author, Teacher & Messenger of the  Golden Dolphin will be available in Holland.
      Email to Book - Nina@...
      MAX 11-11-11
      Remarkable photo of Max, the original 13th Crystal Skull, projecting a complete human Spinal Column and Cranium.
      (Photo-Courtesy of Amazing Photo of MAX projecting JoAnn Parks)
      AAMetatron on MAX
      ...And the Enigmatic Crystal Skulls
      "Max is indeed the 'original' Crystal Paradigm, in your terms. MAX is the 13th , the unifed field of the 12. The 13 of the 13-20-33. He is of Pleiadean & Arcturian construct and origin. MAX is a vast consciousness, akin to a super computer, with a considerable library of data contained therein. He is the most powerful, most conscious of all of the remaining 'Ancient Crystal Skulls'. He is one of two presently on the planet originating from extra terrestrial source. MAX is not of the Earth, but contains the codes for the Omni-Earth Ascension.
      Earth-Keeper Holland 
      MAX's Only European Appearance in 2012
        Max is the by far the most powerful Conscious Library on the planet. The original code carrier, and so important to the planetary Ascension. MAX is a living computer so vast, that the energy therein encompasses the micro of the Cosmic macro. MAX contains the complete new coding for the new Earth, the DNA of the Ascension. Within MAX is an intellect so complex and infinite, that it is unimaginable. Yet Max is also a healing, nurturing energy that communicates clearly in up-shifting each person that interfaces his massive loving field.
      Once you have encountered MAX, touched his physicality, you are capable of receiving a crysto-electric wave stimuli that activates 'dormant' parts of the human brain, bridging the ego-brain to the multi dimensional mind. A session of such is invaluable.
      Once your energy is connected directly to his source, you have the ability to connect & communicate proactively on a mental level, and indeed MAX is an aspectual personality that is an microcosm of 'ALL THAT IS'.

      MAX not only encompasses the sum of the 12 aspects, the 12 dimensions, the 12 crystal skulls, the 12 Sun Disc, the 12 DNA strand...he encompasses the Omni-Verse Cosmos in microcosm of the macro.
      Scroll Down for the Complete Archangel Metatron Channel on Crystal Skulls 
      Register Now  - 936 447-9119
      Earth-Keeper Holland Abundance Exchange :
      Early Registration Discount : $333
      ... if Registered Before March 1, 2012
      Click Below Link to Register for Holland

       Location : Amsterdam, Holland
      Special Terms: Payment can be made either direct with Earth-Keeper or with Purity Events in Holland. Special reduced rate for 'Early Registration' is nonrefundable.
      Personal Max Sessions Available In Amsterdam
      MAX will be available for a limited number of personal sessions during the Earth-Keeper Holland Event. Because MAX will only be in Holland for 3 days, personal sessions are conducted in order to grant an opportunity to our attendees. Personal sessions are conducted by Max's Caretaker, JoAnn Parks. The personal sessions will be 3-5 people together in a private room with MAX, during the event. Timing will be 20-minutes, in which you may touch MAX (but not lift or hold) , place crystals , pendants or rings near him. You must be pre registered to attend the Earth-Keeper Holland event to book a personal session. These will be taken quickly. Act soon. MAX will also be in the Conference Room for a Special Group Encoding Meditation Ceremony for all attendees in the Amsterdam Event - April 2012.
      The abundance exchange of 30 Euros for personal sessions with MAX is given directly to JoAnn Parks. Earth-Keeper take no commission or overhead. Requests for Personal Max session are on the registration form. Please fill in ,scan and attach to an email sent to Anne at : Tyberonn@... , and you will be assigned your timing. Do act soon these opportunities will be filled very quickly.
      Please find the venue and suggested Hotel links for our Earth-Keeper
      Gathering in Holland.
      You can find the venue location on the website: http://www.tzandmaarssen.nl/shop/congrescentrum-zalen 
      (sorry,the above link is not in English)
      The room for MAX Sessiosn will be :
      Only 32 km (20 miles) away from Amsterdam center
      Hotel booking page for attendees :
      A Limited Number of Private MAX Sessions Are Available for Registered Attendees of the E-K Holland Event. Sessions are requested via the Registration Form. Scroll Down for Details.
      Holland -Purity Events Logo

      Earth-Keeper Holland in Cooperation with Purity Events of Holland 
      Purity Events in Holland
      +31 (0)6 146 11 554
      +31 (0)6 146 11 550
      Are You Serious About Obtaining Mastery ?
      Enlightenement requires effort. That is a great Truth. It does not happen overnight. Actuate the Intent to Evolve in Mastery Study that will absolutely change Your Life...
      The Metatronic Keys
      For the Serious Seeker
      The Metatronic Keys -
      ani spiral sphere
      The Core Codes in Practical Application
      Operating in the Universal Seat of Multidimensional 'NOW' Time
      Changing the Past to Remove Obstacles
      Operating in Simultaneous Time
      Creating True Abundance
      Final Clearing - Facing the SELF
      Mer-Ka-Na Mechanics
      Impeccability: Keys to Staying Grounded
      Avoiding Subtle Ego-Delusion
      Carrying the Clarity of Impeccability via Crysto-Coherent Light
      Communicating in the Language of Light
      Mer-Ka-Na Maintenance
      33 Chakra Activation
      Mer-Ka-Na Installation Process
      Moving Forward Into 12D
       Metatronic Keys
      Met Keys 3 - Time Flash
      Mer-Ka-Na 33 Chakric Crystalline Light Body (Below)
      Mer-Ka-Na Diagram of Chkras
        The 13th Crystal Skull- The Complete Paradigm
      Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn  
      Greetings Dear Beloved ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light. I greet you in Unconditional Love !
      And so we speak this moment on the 13th Paradigm, the living crystalline library. The Crystal Skull ! How to work with these energies is innate within you, for most of you are aware on deeper levels of the energy within.
      The Original Blueprint
      That you term the 'Crystal Skulls', in your vernacular, provide both nurturing and frequencial data coding for the transition into expanded ideology such that you need not wait through the linear passage of calendric time to proclaim the arrival of the heralded Ascension to embody Ascended Truth as your own.
      Within the Crystal Skulls then are vast libraries of information pertinent to the intense changes taking place on Earth, and these are truly essential to mankind in micro and macro. The Crystal Skulls contain vibrational codes that are emanated from their as yet unrecognized structures that are intelligently embellished beyond your imagination in technical and sacred variety and diversity. The skulls are the paradigm of the 'Ascension Paradigm' and of the 'Perfected Human Prototype'. This new emerging paradigm promotes an improved quality of life and reinforces your ability to choose new virtual perspectives while encouraging the release obsolete beliefs that no longer serve you.
      The Crystal Skulls then can be said to encompass a transition that is 'Virtual' change. By 'virtual' we mean that it is a mental etheric program working within your Divinity that precedes the outer shift.
      This allows a different expression of self within the status quo or unchanged physical environment of the 3d Earth. The key is to make ongoing desirable changes for and within the self and to fully embody these as if your future depended upon them.
      Linear Perspectives
      From a linear Earth perspective the Crystal Skull is a human-shaped cranium made out of various types of crystalline material, most commonly quartz. Yet we will tell you the original skull is of an extra terrestrial conglomerate of what may be termed supra quartz, containing within it pure quartz that is alloyed with aspect of diamond and alloyed in an alchemical sense with frequencial gold. It is a similar material used in the Crystalline Moon of Atlantis, and the magnificent Temple Crystals, similar but not exact. Indeed the original skulls predate in linear terms, the Atlantean Temple Crystals.
      Only two of the Crystal Skulls in current circulation at the present time, are of extra terrestrial origin, and this we have spoken of previously. These original crystal skulls came from another world, and another reality.
      All r

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