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Mark's Power Peek: Astrological Reports ~ Mars Retrograde Jan 23 to April

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      CA Brooks
      by C.A. Brooks
      The Week Ahead
      February 27 - march 4
      Every four years we add a day to the calendar, February 29th. Of course it doesn't actually add an extra day to our week, but how cool would that be if we got one whole extra day to use any way we wanted? My heart sings just thinking about it. What would I do with my day? What would you do?
      It also brings into focus several issues - how we do and do not take control of our lives and how, in actuality, time is nothing more than an illusion. It's a man-made artifact designed to help us organize and classify activities and to share a common language with others. It's interesting the year containing the extra day is called 'Leap Year' since in reality, it's the other three years we 'leap' over February 29th and go directly to March 1st after February 28th. (Hmmmm, if only we had the time to ponder this.)
      With a predominance of Pisces energy in the cosmos right now, time probably seems more elusive than ever. But we may find things speeding up and seemingly clearer towards the end of this week when, Mercury - the planet of thinking and communication leaves Pisces and enters the fiery and impulsive sign of Aries. We'll enjoy this burst of creative and lively energy for less than two weeks before Mercury retrogrades on March 12th and re-enters Pisces. Before retrograding, it will have the chance to catch up with innovative Uranus - a planet we sometimes refer to as the 'awakener'. Pay attention to your thoughts and ideas this week and next, because when Mercury turns backwards, these will be ideas and issues that come back around.
      Ultimately, how we experience time - whether it flies or drags on is a very subjective experience. In honor of February 29th, (and in alignment with the very analytical Mars retrograde in Virgo), I suggest we spend time this week considering more carefully how we use our time. On February 29th especially, make time for those activities that you never seem to have time for - those activities that add quality to your minutes and joy to your hours.
      Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.
      Feedback is always welcome at:
      Or come be my friend on Facebook. You can find my Fan page at:
      FEBRUARY 27
      MOON in TAURUS
      The week is off to a productive start with supportive connections between the Moon in resourceful Taurus and Pluto and Mars in the other two grounded earth signs (Capricorn and Virgo). Take your time and do your work well. This energy supports patience and attention to details. Quality is valued over quantity.
      An intense connection between the Sun in compassionate Pisces and Pluto in organized Capricorn helps us get on board with necessary changes and transformations. You may feel particularly powerful today or at least a sense of being in alignment with your life purpose. Dissatisfaction is likely to come from seeing injustices in the world that you would like to see corrected.
      (Spoiler Alert: When Mercury retrogrades in March it will return to where it is today. Take note of what's on your mind - these issues and ideas will probably resurface.)
      Daily Muse: You must be the change you want to see in the world. (Mahatma Gandhi)
      FEBRUARY 28
      Moon Void of Course 11:46 am (PST) - 7:27 pm
      A gentle connection between the Moon in stable Taurus and thinking Mercury in idealistic Pisces carries emotional overtones of kindness and compassion. Limit distractions and focus on the tasks in front of you. Simplify your 'to do' list and carry at least one idea through to completion. This evening the Moon glides into effervescent Gemini sparking interest in conversation and social activities. A lunar square to transcendent Neptune dissolves our resolve and escape from anything remotely resembling 'reality' will be on the agenda. May be a good night to catch one of the Oscar winning films you missed seeing earlier in the year.
      Today on Simpletales - Psychic intuitive Shanika joins me for a discussion of Spiritual Leap Frogging. Where will you take your next big leap? You'll find us live on 12Radio.com at 11am Pacific - 2 Eastern.
      Daily Muse: Do you know that place between being asleep and awake, where you still remember your dreams? ...That's where I'll always wait for you. (Tinkerbell in the movie 'Hook')

      ca Brooks
      FEBRUARY 29
      MOON in GEMINI

      The residue of last night's lunar encounter with slippery Neptune seems to have slid into today as the Moon in changeable Gemini keeps moods changing and feelings hard to pin down. Chatty Gemini knows how to pull out the charm to get what it wants. But charisma will have its limits this evening as the Moon moves into a square pattern with the Sun in Neptune-ruled Pisces highlighting the range of differences in our desires for connection with others.
      Sometimes we are looking for superficial chats and other times we long for deep emotional soul connections. It's sort of the enticement of the one-night stand verses the longing for a marriage of soul-mates. Cranky Mars in Virgo squares the Moon and is in a loose opposition to the Sun making this quarter Moon more cantankerous than usual. If you find yourself not sure where you stand on some things - be assured, you're not alone.
      Daily Muse: You know what charm is: a way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question. (Albert Camus)
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      MARCH 1
      MOON in GEMINI
      Moon enters Aries 6:48 pm (PST)
      Despite the Moon cruising through glib Gemini, communications may be anything but smooth sailing today. The challenge to clear and effective communication comes from two fronts. The Moon's square to the Sun last night signaling the change from the first to the second quarter of the lunar cycle is usually a time of reckoning - reconciling the differences between goals and actualities.
      The second challenge comes from an ill-fitting connection between thinking Mercury and rigid Saturn. Mercury is still dreaming in mystical Pisces but Saturn in fair-minded Libra is looking for some balance - which is hard to find in a cosmic picture dominated by emotional Pisces. Precision is hard to come by and misunderstandings may be the rule rather than the exception. We may have to try harder than usual to make ourselves heard or to get our point across. Life requires the successful integration and balancing of logic, intuition and feelings. Adopt an open and flexible attitude and try listening with your heart.
      Daily Muse: I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures. (Lao Tzu)
      MARCH 2
      Moon Void of Course 5:14 am (PST) - 7:08 am
      Mercury enters Aries 3:41 am (PST)
      The scales balancing mental logic with emotional intuition are tipped in a new direction today when the planet of thinking and communication leaves mystical Pisces and shoots into fiery Aries. However the enthusiasm and daring of Aries to follow new ideas is somewhat dampened as the Moon moves into protective Cancer. This water sign although feisty, is also cautious, anxious to hold on to its own and somewhat worried about any idea or activity that would introduce the possibility of risk, danger, or loss. Although unruliness is a side note with a lunar connection to Uranus, a guarded link between power planets Mars and Saturn may keep us from acting in a reckless or thoughtless manner.
      Daily Muse: Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.
      (Mark Twain)
      MARCH 3
      MOON in CANCER

      There's almost no way around it - there's tension at the cosmic dance today and the music may be overshadowed with misunderstandings, conflict and maybe even a few bar fights! Per usual, EGO - not the useful self-confident one, but the one lacking in self-esteem and spiritual grounding shows up - front and center. When we approach life as if there is something missing, we look for it unceasingly in others and in the outer world. That's the character we're likely to run into today.
      The Sun and Mars are in perfect opposition; cosmic soul mates Venus and Mars are sulking in two different corners of the dance floor; and task master Saturn is disciplining the Sun. It could be a day of frustrations. If you are feeling sad or disappointed go with that feeling. Explore your attachment to having particular and specific outcomes. The only way to 'pass go and collect your 200 dollars' is to successfully confront life's setbacks and move beyond them. If you are lucky enough to be in a good place today, think about being a guiding light to someone who is having a hard time.
      On the upside - today marks the halfway point of the Mars retrograde cycle. Forty more days to go, but then again, who is counting???
      Daily Muse: When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us. (Helen Keller)
      MARCH 4
      Moon Void of Course 2:17 pm (PST) - 3:18 pm
      Today's energy continues to push the envelope of self esteem, especially where relationships are concerned. An opposition between Venus and Saturn makes it easy to underestimate our own value and self worth and over-rate the skills, talents and worth of other people. This aspect also highlights the ways we regard others' opinions of us more highly than our own. The upside of this aspect is the laser beam of focus that allows us to carefully assess our commitments and renew our loyalty where appropriate.
      Things are looking up in late afternoon when the Moon steps onto the dramatic Leo stage which could quickly brighten many encounters like a rainbow following a summer rainstorm. Supportive lunar connections with both Mercury and Uranus in Aries could bring fresh ideas and unusual perspectives.
      Daily Muse: Be Content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. (Lao Tzu)

      Weather Report for the Week Of:
      February 27, 2012
      Julia Stonetreet Smith The final push to get to a space of completion is intense and somewhat exhausting but once we see how close we are, it gets easier and we discover the joy needed for the last bit of exertion. As this chapter winds down an even more interesting story is starting up.
      It's time to speak a truth clearly and loudly. We've been waiting for the right time and almost hoping this truth would go away. It's here to stay and as soon as we allow it into the light, it will start working it's transformative magic. Don't hold back any longer.
      A situation that has felt unfair and out of balance is getting a correction of sorts. The justice happening here might not be what we envisioned but it still feels good to see problems being addressed and healed. More healing will play out over the next few months as the seed of harmony and fairness takes root in this troubled space.
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      Pet Peeve
      Woman practicing with arrows. Her pet dragon steals the target. Sometimes things may not go exactly as planned. Ease up on the outcome. Find the part of the situation that may be appreciated during the experience of heading toward the goal. In this case, her dragon is just playing, he's trying to be a part of the fun. She needs to remember she's lucky to have a spirited pet dragon.

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      by Mark Husson
      Hello My Dear Friends,
      Everything in our reality is part of a cycle. The revolution of Night and Day reflect an obvious cycle that emblazons our consciousness. There are countless ones, the cycle of the stars, menses, sleep, food in and food out, the seasons, cicada, rush hour, boy bands, fashion, blood through the veins, rain to rivers and back again, rock star drug abuse, lovers quarrels to make-up sex, and of course the cycle of Life and death; the list is endless.
      Sometimes our cycles are apparent to us and sometimes when we're in the midst of a not so fun cycle, we forget that it's indeed a cycle that we enter pretty regularly and we exit it just as frequently!
      The extraordinary beauty of watching the planetary cycles is the reminder that "nothing lasts forever" and no matter how much we know that to be true, it sure is wonderful to hear it every now and then, especially when we are in the hard part of the cycle.
      I have noticed that this retrograde Mars in Virgo has cleaned house for me, in a very huge way. Friends started dropping off like flies. Some just took their toys and went away. Others got sick, and some entered their cycles of addiction that pull them away. In almost every case, I found myself cycling from outrage to relief .
      My cycle of accommodating, of seeking approval, of trying to be "forgiving" was out of hand. For example, I was allowing my self to be screamed at for offering to bring groceries to one of my sick friends because I called in their pronounced "don't call" hours (it was 11am). The funny thing is, I didn't experience it as abuse until they went away.
      During this Mars Retrograde, join me in supporting the evolution of change in our lives. Lift your hands up and release the things you're holding on to. Affirm your freedom, your willingness to extend love by first experiencing the love.
      Slowly release the rules that others have on you and allow yourself to live in your truth. It's time to be free, it's time to let your life guide you without fear or guilt. I believe that how I feel after being with someone is how they wanted me to feel. In other words, if I leave worrying about them, it's what they wanted. If I leave feeling empowered, it's what they wanted. It may seem that this idea is opposite of what we are taught, but I think we seriously underestimate the synergy that exists between us. More on that later.

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      Until next week,
      I'm with you on the Quest!

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      by Mo Abdelbaki
      Out of Mo's Mind:
      Oh My Stars
      It Must be Mars
      Having trouble sleeping? Irritable? Weird dreams? Lack of confidence? Just feeling odd?
      There's a strange energy hanging around, one that brings a sense of discomfort that's hard to pin down.
      Many of us have been talking about this energy, so I thought it might be helpful to let you know that it's not just you and you're not alone. I'm laying the blame on Mars.
      Why am I picking on a defenseless planet? What's up with Mars? I'm so glad you asked. Right now, Mars is retrograde and has been for weeks. I'm usually not one to overemphasize the impact of a retrograde planet, but in this case it seems right. Let's start by laying down some facts.
      There's a bit of business in astrology called dispositorship. It has to do with what planet rules what sign and what planet is in the sign of another planet. Here, let me show you how it works. Please remember that all of my planetary placements are in the Vedic system, which is the way they actually appear in the heavens.
      Currently, Mars is retrograde in Leo. Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun is in Aquarius, which is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is in Libra, which is ruled by Venus and Venus is in Pisces which is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is in Aries which is ruled by Mars. Once again, we've arrived at Mars in Leo, which the house that's ruled by the Sun, and so on.
      You can see that we're caught in a cycle of energy, a circle that's always going to lead us back to Mars retrograde. Although I didn't mention Mercury, it's with the Sun in Aquarius and is therefore linked to Saturn and the cycle becomes the same.
      The North and South Nodes are also being influenced by Mars, as Rahu, the North node, is in Scorpio which is ruled by Mars, and Ketu, the South node, is in Taurus which is ruled by Venus in Pisces, owned by Jupiter which is in Aries, a sign ruled by Mars.
      This may seem confusing, but it makes sense after you've mulled it over for a while, especially if you mull it with a Martini or two. The main point to remember is that Mars is now energetically connected to each planet, a situation that doesn't always occur, and as Mars is apparently moving backwards in the sky, its reverse motion is rubbing everything the wrong way.
      Mars isn't a planet that's easy and it doesn't always play nicely with others. In fact, Mars runs with scissors. So how does this affect us? The best way to describe it might be to say that there's a low-level sound of fingernails being dragged across a chalkboard in almost every part of our lives. We're all going to be affected in some way or another.
      Let's add a complication. Saturn is also retrograde and Saturn and Mars generally don't get along. Saturn is in Libra, where it's exalted, which means that it's very strong, so it's actually tempering some of the energies of Mars and making it less impactful than it would be otherwise. Poor old Saturn doesn't get thanked for much, but we should all be happy that it's plodding after Mars.
      Thank you Saturn. I love your rings.
      Mars rules over issues like courage, determination and ambition, and as Saturn is chasing that energy, we may feel persecuted or prosecuted at this time. You may find that your dreams are extremely uncomfortable and hyper-strange. If you dream about houses or problems with homes it's due to this energy as well. If you've had creepy, dark dreams, you now know why. Last night's dream was a doozy.
      You may have a feeling that you're casting your pearls before swine or feel resentment in relationships, or you may even may be working up a great big dose of self defeatism. All of these are indicative of this Mars retrograde event, activating everything in your chart as well as the Saturn retrograde imposing its weight upon it.
      In the world, we can see this energy in action. There are fights over oil prices (Mars ruled Scorpio), territorial threats (Mars ruled Aries), and mudslinging (Scorpio, Aries and Leo). World angst seems to be increasing every day.
      This newest round of tensions in the Mideast is reflected in this energy. It's interesting to note that the nation of Iran, once known as Persia, held the lion as its national symbol, which of course in the zodiac is Leo, where Mars is currently making trouble. With Mars retrograde in Leo, it certainly would indicate that the Iranians are working hard to try to rediscover themselves and establish themselves as a power. The tensions are nothing new, of course, but the way they're manifesting is unnerving. Think of backing a lion into a corner.
      While I'm at it, Bashar al-Assad, the leader of Syria, is prominent in the news and I'm sure I don't have to elaborate on the situation in that country. I'll just mention that his name, "al-Assad," means, "The Lion." He's certainly being chased by a solid faction of nations (Saturn) and is being bolstered by another group of nations (Mars).
      I think it's safe to say that both of the above examples are filled with paranoia and feel they're being chased.
      It'll be interesting to see how things change after Mars goes direct on April 14th and then again after it passes its shadow point, that degree of Leo where it was located when it first started to go retrograde. It'll pass its shadow in late June. I'll be making notes.
      All of this doesn't mean that we have to hunker down. Once Mars goes direct on April 14th, we'll all feel a difference. I do predict, however, that it will be a while before we feel completely relieved of this weird energy, having to wait until it's passed its shadow point.
      The question is, what to do? Consciousness of how you feel and why you feel the way you do will help you to battle this almost completely.
      When you stop and think about it, Mars isn't able to exert itself in an overt way as it's used to doing. This means that if you act in a Martian manner, you'll be relieving some of the pent up energies in your life.
      Exercise, be active either mentally or physically, and do something that's energetic. If you feel competitive, embrace it, as competition will be good for you. While we're at it, the release of energy through Mars/Venus connections can help more than almost anything else. I'll leave it to you to find a way to make that happen. This can be a pretty fun time if you allow it to be.
      Creativity is at a high, as long as you don't criticize everything to a pulp.
      To make the most of the energy during the retrograde, push harder than usual and expect resistance, but as we all know, resistance is futile. Set specific goals for yourself and toss out bizarre ideas, dreams or fears, as they're only the result of the inner grinding and strain you're feeling due to the retrograde.
      The most important thing you can do is to realize that this too shall pass and that the more consciousness you put into being upbeat and optimistic, the easier everything will be.
      As for me, I'm going to make it a point to buy a Mars candy bar and eat it, starting at the back and working my way to the front to symbolize the retrograde. That'll show it.
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      Visit me at Facebook.com/MoTarot I'd love to hear from you!
      by Tamara Childs
      Tamara Childs
      Contributing Advisor Tamara Childs is chalk full of wisdom and practical insights. She's agreed to share them with us, the Power Peek audience. To learn more about Tamara you can read about her work and even call her by clicking her picture.

      When I was six years old my brother was in treatment for a rare form of lung cancer. After his hospital stay he came home and had to receive chemotherapy shots. This was very traumatic for him, but oddly, also for me.

      When it came time for his shot, he'd run screaming and crying through the house until my father caught him, held him down and gave him the shot. Meanwhile, I'd run screaming and crying through the house, so my mother would have to hold me from tackling my father. This drama went on weekly, and could be seen as comical, if it weren't so damn tragic!

      What I didn't know at the time was, I felt other people's pain as if it were my own. Whenever I saw a kid skin their knee or saw an animal being hurt, I would feel it as a welt of pain through my own body. This even happened when I saw violence on TV. I was surprised when I realized not everyone feels like this.

      High sensitivity seems like a burden. Is this true for you? Have you been told over and over you are too sensitive? Do you collect stray animals and want to save everyone, (even bugs!) and the earth from being hurt? Are you disturbed by violent events in the news that depress you for months after other people shrug it off? Does it seem strange when others don't seem as affected? Welcome to the highly charged world of the empath! You have a healing gift, and can learn to manage your incredible sensitivity. Please check out my new class just for you: The Happy Empath Class. Wouldn't it be more fun to be the healer you are without the pain?

      PS 12academy is FULL of new great classes to enrich your life! Click here to see my Saturday offerings!

      P.O. Box 6542
      Denver, CO 80206-0542
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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