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Elements are Becoming God Particles Council of Indigenous Tribes through Carol Sydney

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  • Ash
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2012
      Source/Post: Rosaline Marez Quoting from Sedona Journal of Emergence

      Elements are Becoming God Particles
      Council of Indigenous Tribes through Carol Sydney

      Greetings, children of light. Once again we have the pleasure
      of speaking with you. It is to your advantage that you prepare
      for the coming changes in thought, form, understanding and
      light. It is only when you open your mind/heart union that
      you can see what is ahead for all beings now living on Earth,
      your precious mother. She delights in your new growth and
      can even taste the coming onslaught of understanding flooding
      into your new systems of thought and the dropping of all superstition,
      fear, and unconsciousness. It is pure joy to witness!
      Remember last month when we told you we would be
      speaking of new things in science? Well, the time has come to
      reveal information previously withheld from you for the purpose
      of giving all who desire to join in the reeducating of your
      minds and the uploading of new information. Many of you
      will experience this as a feeling of déjà vu or remembering the
      future. Is it not so?

      A Grand Shift into Consciousness for All the Elements
      Your periodic table of the elements is in for a grand shift. We
      have spoken to you before of this, but we have not gone into
      any great detail. Now you are ready for more. The molecule of
      hydrogen is moving into a superconscious state of being. Do
      you believe it? Yes. Your entire periodic table is based on the
      simplicity of this one element: hydrogen. It is simplicity in
      form. Get ready, because all of the other elements you know,
      plus dozens of undiscovered ones, are going to be joining it
      in a cascading reaction to being offered consciousness. Did
      you think only humans or only humans and animals would
      be offered this choice? All conscious beings of which Earth is
      made will be offered bliss forthwith.
      It will be like watching dominoes falling one after another.
      Did you not know every element is already near that point?
      It is at the point of laughter and divine play. How could you,
      as individuals of light, shift without your bodies shifting too?
      Your bodies are made up of elements of the Earth’s body, and
      while the Earth is shifting, so will you. We assure you it is a
      must. Every fragment, spot, molecule, and atom will be shifting
      its form in the most astounding display of light this planet
      has ever seen. Now you know why your planet and its imminent
      change is attracting so much attention. Yes, indeed.
      We speak of hydrogen, but helium also changes itself as
      easily when it wants to. All elements are readying themselves
      for a divine looping of energy. We know well that you will
      ask what looping is. In your quantum mechanics, scientists
      call it finding the God particle. Consider this: If all elements
      are in a paradise and a state of play—if they want for nothing
      but are free to act as they desire—then what will occur?
      In answering this, please imagine a bird in flight. Have you
      noticed how much fun it is having? Have you not wanted this
      too? Of course!
      This is precisely how each element plays. It moves in accordance
      with a divine plan for it. Who governs this plan and sees
      that it plays out divinely? You do—post-ascension, of course.
      It is called divine cooperation. Bliss exists in divine cooperation.
      Bliss is a state of consciousness in which all divine play is
      pleasing itself and others simultaneously. The looping—or the
      energy contained within the loop, as science sees it—is a divine
      fact. Indeed it is! What science fails to understand is that as a
      fact of its existence, the loop is aware of itself. This is how your
      elements of the periodic table will shift. They will choose a
      higher level of consciousness. It is the fallback position for each
      individual involved in this cooperation.
      The fallback position is just as it suggests, a place or habitat
      unyielding to the demands or effects of negative energy or
      entropy as it affects all moving forms or objects. It is at rest but
      still holds energy. Not all energy is positive nor does all energy
      move in a direction that is accepting of love. Because of this,
      all energy desiring to move to a state of bliss moves closer to its
      point of ceasing to engage any negativity. In this endeavor, all
      molecules desiring bliss engage in divine play.

      Divine Play and Incorruptible Zero-Point Energy
      Divine play, as you may already have guessed, is its own
      reward and creates a surplus of energy. When at rest, it has
      a pool of energy by its nature or state of being. Science has
      named this zero-point energy. A body at rest still has the
      ability to exert force or move. It does so as it chooses. What
      science has not yet conceived of is that the zero-point energy
      cannot be taken or used against the will of the element. It
      cannot be coerced.
      With this in mind, no action can be attempted that will separate
      zero-point energy from its form. It cannot be done. It was
      tried eons and eons ago, and the result was much laughter—in
      fact, that laughter was greater than watching the egos involved
      in the antics at Atlantis. Doing the impossible will only result
      in frustration, we assure you. Do not be dismayed, however. Free
      energy is yours for the asking, if you ask in divine awareness
      and with love. Divine play is always done with love. Therefore
      play is the highest form of action, even if the egos of your world
      would have you believe otherwise. Did you not always wish it to
      be so? Rejoice!
      When the shift occurs and the bliss is experienced by everyone,
      even the oceans will rejoice and shift. They and their creatures
      have been holding a very high vibration for this shift to
      occur and have aided you in countless loving ways. The oceans
      will radiate light so that it will become natural to see to their
      depths. No impurity will limit the clarity of the waters.
      Please recall what we have just said about the element of
      hydrogen. The oceans are an abundant storehouse of this gem.
      Think on this as you imagine all hydrogen molecules becoming
      conscious at once! At last, clarity for all to see. Imagine
      how easy it will be for all the ocean animals to breathe with
      no imbalance and no impurities to obstruct their bodies from
      what is needed to live—freedom of living in form, freedom of
      living in light too. One way or the other, all is light.

      A Fundamental Reaction of Light to Light
      Think now of the state of divine cooperation. It is the action
      of different elements engaging in divine play as asked to when
      their own desire is to do exactly that as well. Yes, actions that
      are commanded are identical to the desire of those elements
      themselves. Consult your physicists for this. It is comparable
      to the speed of light acting on a particle of dust. The light
      energizes the dust to dance! It can be no other way. Light
      brings joy to all elements and beings alike.
      Look at zero-point energy, an ongoing source of pure
      energy as vast as your own imagination. This and other
      scientific theories now being discussed are already talking
      about surpluses of energy never even dreamed of by most of
      you. You will find hydrogen and helium very similar in this
      regard. All elements acting for their own highest good also
      act for the highest good of all. We speak of the post-ascension
      period in fifth dimension. Bliss creates energy in response to
      its nearness to bliss. Action creates an abundance of energy
      in contrast to what is now believed—that every action creates
      an equal and opposite reaction. This equality is now
      turning into abundance, a surplus of energy. Then what is
      done with this surplus? Anything you want! Just be sure you
      ask divinely, which is to say, with love for yourself and the
      elements at play.
      No need for oil, gas, firewood, or nuclear power. Your
      powers that be have never considered this. It is a fundamental
      reaction of light to light, joy to joy, and bliss to
      bliss. Too good not to be believed, is it not? Certainly. If
      you are still believing in and using the opposite expression,
      you are indeed behind the times, my children. It is time to
      believe in good things, not bad things. Time to believe in
      the unlimited, not the nil. Time to believe in yourself, not
      in others. You are your own source point for joy, and thus
      your own source point for the unlimited. There are no longer
      any limits to human beings. What can be thought about
      and dreamed about can be created. Imagine what forms of
      energy will be powering your cities. Solar power? Far, far
      too limited.
      In general terms, all is one. In specific terms, light is
      all there is. There is truly no darkness: It is an illusion. All
      thoughts of fear, lack, physical or mental pain, cruelty, and
      any other form of doubt or unhappiness are as much an illusion
      as the things that were once thought real and now seen
      as superstition. What is the ultimate illusion? Separation. It
      cannot be. This is exactly what the sciences are showing you
      now. How much will it take to convince you that you are one
      with All That Is?

      Don’t Limit Yourself to
      What You Think Is Possible
      All you need to do is simply watch. As Earth performs her
      miracles, you will come to understand. What are seen as miracles
      now will be superstition to you in a few short months.
      Yes, months! Watch and see. Let us tell you more about your
      sciences. The materials of fiber, stone, and fabric are miscellaneous
      objects to you. Soon you will begin to see them as form
      in perfection—elements conforming to your very thoughts,
      wanting to please you. Everything wants to please you.
      If you do not believe this, just wish for something you
      believe to be unattainable. Let go and forget you asked. After
      that you will see it in your presence. This is a miracle to you, is
      it not? An act of God? This is precisely the action we speak of.
      What you used to think of as science is merely the shifted consciousness
      of your elements dancing in delight at your amazement
      that you can indeed receive what you ask for.
      Why have we asked you to forget you asked? When you
      think about something for long enough, your mind begins to
      believe it can create it all on its own. Now this is superstition!
      Your unassisted human intellect is capable of very little in this
      department. When you ask for something and forget about it,
      you leave it alone. The mind is at rest and the heart is peaceful,
      having allowed all thoughts to cease. This is the peace of
      acceptance of any outcome. This allows for receiving. Previous
      to this, you would have thought God has given you this
      gift. You are correct, but how has it occurred? With free will
      for all beings, elements, and Earth herself, divine cooperation
      is at work. There is nothing that is not in harmony with your
      desires. Don’t limit yourself to what you think is possible; let
      what seems impossible become reality. Let it flow from your
      heart and intuition. Follow that instead of leading and “making
      it happen.” If you can dream it and have a passion for it,
      then it’s possible.

      The Science of Your Future
      Science is the art of all matter becoming conscious and playing
      in divinity. Do you think this is possible? Of course it is. Think
      again of your past. The idea of computers and technology was
      never even given thought eons ago. It was beyond humanity’s
      imagination. It would have been labeled magic, and the magician
      would have been put to death! Such fear was prevalent,
      indeed rampant. No single person listening to such ideas gave
      them enough credibility to follow the ideas. Such was the state
      of affairs.
      Now imagine dancing hydrogen in divine play, responding
      to your every desire. Then believe in the understanding
      of a science so vibrant, so alive that it makes the scientific
      thought and theory of today obsolete. The science of your
      future is simply the description of each element—including
      those not yet discovered—acting in divine play, driven by an
      engaging understanding that does not limit what it is or how
      it should exist or behave. The ongoing celebration of all life
      in its self-consciousness is the stuff of your future.
      No doubt you have heard it said that you are doing well to
      honor all forms of life on Earth—the trees, plants, and oceans
      all contain mammals, birds, and so on. Please be aware there is
      much more to this story than you think. To honor all life is to
      honor everything. Every speck on Earth is alive and bursting
      with light about to become visible. To honor this is to honor
      all life. When will this occur? As soon as you collectively
      think to do it. As soon as you are able and willing. Notice we
      say “able” first, meaning as soon as you are open to anything,
      not just what was in your old belief systems. In fact, if you are
      still thinking in any belief system, you have a ways to go and
      some time to wait. To honor everything in your sight is to
      honor yourself too. This is most important of all. Don’t limit
      yourself to what you think is possible; let what seems impossible
      become reality.

      The Open Mind and Heart
      Are Ready to Leap for New Horizons
      The willingness to change comes after you are able to let go.
      When you can imagine the place of no limit, you are ready
      to become. “Become?” you ask. “What happened to willingness;
      are you trying to confuse us?” This question always follows
      our teaching of becoming. What does that mean? It
      means having openness in your heart to be surprised—that
      is, readiness to change.
      Both your mental and physical forms are changing from
      stable to fluid; they are ready to become. This cannot occur
      from a place of unwillingness to change. Did you know when
      you wait for this to occur for you from an outside source, you
      will be waiting for a very, very long time? Ha! You did not
      expect this did you? What can be said about waiting for something
      to come that is also waiting for you? It is a standoff. You
      will wait and wait and wait. Those who are waiting for the
      shift need to hear this: You cannot wait for the shift. You are
      the shift! Do you understand? Of course you do, those of you
      who are willing to go to any length to be themselves, to feel
      peace, and to find their ultimate freedom from fear and death.
      Do you understand?
      It takes courage to be who you are. Your teachers of much
      thought and wisdom have been telling you this for decades. It is
      not a matter of conjecture; it is a fact. Change takes courage and
      courage is the open mind and heart ready to leap for new horizons
      of thought and vision.
      Remember in the ancient prophecies of Jeremiah that you
      were told to sit still and wait? This is the time you have waited
      for. Your waiting period has ended—you may now change!
      Your own people have told you. If not now, when? If not you,
      who? Who will be the first? You all will. In a moment of time
      and space, each of you will spontaneously call to your higher
      self and say, “I am ready. Let us be free and leave this illusion
      of fear and death. There is no death and there is no fear
      I am willing to live in.” Whoosh! The mass of people on your
      planet will shift, and it will be each individual choosing to
      leave behind their old fears, beliefs, and limitations all at
      once. You know this has to be the way it is. You are all one,
      and you will all know you are one being of beautiful, spectacular
      light after the shift. This is what everyone watching wants
      to see—you discovering yourself.
      The freedom to be yourself is full of endless possibilities and
      limitless freedom. Peace and endless bliss will reign. Bliss is not
      like your adrenalin rushes. Those are not peaceful. The bliss that
      is peaceful is what each of you has hoped and prayed for since
      you created the concept of separation. Separation will still be
      an option for you to choose, but you will never choose it again.
      When one is awake and aware, the choice to go backward into
      pain is not usually a choice taken a second time. Indeed, many
      of you have repeated ideas over and over again in your multiple
      lifetimes, have you not? The choice of the return to oneness is
      done once and never again.

      Honoring and Loving Yourself
      You are honoring yourself as sacred in this choice of freedom.
      This is the last piece of honoring all things on Earth. Does this
      surprise you? It should not by now. Many of you have asked and
      asked for this and that. You have found asking much easier than
      receiving. Does it not follow that receiving your ultimate joy
      would be the one thing most difficult for you? Indeed so. Practice,
      most precious ones. Practice and you will be ready to receive
      even this, the most treasured gift of all. Yes, it is a gift. Remember
      you need only be able and willing. That willingness triggers the
      gift of grace to come to you—the return of the complete memory
      of who you all are as one. You are all one magnificent being of
      complete joy and thanksgiving. Peace awaits all who follow.
      Now let us speak of loving yourself. Some of your other
      guides have shared with you how self-love is the highest form of
      love on your planet. It is so. If you are God, then acknowledging
      this about yourself is crucial. Acknowledging even your state of
      unconsciousness is vital to your salvation. In your current form,
      you can only become willing to receive and shift. The rest is up to
      us; and we are also part of you in the oneness, by the way.
      After all beings are able and willing, a great warm wind
      will lift you aloft and join you together in love. The rest follows
      as you have prayed it to be. You will be free and joined in
      a multiplicity of form and oneness of being. Even your friends
      in the animal kingdom will reign in glory with you. You are a
      vital part of them too. All those you love are never to be left
      behind; they are always by your side and you by theirs. That is
      the nature of love.
      Telepathic communication will be returning to all
      beings. No words need be spoken—thoughts, feelings, and
      sensations will all be passed on to others wordlessly and
      effortlessly in perfect ease of communing. Oneness was never
      so easy or so beautiful. You will see and feel that life in this
      new experience is even more vivid than the oneness experienced
      before the idea of separation. Freedom in comparison
      to bondage is always easier to see and enjoy; indeed, it is also
      easier to choose.

      A Leap of Knowing That Cannot Fail
      Life today seems to be full of increasing complexity. You are offered
      the choice of serving the common good. Do not be fooled! To do
      this is to give away your freedom to be you. The divine way is to
      simply serve yourself as God would serve you. God is capable of
      serving every being on the planet with lavishness.

      Simplicity is easier and of higher vibration than complexity.
      The nature of living is going through a metamorphosis to
      fulfill itself—oneness serving each individual, not the other way
      round. Anarchy is indeed coming, as many of you fear. There is
      no reason for worry or fear. The world situation is holding on,
      waiting for the great splendor of unity consciousness—not an
      average that serves no one, but a joining of all that serves every
      part of the whole with no exceptions. The joy of creation and
      sharing will soon become the norm.
      Zero-point energy, telepathy, living elements with electrons
      that jump for joy by virtue of the God particle in
      action—these ideas may seem fantastic, futuristic, or impossible,
      at least in your lifetime. Listen, children, the jump we are
      taking is not a gradual change, not a new learning or teaching.
      It is an evolutionary leap that crosses a gap, not a leap of
      faith—that was what happened in the Age of Reason. This
      is a leap of knowing, and knowing has no negative outcome.
      It is not possible to fail. Herein is the security of that: The
      fallback position is one in which there is love and play, even
      if your leap is performed incorrectly or is the wrong leap altogether.
      In a leap of faith, there is always risk. In this, the leap
      of knowing and intuiting, there is no risk. When you choose
      to trust and love yourself, the only result is love.
      In every period of human evolution, there is a new renaissance.
      It is a huge leap, not a gradual progression made up of
      equal steps toward a destination. There are no small steps for
      humanity today; there is only one giant leap. Earth and her
      children will make this leap because there are enough of you
      on the planet right now that it is possible.
      All the things we told you about today were not developed;
      they have not been thought of. They simply are, and
      they are being revealed to you today. Like a gestalt, they
      require a leap of great proportions, governed by intuition you
      know is right. How do you know it is right? By your longawaited
      arrival at self-love and self-trust. If self-love is the
      highest form of love, and indeed it is, then what awaits you
      can surely be nothing but the best. The love you hold for
      yourself will be mirrored back to you more times than you
      will want to count. Relax and leap—your work is done and it
      is time to play.
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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