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Promise of Spring 2.16.12 from Allison Rae/HeyAllie.com

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  • Ash
    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here February 16, 2012    Spring beckons. Nearly imperceptible at this time of year, the slow turning of the seasons
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      February 16, 2012
      Spring beckons. Nearly imperceptible at this time of year, the slow turning of the seasons quietly promises rebirth. We're leaning into an awakening in March when the Sun crosses the threshold into Aries and a zodiacal new year begins. 

      Icy bloom

      This spring, a host of cosmic configurations reign as jewels in the heavens. The miraculous becomes commonplace, even as the drums of imminent and widespread change beat in the distance. Read the full article in my blog: http://heyallie.com/2012/quiet-promise/

      The Forecast

      Back in December, I previewed the significant astrological passages of 2012 in a special teleconference. The mp3 recording and handouts of "2012: Beyond the Hype" are now available. It's an excellent heads-up at this stage of the journey. Details and ordering information: http://heyallie.com/learn/2012-beyond-the-hype/

      If you're feeling pressured, anxious or scattered, optimistic, emotionally sensitive or all of the above, it's likely you're plugged into the shifting energetic landscape of 2012.  

      It's a highly creative time filled with excitement and opportunity. Yet we humans tend to resist change - no matter how much we really, deeply want it.

      Support for the Journey

      I specialize in working with groups and individuals in ways that gently yet firmly facilitate needed transformation and free the soul. These includes Life Path Consultations, Astro-Shamanism, Astro Preview Readings, Marketing and Creative Services. Descriptions and rates are posted here: http://heyallie.com/services/

      Recent comments from clients confirm this work is profoundly illuminating and empowering.

      "I'd been wanting to have a reading but was concerned about spending the money. Then I decided I had to invest in myself. I needed this." - Marcia

      "I don't have anyone else do readings for me!" - David

      "This is encouraging. It lifted my heart again." - Sandy

      Now's the time to be clearing the way and planning for projects that launch in spring. I'd love to have the opportunity to support you in your new endeavors at this turning of the wheel.

      With love,

      Allison Rae

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