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Fw: Sunday August 5

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  • Mike Macklin
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      Subject: Sunday August 5


      Sunday, the 5th of August


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer


      Saturn opposes Pluto

      The Sun conjoins Mercury and

      Venus conjoins Jupiter.

      There is a wholehearted desire to participate in every day affairs as the Soul awaits new opportunities of expression.

      There is an eagerness to try new paths of experience and a willingness to share what we have learned with others.

      If we are having difficulty deciding what direction to take in life, it is important to pay attention to what excites us. What excites us brings joy and energises our being.

      Energy follows thought. It flows through us, bringing skills and inspiration to us as the universe moves to support us in the celebration and expression of our gifts.

      Once we accept the reality of a higher power working in the universe and that it is channelled through our intuition, we realise that we are not alone. We can rely on our intuition as if it were a wise friend walking along side us as we journey through life.

      The dualities and challenges in our own relationships bring us to a deeper understanding of how to work with others effectively. We are entering the millennium of the Earthly Disciple and the field of service is Humanity.

      The separative paths towards Truth fade as we attune to our inner guidance and align with spirit.

      Barriers to the formation of new social institutions are breaking down. We are learning the best methods of moving forward in the coming period of rebuilding and regeneration.


      Saturn opposes Pluto at 12:44 PM.

      This alignment will continue until next year as Saturn stations retrograde in September.

      W usually know when we are under stress because our body tells us. We have the warning signals of a stiff neck, or headache. It is important to realise that our stressful feelings are as much the result of our reactions to events as the events themselves.

      If emotions of self pity anger or guilt are coming up for us now, it is important to bring these emotions to the surface so that they can be healed through emotional depth-work.

      We are beginning to understand that ‘good’ and ‘bad’ events come to pass for a definite reason. This is not to say that we fully understand the events that take place.

      As we open up to our inner guidance, we begin to see that this is a part of a process of planetary reorientation that all of us are experiencing.

      This process is moving us towards planetary Unity and cooperation.


      The Moon enters Pisces at 2:30 PM.

      As we mature spiritually, our desires become eventually the one desire to find the true joy within.

      When we experience this position on the Soul level, we begin to feel great compassion and devotion. Through the power of Vulcan we are learning to break down the attachment to emotional sensation and stimulation. Now the physical realm can be used to integrate and distribute a new orientation towards universal compassion and understanding


      The Sun conjoins Mercury at 5:51 PM.

      The mind can serve as the creative impulse of Divine manifestation.

      Will expresses through love and wisdom into the world of challenges and victories of the Human Kingdom. The message of love succeeds in getting through even in the darkest conflict areas.


      Venus conjoins Jupiter at 6:50 PM.

      This aspect gives spiritual insight into all human relationships. Refinement, serenity and the power to fuse and blend all opposing forces are part of the many gifts of this influence.


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