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Aluna Joy: Sacred Geometry of a New Era

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      Aluna Joy - Father Earth - The Star Elders and Andean Masters.
      Ollantaytambo, Peru - September 24, 2011

      The following is the 6th and final message that we received in Peru, last September, on Equinox. You can find our other messages on our website at www.alunajoy.com under the "Articles for Personal and Planetary Transformation" link. It might be a good idea to read them in order as each message builds upon the previous one. We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for others as well. The Andean Masters and the Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. So as you read this, you might want to imagine that you are with us. Also, always view the photos on the website that we share, as photos also hold some energy of the sites. … P.S. We made a sacred site essence here. This was the only essence we were asked to make during the entire pilgrimage.

      Ollantaytambo is sitting in a very unique geographical place. Three canyons and three rivers are coming to one point, and this creates an energy vortex. It is a sacred trinity. The mountain behind us is a solstice marker. When the sun rises on the solstice, it rises on one side of this mountain, and rises on the other side at the opposite solstice. Today, we are on the Equinox. So we are in that center point between the two solstices where the sun rises and sets . . . a balance in the trinity.

      I will take a look now to see what is going on . . . . The first thing I see is that we are being rained upon by little droplets of light. I also see the face of a very big being. He is Father Earth. He recognizes us. He has been waiting for us. He is in control of nature. If you have noticed, the wind has changed direction three times now in just a few minutes. There is a blessing in this wind that is coming to us from all directions. It is blessing the center of who we are. He says that we are like rooted trees. We have anchored in a new world that is yet to be fully manifested. What we are being offered by Father Earth is the strength of a tree. No matter which way the wind blows in our lives, we will never lose our center. This blessing is giving us strength, centeredness and a perseverance to hold true to what we are inside of ourselves, no matter what. They are inviting us to anchor the roots of our base camp (read past messages about base camp) into this new earth.

      The Andean Masters are now here and are offering us a new geometry that is the foundation for the new world. They are offering us (and to all those reading this) the gift of this new geometry to be encoded inside of us. You must give inner permission for this to take place. This is something that we may or may not see or understand at this moment, but as we take further steps into this new world, it will make sense. We are building a new world in stages. First we must envision this new world. We must create it in Spirit with our hearts and our minds. This part has already been completed. Next comes the process of making this vision a part of our physical world. This new geometry is the framework on which a new physical world will be built. This geometry is the building blocks to our future. Geometry is the framework; then comes sound as a frequency. Once that is done, our intent will begin to take hold.

      The Andean Masters anchored the Earth's geometry here in Ollantaytambo. This was more evident when this site was active. It has been destroyed and dismantled, and it is ruin now. The locals tore up the walls to build the village here. In the past age, when the Andean Masters were living here, their core alchemy was based in geometry and solar alignments. What we are seeing now is a new geometry, and I expect, with the Earth having shifted by ten degrees this past year, that we will have a new solar alignment as well. Our minds are not wired to see this new geometry yet; but we will. This geometry is the basis for a new world that is being built inside of us as well. We are making the shift of the age; not only with the Earth, but with our human bodies as well. We have never done this before. It is a grand experiment that has been planned for a long time. All of us must go together as ONE, or we do not go at all. I think this is why we are feeling so compelled to gather in groups. Working as ONE helps us assimilate and anchor this new geometry which will help us bring this new world into being.

      Speaking about working as ONE, in every one of our ceremonies during this journey, we have had no structure or rules. We simply sit down, and we start creating something together. That is what The Star Elders are talking about . . . we work as ONE, each equal, no one better, lesser, or more important than the other . . . all of us working together as a team; as ONE unit. I was just feeling the appreciation from the Star Elders as you were setting your sacred objects down. No one needed to ask if this was the right or wrong thing to do, because everyone was being respectful for each other's space and sacred items that they had placed down. This is the way the new world is going to operate. There won't be a structure; not the way we are used to anyway. There will be no rules; only truth and respect, and being aware of each person's sacred space.

      There will be a new structure in the new world, but it won't seem like structure to us. It will feel like a great freedom to us. The other day Willaru was saying that there are less laws when we move up into the higher dimensions. The reason why there are less laws is because we will have become more self-aware and responsible; therefore we are allowed to have more freedom. Having less laws gives us more freedom to express our mastery and our natural, God-given talents. When we are less responsible, we can devolve as well. When we are less responsible, the universe literally takes care of us, by making more laws to keep us safe.

      So this is how you make a new world with fewer laws . . . by being respectful for each other, and having that inner sense of knowing exactly what to do. We won't need government. We won't need regulations. We won't need techniques or processes anymore because we will be beyond that. We will be living from the heart.

      So what the Andean Masters are giving us today, if we are willing to accept it, is our personal, awakened and empowered new level of free will. If we allow this blessing of this new sacred geometry into our spirit and body, this will be a new framework within us for our new dimension. This allows us to become a tree in a land that we don't understand yet; but we will. It takes courage to allow this.

      Because we now have this new geometry inside of us, we have gone another step just now! That was quick! Now there is a pathway beginning to form out in front of us. It is not a solid path like you would walk on. It is sort of a new direction in and empty, undefined space. In the the last few months, we have not been able to see a direction at all. So this is awesome. I can't tell you which way it goes, because north, south, east and west do not work with what I am looking at. It is a new path in a new dimension. The Star Elders and the Andean Masters are telling me that, when we get home, we are going to find that some new and subtle doors have opened. These doors are ones that we did not expect and may not look particularly practical in our old mind set; but there will be doors.

      Archangel Michael would like to help you SEE these doors, because they are rather subtle. If you ask him, he will tap you on the shoulder to get your attention, so you will not miss them. Once you see them, the Star Elders and the Andean Masters won't tell you what to do with them. They won't tell you where to go, or won't tell you how to do it. They will only help you discover the doors. It will be up to you if you decide to go through them or not. This is so because you are taking your first steps into being a living master.

      OK . . . I don't even know how to explain this one but, I am going to do my best. Do you know the flower of life symbol? I see it spinning. But each flower petal is spinning, and it is making a different kind of matrix . . . a new fabric of time. It is like a fractal. They are saying that the flower of life, as we know it today, is the basis for our current 3-D world. It is now evolving into a bridge between an old geometry and a new one. It is brilliant like a rainbow laser light. The Star Elders and the Andean Masters are saying that they are weaving a new fabric of time with this geometry. This is really out there. I am sorry (Aluna laughs). They are telling me that this is brand new. It is a new fabric of time in space, and we will create a new dimension to place it into. The new world is actually starting to form in the physical. We have been creating and dreaming this world in Spirit for decades. So, for this to actually manifest as a physical foundation now . . . well . . . this could take years for this finish. BUT . . . the Star Elders burst in and said "No. It is NOT going to take a long time." Now that we have the vision put in place, it will happen very, very quickly now. They are not giving me a timeline, because time doesn't exist in the place they are talking from, but they say quickly. Knowing them so well, "quick" could be years, months, weeks, or tomorrow.

      The best I could do with an image to show what I was seeing.

      They are showing me the spinning flower of life matrix outlined in red and gold. There are little flowerets all spinning inside of themselves. The flowers were made out of gold, and inside was this red, kind of primal fire energy. It looks very three dimensional. It is all spinning down to a center point. There is a wormhole going through the middle of this matrix to someplace else. Inside of this wormhole, there is a lot of blue light. It is very beautiful. This spiraling down into this blue spot is the direction that they would like to take us. You need to give internal permission that this new direction be anchored into you. This will help give you a new compass in the outside world.

      Remember . . . this new way might be something that you don't expect. It could be a surprise. But also remember that Archangel Michael will give you that little tap on the shoulder saying "That is it." Much of this new world will have an element of unexpectedness about it. It is the first step into a new era. When we arrive fully to the other side, we will be back in kindergarten again. We will be babies. We will get to be children again. We have all been working toward letting out our inner child. We will get to be children again in a world that has less laws and more freedom. In this new world, what we imagine, dream and conceive in our hearts can actually manifest. It won't be just a wild, wishful dream anymore.

      When the Andean Masters lived here back in the era of Lemuria, they didn't have to eat unless they wanted to. They manifested with the alchemy of imagination for what they needed, and when they needed it. They planted flowers, and they played and functioned from One Mind and One Heart. All the miraculous things that we imagine or fantasize about that we think we can do, we will be able to do. With less laws, there can be the ability to do astonishing things . . . like astral project or bi-locate. What if you want to be in two places at once, or do fifty things at once? Can we do all that? They always tell me "Yes, you can." But it is crazy when we think about it in this dimension, because we can hardly keep up with our lives right now.

      We all have these places inside of us where we feel stuck or jammed spiritually. We know that there is more, and we can't quite get to it. This inner knowing is your heart knowing what is truly possible, and that memory is why you feel jammed. We are going to get our freedom. We are going to be set free. They say that we only have a few more days before this bridge is complete. Of course, their days are different from our days. I have learned this the hard way over the years. Their time is different from our time, but for them to say "days" instead of "months or years" is a big thing. This freedom is coming very soon. So, the Andean Masters have sent us this blessing to help us prepare. They have anchored within us a new geometry. They have started anchoring a new direction or path. The Andean Masters will not let us see too much out in the future on this path, because, at this point, we can still mess it up. We would revert back into our 3-D, linear thinking out of habit. So, this shift is going to be a step-by-step and moment by moment process.

      The further out that I get out on that path, the more joy and excitement my heart feels. I think we all have that place where we know where we should be, but we haven't quite gotten there yet. If we didn't have this yearning to find this place inside of us, we would never find it, because we would be satisfied and quit searching. But everyone in this group (and those reading this) have come here to be a bridge to a new world. This is why we never quite fit in the world that we were born into, and we never quite fit into the world that we know we belong in. We are always in between, because we are the bridge. This is why we always feel that there is something missing, and thus we keep searching. This deep un-comfortableness, that we only feel as we start to wake up, gives us the gasoline to advance us to the next step.

      We will open up the bridge to a new world for everyone else that follows behind us. We know that these others are not really behind us, because we are all going together. This is just a 3D way to explain this. We could not be a bridge to the future without ALL the people around us; those people that cook our food, do our laundry and drive the bus and train. We have all been doing this together. So we want to give thanks to all the people that made this pilgrimage through life possible for us, because they gave us this opportunity to do our job.

      When I was doing a lot of sessions, the Star Elders and I started running into places that didn't make sense in this reality. That is because we are already partly on the other side so to speak. We are just now getting little inklings of what is on this other side. It is still very vague, and it is very difficult to describe. I know that the frequency is shifting us anyway. Yet our minds like to know, because we do need to integrate the head with the heart.

      This is why we must do what feels right in our hearts no matter what. Our heart is our compass. In each and every moment, there is something that is shifting and changing. The more that we make the heart choice, instead of the head choice, the easier it will be for us to stay on the new path that they just gave us. If we use our heads, this could be a little more uncomfortable, because we will become out of sync with the emerging future. This is why they are working with us today to sync our bodies with our spirits. So, the more that we follow our hearts, the less we will find ourselves in uncomfortable places. If we don't use our hearts, we will move off the new path. Once we move off the new path, we will have to make course corrections. These course corrections can be big and, at times, painful leaps to get back in sync with the new frequencies.

      P.S. If you are alive, and in a body, you are shifting. You can't avoid it. There is no stable or constant place right now, except your base camp. We are receiving divine help from the Andean Masters and the Angelic Realms. We have so much divine help helping us to adjust and keep "in time" with what which is coming. They are watching very closely. Our time lines have been out of sync. Our physical timeline has been out of sync with our spiritual timeline, and we have not been able to get it synchronized. This has already self-corrected.

      So we want to send thanks to the whole planet, and all living things, for helping us on this journey. It is an exceptional time on the planet. Each living thing has played their part, taught us a lesson, given us a hand, lifted us up, and torn us down. Some have tested us with fear and others with corruption. All beings on this Earth have given us all that we needed to get to this point in our evolution right now. We have passed many tests. Now we can manifest a consciousness that can hold the new geometry which will allow us to build the bridge to the next dimension. We want to thank all the other spiritual groups around the planet that have gathered at this equinox time who are also doing this work. It is going to take many, many villages to get this dimension up and running.

      Now just BE who you are. Be your authentic self. Be honorable and impeccable. Follow your heart no matter what the outer world says. Your heart will never steer you wrong . . . but your head will. Your head will get you in all kinds of messes, because it is your 3D programming. But if you listen to your heart, you will stay aligned with your unique path.

      P.S. All paths lead to the same destination. There is no way you can get lost. So live bold and with courage to be that one who breaks the old paradigm and frees all living things in the process.

      ALUNA JOY YAXK'IN is an internationally known author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic. She inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to God.   Copyright © 2011 - Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely. Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988 Sedona, AZ 86339 USA Web:www.AlunaJoy.com Email:aluna@....
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      Ollantaytambo, Peru - September 24, 2011

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