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2012 Predictions

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    2012 Predictions by Rev. Maxi Harper Master Multidimensional Channel, Pleiadian Starseed, Council of 5,7,9,12 Note: Please take your time to read through this
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      2012 Predictions
      by Rev. Maxi Harper
      Master Multidimensional Channel, Pleiadian Starseed, Council of 5,7,9,12

      Note: Please take your time to read through this Prediction. Be sure to take breaks to think about the topics. This Prediction is energized to bring you higher frequencies for the 2012 changes with knowingness, curiosity, seeking, and personal change. Be gentle yet participatory with your selves on this phase of the journey.)

      Hello Sweet Beings,
      Welcome to 2012, the Golden Awakening that will only happen if you stay out of fear and contribute your part. Love cannot exist when fear is afoot. If you don't want to be controlled, have no fear, embrace change, be in your passion, and open your creativity, now is the time to make that happen. This entire planet and all that thrives upon it is on an upswing of energies with frequencies that bring out the best in us. It is not something that will fall from the sky. We need to let go of things that no longer serve us, and make it happen. So, roll up your sleeves, put on your sneakers, and get busy.

      This year, I am going to give you a different format for my predictions than I have given in the past. In this 2012 Prediction, I will present, in a simple listing, the topic energies coming into play this year, along with some thoughts about your part of the equation, and with solutions and ideas for enhancing your abilities to be in the flow of the intensities about to occur.

      We are living and witnessing the prophecies from the past, and the claims of Masters, Avatars, and Visionaries. You are doing the exact right thing by being here at this time. You are an intricate part of this growth into higher consciousness and your Higher Soul has carefully chosen to be here at this time. You ask me what is your mission, and I tell you that it is to be here now, to honor your Soul's commitment for your personal growth, and your dedication to the shifting of this world into higher dimensional consciousness. This miracle that is about to happen, has not occurred in our Universe before, maybe not in other Universes either. The reason for all the extraterrestrial and channeling activity is that this planet is about to achieve being in the higher consciousness while still experiencing a solidified, physical existence. Both are reality. Many civilizations have tried this shift and have failed. Our world, right now, seems to be in turmoil, however, it is actually experiencing the alchemical cycle by which chaos transmutes into creativity. Seek not what is out there, but examine and claim what is within you. You will be called into action on the personal level in which you live and breath. Celebrate the differences that others will have on their personal journey.  The power of One becomes a unified force with the wisdom, differences, and uniqueness that we all bring to this great shift.

      With this Prediction, I will give you a list of things to come with some explanations. Be aware that 2012 is a shifting year, that means that an extended detailed prediction of topics can change at the pivotal moment the world changes into a higher frequency. This means that we can either moved faster into our future, or lock ourselves in the stale past. Simply put, if we stay out of fear and embrace change... it's a go! Here is the list:

      New Modalities: Letting Out the Old and Bringing In the New
      Entrepreneurial Explosion: It Doesn't Matter Your Age, Because Now Is The Age
      Inventions and Executable Concepts: Seeing it Like Is Needs to Be
      Animal Migrations & New Species: Let Them Do Their Thing
      Increased Parasitic Activity: Once a Symbiotic Relationship, Now Becoming a Demise
      The Oceans Will Talk: Will You Listen?
      New Moon: No, I Really Mean, Our New Moon
      17 New Emotions: Help Create Them
      2,500 New Words: Better Communication
      Mysteries Revealed in Small Pieces: What is So, and What is Belief?
      Mainstream Metaphysical Medicine: Healing by Feeling, Nonintrusive Cures
      Stepping Up with Your Solutions: Everyone Has a Bright Idea
      Movement: Where You Want to, and Will Live
      The One Thing: Celebrating our Differences
      Global Responsibility: Hatches Down, Go-Green On
      Average Joe Divine Communication: If You Didn't Believe Before, You Will Now
      It all Starts with Our World Water: What Flushes Here, Ends Up There.
      Your Love Mate Will Find You: Don't Call them Your Soulmate
      The "Newaissance" (Yes, a new word): The New Time of Creativity, Again
      Personal Well-being Disciplines: Changing Your Stink'in Think'in
      DNA and Forensics: Dating Yourself
      Ravenous Reading: Hello, Amazon?
      Crystal Grids: What They Really and What They Mean To Each of You.
      ET Contact: What Makes You Think The Benevolent Weren't Heard All Along?
      How to Personally Bring it All into Action: It Starts with the Person In the Mirror
      New Modalities: Letting Out the Old and Bringing In the New
      This will be harder for some of you that others. It is all about letting go of what you knew, how you react, how much you resist change, and letting go of what does work any more, or possibly never did. Just because something was done a certain way for many years doesn't mean that it is correct. "Time Honored" has a new meaning. This will defiantly impact world politics, as we have already seen its conception. And, these new modalities will permeate right down to the brass tacks... family values, careers, associations, foods, music, concepts, morals, social acceptances, architecture, energy usage and creation, the list goes on and on. Change means that everything shifts and being open minded allows for solutions to old ways and applications for the new.

      Entrepreneurial Explosion: It Doesn't Matter Your Age, Because Now Is The Age
      We have seen in these tight times that the small businesses have continued to be the bridge between large corporations and the "Average Joe". Now is the time to bring forth your passions into a viable business. When you are living and working your passions, the success you seek is not only financial but will turn on your creativity (the portal of communication with the Divine Source), and completely fulfill you to the point of emanation to others and the world. A Higher Love than you have even known.

      Inventions and Executable Concepts: Seeing It Like It Needs To Be
      Along with the new modalities will come a plethora of creative products, methods, techniques, and ways of looking at things... all with compassion and a desire to share with the world. Islands of "Think Tanks" will include everyone and anyone. Some will come with an idea of a need, the "what if we...", and some will bring "options of solutions". Others will come with "how to make it so", and yet others will come with the "know how to start". Everyone will come forth with their forte, excited to hear some one else. Full on teams of creative ready to share without egos and pocket lining agendas. If you think this can't be done, you are the one stopping the world. Open your heart and just allow. Don't worry, there will be knew modalities for protecting concepts that benefit everyone.

      Animal Migrations & New Species: Let Them Do Their Thing
      Humans will begin to see their arrogance about trying to control the Flora and Fauna. Animals have innate instincts that allow them to make changes in their habitats, foods, hunting, survival, and co-creation with other species. They know long before us Humans when it is time to find a new watering hole. Trust them. Take a page from their book and learn to ignite your innate intelligence. The migration changes will bring about new food sources as the animals will eat food in one region and leave droppings and seeds into other regions and food sources will begin to grow in different places than that we have previously known. And, with new species and hybrid species many new food sources will develop for the animal kingdom as will as for the Humans. New healing herbs, minerals and nutrients will come into our advancing bodies as a food source. Rich in nutrients and lean in fat. Some of these new species are already here and have been for some time now. However, they have yet to be discovered, studied and documented. The new species may not be known as a food source, however, they will have mineral, nutrient, and essences that will become part of the new pharmacology that brings us into a more holistic approach for medicines. I see much of this in the skins of these new creatures and also in the "glow of the healing powers" within the bones at the DNA levels. Not so much for the flesh and muscles. The new species are also coming in with the coded DNA as "in service to mankind", which means that they are here to be a form of nutrient source for humans. Science will have to hurry to find this out because many of the species are not large in size so they will be large in numbers to accommodate their mission as a food source, and will appear to be a case of "over run". They may also be the answer to controlling the increasing parasitic issues invading humans as their hosts. (See next topic below.) It is important for you to find your Power Animal Guide, and to know how to recognize when a Guide from our animal, bug, fish etc., are visiting us physically or through images, and to understand their messages.

      Increased Parasitic Activity: Once a Symbiotic Relationship, Now Becoming a Demise
      Thousands of forms of parasites are documented throughout history. Even hairstyles and fashion are credited to parasite invasions as these fields of vanity were actually to counteract the discomfort of Lice, Nits, Fleas and the like. Then there are those who have a balanced symbiotic relationship with the human body such as the microscopic beings that live in our eyelashes that actually eat the bacteria that forms there, keeping our precious eye coverings clean and healthy. I won't make any more examples because I don't want you to get parasitic paranoia (new word: paranoisitic). The new upswing of the parasite invasion will not be from the new species, but will occur from the increase of the existing parasites that have become immune to our methods of extinction, and have adapted to our process of prevention. Treatments like chemotherapy that are aimed at killing cancer cells, but also kills off our friendly line of defense from our co-creation parasites, may also leave the body open and vulnerable to harmful intrusions until the body can re-balance and re-establish our balance with our natural friends. Yes, some of this comes from our current foods being genetically altered, along with handling and presentation. But it also shows an increase in our evolution that has started on the more microbe levels. Not to worry, we are evolving too, and soon with the aid of our new species, we will have our parasitic enemies under control. In the meantime, there will be more studies, research and organizations for the causes, symptoms, and cures from the parasitical explosion. 

      The Oceans Will Talk: Will You Listen?
      Now that I am living on the edge of the Mexican Jungle where it meets the Ocean, I can hear voices from the Sea. It says that we have no idea of the vast knowledge that the Seas have to offer. I said back, "I'm listening". So many things with develop from the Sea. New food sources, possibly from new species of water plants that can convert salt water into fresh water and also oxygenate the Seas. The Seas will also reveal mysteries about our Earthly past as a Guide on what to do and what not to do again. Salt water fish will appear in fresh waters and vice versa. Sea creatures that have long been in the dark depths, will appear at higher levels, giving us the research on minerals as new healing elements. The Sea might even teach us about a new element for the mineral charts. The Seas will also rise and lower and move into areas that are now dry. This will not be in a violent take over, but rather a sign given that the Earth shifts will have a different tidal pull  according to the new orbit alignment, and the activity that will soon be divulged about the Moon. It will not be so much about mankind discovering the wonders of the Sea, but more about the Sea delivering the wisdom of life to us.

      New Moon: No, Really Mean, Our New Moon
      Despite that we have studied, dreamed, loved, and enjoyed general mesmerization about the Moon, right in our front yard is the biggest secret that this planet has ever known. The Moon being made by someone other than God, will begin to show itself. Ever wonder why no matter where you are in the world, we all see the same side of the moon? Why are all the astronauts releasing information on what they really saw, heard and felt when "Dancing by the Light of the Moon"? Hey Diddle, Diddle... were going to find out! We will also come to be comfortable with new planets that will be included in our Solar System, and we will change the way we think the earth rotates around the sun, but really it is in moving around in a spiral. Now we will experience what our ancestors felt when they found out the Earth wasn't flat!

      17 New Emotions: Help Create Them
      As we evolve into higher beings we are going to need more defined emotions. If we are to evolve we need a better way to explain what we are feeling, and also to be able to comprehend our new world. Many of you in the metaphysics, know how hard it was to communicate your visions and knowingness before we developed words that made sense of what your were experiencing. Now we will have more feelings and some will act as bridges between our current and limited expressions. For example, I and my colleagues have been experiencing joy and sadness at the same time, so what should we call it. If we can't define what we are feeling, how can we understand who we are and what we are about? With higher consciousness we will need to be well equipped to express our higher thoughts to advance as humankind, and to be able to define what we feel about being in higher dimensions at the same time we are in a physical body. Grabbing this concept, we can easily see that we need very definitive terminology. Go ahead and start writing them down as the words come to you. I will be glad have you share them on my Newsletter.

      2,500 New Words: Better Communication
      To go along with the 17 new emotions, we will see at least 2,500 new words enter into our vocabulary. (Remember how exciting it was when the dictionary finally enter the word "Ain't'?) These words will be all across the board, not just in the metaphysics. It will reach everything from technology to "what's for dinner!". Look at how many new words we have with the invention of computers in the households. People are even using the tech words in regular conversations, "I just got downloaded with an idea", "Google me", and "OH! I didn't mean to say that... delete, delete, delete". Now lets expand this concept into a global view. Maybe, just maybe, we will have the same word pronunciation and meaning in all countries around the world. Maybe... wait for it... a global language?

      Note: Since I am part of the Council of Light 12, I will share some of my channeled "New Words" with you. You may have heard me use them on my radio show in the past. Please send me your new words, and I will post them to the Monthly Newsletter, thanks!
      1- Mythica (myth-ee- ca): The point where myth meets reality to become fact to you.
      2- Newaissance (New-ah-sonce): Origin is from the word "Renaissance". Newaissance carries the explosive energy of the human race coming letting go of the darkness of ignorance, and stepping into the light of creativity, inventions, medical break through, and the such... and, is the second event of this shift, allowing us to implement our updated civilizations, our technology, changes in the powers of self, galactic expansion, creativity, and working to achieve balance of all things, at our new level of higher consciousness. Newassiance may also be used to describe a personal breakthrough, fresh ideas, and new modalities that replace the old ways.
      3- Paranoisitic (para-noy-sit-ick): Being overly paranoid about parasites.
      4- Soulution: Solution required by the Soul.
      5- Botoxic: (Bo-tox-ick): Paralyzed personality
      6- Ahpiphany: (Ah-piff-a-nee): Point where the "Ah" awareness meets the manifestation of your Guide (epiphany).
      7- Metafact: A metaphysical concept that crosses over into reality, and proves itself as fact.
      (Ex: Science admitting Ontological reductionism is the belief that reality is composed of a minimum number of kinds of entities or substances. This claim is usually metaphysical, and is most commonly a form of monism, in effect claiming that all objects, properties and events are reducible to a single substance.)
      8- Afrove (A-frove): Afraid to love.
      9- Maakkatrue (Ma-ka-true): Origin word = Eastern term, (although, I was taught the Maakkaru in Egypt), Maakkaru being the 8th out of 12 Holy Soul compositions. Maakkatrue, is deepest part of the spiritual/soul heart, where inner truth has no place for illusions. A place that is impossible to contain a lie.
      10- Galacinage (Ga-lac-kin-age): Your DNA Galactic Race lineage; descent in a line from a common off-world progenitor. This also determines the direction of your earth mission and the particular supportive belief systems you Soul work requires.
      11- Innet (in-net): To encase by ways of cross lines at any dimensional level with matter or non-matter, such as the Crystal Grids around the Earth.
      12- Intelligent Compassion: A term used to identify a type of compassion. This is not a "Woo-woo", love those who harm you type of compassion, this is compassion with healthy boundaries, conviction of those boundaries, wisdom from experience, and smart assessment of situations where compassion is not a weak attribute, but a discerning tool to know when to extend compassion, and when to just stand and hold. Beings of predominate Reptilian DNA do not possess the DNA codes for compassion, and thus, the cold blooded warriors of genetics that they are, see compassion as a weak and whinny human act of cowardice, and will return your compassion with a reaction though disgust and hate. (This does not refer to the Amendor Reptilians.)
      13- Amendor Reptilians: As I am a Pleiadian Starseed and a member of the council of 12 Light, I have been working on this project to bring in the Amendor Reptilians, to set as advisor to the Council, to be able to take action on their own kind. The Amendor Reptilians are the New Age Race of Reptilians, who have either reclaimed the lost ability for compassion or have evolved their DNA to include compassion genes, to be here to teach compassion to their ancestors, or to remove them from this sector of the Universe where compassion is the norm. (Read more about this on my Channeled Help page of my site www.marhatis.com)

      Mysteries Revealed in Small Pieces: What is So, and What is Belief?
      We have already started the 2012 opening of the Mysteries. but many are missing them because they are looking for the Big Bang in the sky instead of how the miracles are unfolding in tiny forms that give is the free of choice on how we put the pieces together. Too many religions that support entire countries would be thrown into chaos and destruction if the reveal was contrary to the belief system. The basis of humanity would be ripped away leaving us with no purpose and new foundation to step into. Would it all be just a lie and our collective trust in our existence be destroyed? A world without faith and dark forces ready to take control? So, if we want to move forward and know the wisdom of the ages and the untold truths and the hidden agendas, we need to be ready to have new answers and assistance to go on.

      Mainstream Metaphysical Medicine: Healing by Feeling, Non-intrusive Cures
      A greater intensity by the medical profession on really listening to the clues a patient gives about their ailment, and with the new words and additional feelings, a form of non-intrusive diagnosis and healing would occur as a new phase of the mainstream health system. Also with all the other changes I have mentioned above, this will bring in and larger medicine chest for our medical professionals to customize our road to recovery. There will be more emphasis on health maintenance and prevention, harsh chemotherapy and surgery. New ways to enter the body for necessary medical corrections will be less intrusive and faster in healing. More out patient situations will take place and the pharmacies will be more pro-active to the consumer giving some of the responsibility back to you for your own health decisions and options for recovery and health.

      Stepping Up with Your Solutions: Everyone Has a Bright Idea
      Finding a way to bring your ideas out would to be create a new modality or template that other may use to bring their ideas to the Humankind table. Encourage others to dream out loud. Tech your children that what they imagine can become reality. Encourage creativity any way you can. Kick the "Itty, Bitty, Shitty, Committee" off your shoulders that bark stupidity from others in your ears, and think out loud. Stop the negative linguistics, of how you speak inward to and about yourself. Release all the negative experiences you had with parental controls, teachers, bullies and events that taught you to give away your personal powers. Reclaim yourself, be proud of yourself, share yourself, love yourself. You will emanate good will and compassion to the world. When you find the love of yourself, you will truly know how to love someone else.

      Movement: Where You Want to, and Will Live
      2012 is the year of movement. You will be able to move to areas where the geographic energies are in alignment with your personal frequencies. You will find your passion careers and home and habitats that feed you with peace and creativity. when you get on board with your dreams of moving to a particular place, the Universe will put it into motion. Don't worry about the details when you invite the dream in, just dream it. then all will start to fall into place. When you feel a desire, not just a need to move, that is the Universe talking to you. Just imagine if everyone in the world was living in the place they dreamed of? Think of how different the world would be for the better.

      The One Thing: Celebrating our Differences
      This is all about religion, belief systems, and choices of worship. the source problem in this world is the fight for religion. We are not going to have a one world religion, how boring is that? But we will have a meeting of the minds that agree on the One Source. How we name that is our own business and should be respected. When the entire world agrees to believe that there is one single source that gave spawn to humanity, with the freedom to call it what we may, worship how we may, and celebrate how we may, what an exciting experience that would be. And can you imagine how powerful prayer would be when the entire word focuses on the One Source? I have often been asked why, during my travels, I would go into different churches to pray when none of them are my denomination. My answer is that in a place like a church where everyone is focused on the divine and their prayers are being sent, the power of the One Source is strong there. to me it doesn't matter what religion is being served, it is about other humans gathering together to reach outside of themselves to bring in to themselves the Divine Light. Ah Ho!

      Global Responsibility: Hatchets Down, Go-Green On
      The social pressures on companies that are boldly and flagrantly doing harm to the earth will face being ostracized to shame and will also be penalized for their blatant negligence. With more go-green companies, which will be the new business status quo, the companies of the old modalities will be replaced with the green companies. There will be no room for these old-in-greedy-thinking companies. as an example, one of the solutions, I have thought and talked about for the U.S. in its time of financial stress, is for the large corporations like Donald Trump, to step up and either donate 6 months profit to the nation's specified budget, or just have one of his subsidiary companies pay full taxes for one year. then Trump would send out a challenge to other large companies and colleagues to do the same. Everybody wins, the rich look like benevolent benefactors, the budget gets met and the public benefits from the funds that are directed according to the needs. what the heck, he does this on his reality show, why not make it a fashionably thing to do , and maybe movie stars will get a fade on to do this instead of adoption children in foreign countries and take in all those in the U.S. who have been orphaned by disasters, and families that have lost their jobs and homes. This is just my idea and others have the know how to make it work.

      Average Joe Divine Communication: If You Didn't Believe Before, You Will Now
      Metaphysical terms will be more in the mainstream of our societal communications. You won't have to be metaphysical to use them. this will bring a more realness to the metaphysics and allow for a broader acceptance , not only for the usage but also understanding what they mean. A more clear and acceptable definition will come forward. Getting these terms out of concepts and into daily language will activate the brain to a higher level of acceptance and will create more open-mindedness. A healthy curiosity will not be only for the children, but for adults too who see the need and interest in expanding their horizons.

      It all Starts with Our World Water: What Flushes Here, Ends Up There
      There really isn't any separation of water from one border to another, just distance and geological filters that make the difference. the waters will flow deeper into Gaiama, thus producing the appearance of drought, but that is only the ground waters. The deep caverns, wells and crystal baleen of Gaiama are going to reopen and begin filtering the waters and not always returning them to the same locations. You will see water appearing in places not previously mapped. All the waters will go to a central area far beneath what mankind can detect, be blessed by Gaiama, by natural occurrence be purified, made nutrient rich, and carry healing frequencies for the evolving life forms and new species (including future ETs). And, yes, the saline content of the oceans will shift, but new technology will then be able to separate the saline and produce fresh water on a much larger scale than what is being done now.

      Your Love Mate Will Find You: Don't Call them Your Soulmate
      Love is in the air! There will be greater energies coming into our world that allow for meaningful communion with a mate. If we are being elevated to invent and create on higher levels, so will our love life. But please stop praying for your "Soulmate", it is not completely definitive your what you seek and limits the level of love you may find. We have many soulmates in our lives, and they don't have to be our "forever and ever, intimate lover, Amen". They can be a pet, a friend, a favorite place to sit and read, even a trusty old car. What you are seeking, and will begin to find, is the Higher Love, that we have yet to experience, free of control, co-dependency, needs, or anything else, that is anything but real love. It won't be about what each has to offer, or looking like a good deal match, it will be because it "just is". We do however, have a long way to go in our inner work for this to fully come into our lives. You will first have to love yourself before the Higher Love may enter you to attract the Higher Love within someone else. My Higher Love.

      The "Newaissance" (Yes, a new word): The New Time of Creativity, Again
      Newaissance is a word that I coined years ago to try and give a fresh concept of the world coming into another Renaissance that includes more wisdom, technology, and a return to loving each other (and not like the hippy Summer of Love... I can say this because I am a fifth generation San Franciscan and I was in art school on the first Summer of Love). Not just the arts, music and film industries will step up the pace, but so will the tech fields, businesses, products and all that was never thought of as creative, will be just that... creative applications into daily lives. A freshness in your thoughts and a lightness in your heart. Your ability to overcome lower egos, including yours will elevate as a collective, thus co-creation while maintaining individualism will prevail. This will be one of the first areas of change to become the foundation that all other emotions and actions will be safely built.

      Personal Well-being Disciplines: Changing Your Stink'in Think'in
      You will become more and more aware of how often you have negative thoughts and how you speak inwardly to your self in less that positive frequencies. Many of you will notice a change in your response to concepts and ideas, by not going for the usual "It can't be done", or " we can't do this because so many things are prohibitive". Instead of saying no to ideas before hearing it out, you will start to expand your boundaries and be more curious as to how something new could work. Visualize the opportunities of this concept as if it were actually put into place. Then then, the "Can't do this" will only be a small list of "How to do it" followed by solutions.

      Your inner linguistics, how you speak to yourself, will start to lift into a more positive tone with more words that carry a positive frequency, thus the 2,500 new words coming into our lives, will fall upon open minds. Your health and weight will improve, abundance in all things will be attainable, and your general well being and compassion for the world will be in a healthy proactive state. All because you raised your frequency by how you speak inward to yourself and emanate outward to the world.

      Sound therapy will move into mainstream healing and be used before and after major medical Pre and Post for fast recovery.

      DNA and Forensics: Dating Yourself
      The field of DNA is going to explode with the secrets of the Universe right inside of you. The Medical field will have better diagnostics, you be able to know if you are predisposed to aliments according you're your genetic code. Healing will be miraculous because your recovery will be custom designed according your your DNA and Genetic Code. Your DNA will be able to repair  damaged DNA strands. Disease will become less and less as maintenance and prevention with be the precursor. History will be changed and corrected with forensic evaluations, bloodlines revealed in ways that realign the genetic histories, the truth will be in the DNA. Religious basis will have to change as the carbon dating of various "Wonders of the World", which some religions may have based they belief, will be incorrect in the timing. This also includes everything carbon based, and will reveal any non-carbon based activity, giving us a better understanding of ET contact in our past, and now present and future. The identification of new species will be mapped and coded, and the deeper levels of the Finite DNA will become a major breakthrough. The possibilities of this application are infinite. Best of all, aging will be less traumatic and a healthy life will be extended. The old "old" will be the new "Midlife". Another words, you might die at a new old age, but you'll look good.

      Ravenous Reading: Hello, Amazon?
      As we grow more into the higher consciousness, our brains are going to expand their desire for "Need to Know" energies. Ravenous Reading will take place as you seek to known more about everything and also the curiosity for the things you didn't know. You'll begin to put the old pieces together with the new pieces, and find that you need more pieces, because your puzzle just got bigger. There is no end to enlightenment. In fact, I believe that enlightenment actually the ongoing need to know more. (Many of my epiphanies happened at the pivotal moment when I felt like I didn't know Jack!) So, this also means that with more truths coming out, mysteries being solved, and history being edited, we will need more authors, books, movies, lectures and all the tools we can get our brains wrapped around, to try to satisfy this thirst for knowledge. And with that, we will be turning our existing knowledge into wisdom and applying it to the new world.

      Crystal Grids: What They Really Are, and What They Mean To Each of You
      The Crystal Grids and the dimensional energy lines that "in-net" (new word: to encase by ways of cross lines at any dimensional level with matter or non-matter), our world with the circuitry necessary, to carry frequencies of change for evolution through alignment, balance, communication, and collective knowledge. It is the connective pathways that those who have chosen to be here with a benevolent mission are able to transfer human energy to the Grids and align with Gaiama (Mother Earth in co-creation with the Mary's. The Divine Feminine Womb of creation within the Earth). What does this mean for you? Some of you will become activated to work on these Grid's, and some of you will be the supporters of those who do work the Grids. Many of you will assist by changing how business can better serve the Earth, move into a more proactive and energetically correct "Go-Green" directive. (Bt the way, the term "Go-Green" needs to be changed. the frequency of this term is developing negative connotations. Here's where you can help... give us a new term for this movement.) The Grids are our cosmic protection and also detection for the union of other galactic races seeking to commune with others in a peaceful way throughout the Universe. You might say that the Grids are the Earth's cat whiskers, that transmit information from the environment, thus the Universe. Each of you are sensitive to the Grids... open your heart and find out why and your part in this project.

      ET Contact: What Makes You Think The Benevolent Weren't Here All Along?
      There are many stories about the ETs. Some are government based and are designed to control by creating fear. Others are known as the dimensional ETs, the ones who respect the Non-Intrusion clause of the Earth's Covenant, (for the Covenants, please read the Protocols and Ethics on my site www.marhatis.com, on the Channeled Help page), and that are motivated by love and guidance; and then there are those who are in a similar human form that may have been here all along, and are about to remember their mission, through their innate wisdom, to assist humanity at this exact time. Any way that you look at it, they are here, and its about to be revealed. The world has cork-screwed itself into the abyss, but not the end. We need all the help we can get, and the invitation to assist has been extended. Are we ready to receive? Not unless everyone of us steps up the quality of our individual ethics and a genuine love of humanity. "By the people, for the people...", let's not forget to include, "By Humanity, for Humanity...".

      How to Personally Bring it All into Action: It Starts with the Person In the Mirror
      All the predictions, vision, and history of the Masters will not come into fruition without the person in the mirror being in their personal power, truth, integrity, and intelligent compassion. You are the piece that you are seeking outside of yourself. You are the piece that fits into the creation of others. You are the power of One and you have come here at this time to usher in the new world, new dimensions, and new love for all the Universe. When you know that your are going to have house guests, you prepare, clean, you arrange, you plan, you cook, and all the things you need to do to make your guest feel welcome, and to make yourself feel proud of your home that you are about to share. Well, it is the same for all these preparations within yourself to receive the guest of higher consciousness and a better world. When you look in your mirror seek out the parts of you habits which you need to change, ask yourself, "Have I made all the changes that I wanted to make in my life?". Are you still living in your illusions so deep that you believe them yourself? Are you ready to take the pathway to transformation? What is it that you are so afraid of that holds you back? Where can you turn for assistance to unlock these blocks? You are not just a reflection to your self in the mirror, you are a reflection to the world, and an embassador of the Earth to the Universe.

      Since you are all on your own unique paths and levels of consciousness, I will list a few thoughts that might resonate with you, to bring you to the observation point of self introspection and transformation. Since I am in the Mexican Jungle where it meets the Ocean right now, and working on the Crystal Grids of Gaiam'a First and Second Chakras, I am in full communication with nature and all the wildlife here on this Grid.  I would like to offer to you the messages from the Power Animals here with me on the Grid in the Jungle of Mexico, for your journey of transformation into the higher consciousness of the new World. The accompanying photos (to see the photos, please go to www.marhatis.com, and click on the Predictions page),are from the actual animals that speak to me:

      Offering #1 - Dragonfly (Young males, sat on my arm as I channeled, asked me to include them)
      It is time to break down the false illusions that you have clung to for so many years, the illusions that have held you back and restricted your actions and ideas. Would you live your entire life differently if you knew of reincarnation? This time your soul seeks "the now". Be here, participate, create, emanate.

      Offering #2- Banana Spider (Male, with female in web)
      Are you caught so deeply in a web with no alternatives or solution that you do not realize that you can change it at any time? Know that the divine will provide, when you are in balance, in the center of your web. Be patient, know when your opportunities enter your web, rebuild your web in accordance to your nature rather than your need.

      Offering #3 - Butterfly (unisex)
      All life is a never-ending cycle of transformation. What phase of your cycle are you now? And is it in alignment with how you now live? Do not cheat life by worrying about death. In your transformation into beauty, do not be looking to infinity... be in beauty of soul and spirit... each moment by moment, there is no end, but a wonderful rebirth into God. Are you just a beautiful vision in flight with no direction or purpose? Does your colorful wings carry your back to God, or is it your heart that flies clear and far?

      Offering #4 - Iguana (Male energy)
      Are you holding on to things that are no longer beneficial to you? Are you able to break down these obstacles to simplify your life? Can you adapt your colors to match your world, or are you monochromatic and always a target for your prey? Do not forget that you are also children of nature. Know that within you, you have impressive gifts you may utilize for your well-being.

      Offerings #5 - Coatimundi (the collective voices of the females)
      Be generous with your time and space, find wisdom in unexpected places, be highly adaptable, sniff out the truth, accept the imposing presence of others, integration and assimilation, physical play. We love you human, you stimulate our minds and encourage our curiosity.

      Offering # 6 - Sea Turtle: (Grandmother, Ancient Female)
      Wisdom of the old and bravery of the young. Have you found this yet?
      Connection to the Moon, are your navigation skills for your path been forgotten?
      Do you understand the nuances of long cycles of the soul?
      Can you remember the duty to completion of ones life path?
      Can you feel your ability to travel long distances to reach home within you?
      Know that you are connected to the Earth’s water energies.
      Come swim in my world, that I will share with you in your dreams.

      Offering # 7 - Squirrel Cuckoo (Male)
      Have you found where your home tree is... have you found your Tree of Life?
      Can you be at peace in your tree as it sways, knowing that it is the breath of life that moves you?
      May I rest for a moment in your energy... and may I return again.
      Can you co-create? Sing to me. I have sung to you and now I want to hear you sing to me.

      Offering #8 - Hummingbird (Says it doesn't matter what gender/age, only the message)
      It is prudent to understand your past, but being in the moment with wisdom as your Guide will bring you full around to your inner path. Why is your heart center closed? Have you forgotten how to love yourself? Have you lost your taste for the sweetness of the flowers? Have you covered over the colors of life? Please turn you eyes to nature and think of it for a moment. By this you stay with us and the Earth breathes you in, and returns you to a seamless balance with all of us here on Earth.
      Offering #9 - Humpback Whale (Group of young males)
      The Oceans know more than you will ever hold in a lifetime... now they will speak. Will you listen? Do you remember that sound frequencies are encoded in your DNA that carry ancient knowledge? Do you realize that as a species you are telepathic to one another? If you go within yourself and listen you will hear the primordial language from before speech. You must desire to know... seek the Whale song within you.
      Above are all the things that 2012 can bring in for us. All we have to do is change on the inside, and take action on the outside. Embrace our differences and let go of what no longer works for individuals, cities, countries and the world. Don't wait for something to happen to force you to take an action. Don't blame governments for misleading us, step up with the power of the One and embrace what is there for us to have and share. We will make this come about. Live in a world we all dream about. Make that change. Look in the eyes of that person in the mirror and ask for what you want, what you will offer, what you can do, and be there with your convictions. You can do it. 

      So I say to all of you...

      BRING IT!
      Participating Fully,
      Wholly Human to Become Wholly Divine
      Rev. Maxi Harper

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