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Quado's Garden: You are Unique ~ Imagine... ~ Deepen Your Commitment

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  • Ash
    One of several insights that I have received these is on digging deeper. Digging deeper to find and radiate that which is at my core, my deepest self; to open
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      One of several insights that I have received these is on digging deeper. Digging deeper to find and radiate that which is at my core, my deepest self; to open the door wide for Divine Self Love to illuminate and transform those areas which have I experienced challenges with and through all of this to find a deepening of my commitment to life, to the world and just as importantly to myself. It is about stepping into and re-empowering ourselves. Embracing Life and Love fully releasing the doubts and fears; Seeing these with clarity and love to release and see these transformed. Growing and standing in calm, quiet strength rooted in Love. There is more and more that will keep coming but these are the first of how these speak and may each speak to all where you are and let us see this new year with renewed commitment to our passion, our spirit, our devotion, our path. Love, Shay

      You are Unique

      You are unique in all the universe.  Think about that.  In the entire universe, there is no other being who is exactly like you, who sees things the way you do, who can express things the way that you would and can.  Today, contemplate this.  See what this means, if you will but allow yourself to be who you are and share that uniqueness with the world.
      There are talents you have been given, the easy, effortless things that just came to you:  a lovely singing voice, a talent for movement, an eye for design.  Developing these skills is neither easy nor effortless, but it is well worth the time and energy.  For when you explore and expand those areas to which you are naturally drawn, you will find a great release in their use.  You will find them a great path to open expression of that uniqueness that is you.
      When you dig deep enough and successfully express your deepest self, you will also strike a deep chord of connection with those who are in touch with their own selves.  For even though you are unique in all the universe, you are also deeply connected at the deepest core, and this connection has great power.

      Imagine Your Life without Fear or Doubt

      Today, recognize fear in your life and send it away. Fear is a bully and if you face him down he has no choice but to run. He will run before strength and action.  He will run before faith and perseverance.  He will even run before patience.
      Fear loves to hide under various disguises.  Sometimes he is called Tension or Anxiety.  Worry is one of his favorite names.  Shyness is another.  Apathy and Boredom are some very secret names that he has.
      If you are not living your life full of action and engagement, embracing life with zest and vigor, then dig a little deeper and see if fear is hiding in the corners of your life, along with his sidekick doubt.  Shine the bright lights of self-Love and faith on them.  And then act.  Do what you fear, over and over, and fear will lose his power over your life.
      Imagine, just imagine, what you might do with this precious life of yours if you had no fear and doubt!  Yes, this is the way to live.  And you have it within your power to do so.

      Deepen Your Commitment

      Today, no matter what you are doing, deepen your commitment and lift your performance.  Lift the level of your activity.  Be what you wish to become.
      If you are working with people, act more professional in your demeanor, have more presence, exude more confidence.  Square back your shoulders and look everyone in the eye.
      If you have a task to perform, push away any doubt and apply yourself with energy and commitment.  Know that you can accomplish this task better than anyone else in the world.
      And if this is a day for relaxation, then commit yourself to being completely one with the moment and entering a state of connection and peace.
      All work is good.  All work is a noble endeavor if you commit yourself to it and give it your attention.
      If you want to be doing more and accomplishing more, then focus on what is before you right now and give it your full attention, infuse it with your energy and commitment.  If you want the future to be bright, then shine your light on this moment.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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