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Self-Healing Expressions: Issue: 113 - Transitioning into 2012!

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      Holistic Expressions, A Self-Healing Expressions Newsletter

      Issue 113 - Transitioning into 2012!
      By Self Healing Expressions

      In this Issue
      1. What’s Cookin’ ~ Opening remarks by June Cook
      2. Feng Shui: Winter Solstice Darkness and the Color Black
      3. Manifestation Wall: If You Intend It, It Will Come
      4. New Year’s Gifts from Self Healing Expressions! Gifts to Help You Manifest in 2012
      5. Feature Video: Doreen Virtue discusses 2012 and the end of Mayan Calendar
      6. Comments from you ~ Thanks for writing in!
      7. Featured Healing eBooks ~ Stop Sugar and Food Cravings in 2012!
      8. Things That Make You Go Ommm... ~ New Year’s Healing eBooks coupon!
      9. This Issue's Holistic Prayers ~ A New Year’s Prayer for Peace
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      "Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."
      ~ Goethe

      Dear Ones,
      As we collectively bid farewell to 2011, remember that New Year’s eve, day and week remain a powerful time to state and clarify your intentions for the New Year. Perhaps this is because we are energetically engaged in this process together. If you are unclear of your intentions for 2012, see if our Manifestation Wall and/or our New Year’s gifts to you might help you clarify your wishes and desires for the coming year.
      If your intentions include greater physical health, emotional well being, and spiritual awakening, review our offerings to see what might support you in this quest! Be sure to check Nancy Desjardins' newly revised and expanded edition of Stop Your Sugar and Food Cravings. She has a terrific program for this common health challenge!
      We at Self Healing Expressions and Healing eBooks.com, along with our wonderful instructors and authors wish to thank you for embracing our Holistic eCourses, Healing eBooks, and ezine throughout 2011! We look forward to supporting you in the New Year!
      June Soyka Cook
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      Feng Shui: Winter Solstice Darkness and the Color Black

      As we recently acknowledged the darkest day of the year, the Winter Solstice, it seems a perfect opportunity to think about what darkness and the color black mean to you. On the Feng Shui bagua map, black is the color for the Career gua. The element for the Career area is water, and the trigram means deep water. If you have studied feng shui, you may know that Career does not mean only what you do as your job; rather it also refers to the soul-searching that happens when you contemplate your purpose in life. Read article.
      Deborah Redfern is the creator and instructor of these popular eCourses and eBook:

      Manifestation: If You Intend It, It Will Come

      Manifestation is the art of using the power of your mind to create physical reality. What you focus on consciously and unconsciously are what you draw to you. Manifesting isn't always easy, but it is definitely a skill you can learn. In fact, you are already creating your physical reality, but you do so unconsciously. Making the manifesting process more conscious allows you to have a bit more control over what presents itself in your life. Bear in mind that… Read on.
      Melanie Votaw if the creator and instructor of Discovering Your Life Purpose: Living the Life You Were Born to Live. Also check out her MP3 downloads, Discovering Your Life Purpose: Two Meditations.

      New Year’s Gifts from Self Healing Expressions!

      See if one of these downloadable ebooks might help you clarify your intentions for 2012!
      Your Life Purpose Workbook by Melanie Votaw
      Sometimes when life presents us with challenges (a layoff, financial issues, unexpected obstacles...), life is really presenting us with an opportunity for a new direction. Evaluate your true essence, clear negativity, embrace the art of manifestation, and create (or affirm) a road map toward your life purpose today!
      Wishing you all that your heart and soul desire in the New Year!

      Featured Video: Doreen Virtue discusses 2012 and the end of Mayan Calendar

      View video clip here.

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      About Deborah Redfern’s Feng Shui Soulutions eCourse
      "I am truly amazed at the layers and depth of this course from the basics of feng shui...to applying them at a heart and soul level...and even a personal expression of feng shui. Even the format is easy to use." ~ Eileen Kelz, Wisconsin
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      NEW! Stop Your Sugar and Food Cravings by Nancy Desjardins, Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner
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      Curing Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Using Natural Holistic Therapies by Christine Fadhley
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      12 Energetic Solutions for Personal Power by Sheevaun Moran
      This empowerment ebook contains wisdom, techniques, meditations, tips, inspiring quotes and terrific resources to guide you to become the master of your own life and destiny!

      Things that Make You Go Ommm...

      This Issue's Healing eBooks coupon code!

      We are offering a 15% coupon code on your purchase of our healing ebooks through January 11, 2012. Use this coupon code: Begin2012.

      Enter the coupon code in the "Redeem a discount coupon" field. Then Press "Submit" and ensure the shopping cart registered this discount in the "Cart Totals". You will see your Cart Totals before selecting your payment option.

      This coupon applies to orders greater than $4.99. Use here.

      As usual, you are encouraged to adapt prayers shared here to honor your religious tradition or spiritual practice.

      This Month's Holistic Prayers

      A New Year's Prayer for Peace

      Let us enter this New Year with Peace in Our Hearts, on Our Lips, in Our Prayers.
      We call to spirits of the North. We honor Mother Earth and her abundance. May we stand steady on her ground. May this dear planet and all her children grow stronger every day.
      We call to the spirits of the East. We honor wind and ask that new opportunities for peace fill the air and that the white Dove of peace flies freely in all nations.
      We call to the spirits of the South. We honor fire and ask that we be infused with warmth, enthusiasm and passion for the mission of creating peace on earth.
      We call to the spirits of the West. We honor water and ask that it cleanse the hearts and souls of all women and men, and sooth our angers and wounds so that we may never again thirst for war.
      We call to the spirits of above, of below and within; we ask to be united with God, Goddess and Great Spirit of All That Is. With all the forces of the universe, we pray for harmony in our world.
      Let Peace live in your life, and in your world.
      Let Peace live in your day-to-day, and in places far away.
      Let Peace abound, all around.
      May Peace be in your heart. Aho!
      © Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway, author of Discovering the Goddess: A Path to Healing, Spirituality and Joy

      Peace, Love and Light,
      Your Friends at Self-Healing Expressions

      Course Number 13; Issue 113

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