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Ascended Masters Newsletter: Isis, Have you forgotten who you are?

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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2011

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      Why is it that you are not channeling your Higher Self, your I Am Presence or your Own Source Being?

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      Isis, Have you forgotten who you are?
      With the New Year around the corner it is becoming more important than ever to remember who you are.
      The first one to remember is that you are not human, you are a spirit being, and you are everything that is within spirit.
      The Human body is but a manifestation of your eagerness to learn and experience in so many ways the limitations of the physical reality.
      Each being, no matter where they are living at this moment, be it earth, be it a star, be it a spaceship, they all originated from the same source as you have.
      They all are spirit beings no matter in what fashion they appear in at the moment.
      Each one has their own path and no matter what you think, the path originated from only one source.
      The one source, God, the creator, no matter what you call it.
      You all seem to forget this part of your being as you are seeing the differences between yourselves. These are only outer expressions of what is inside of you. Inside of you, you are all the same, one being within spirit, one being within source.
      No one has originated from a star system, another universe or even just planet earth.
      You all originated from the one Source and from there you chose your own way, your own path to learn, to experience and to create different realities to create even your own path.
      You are all brothers and sisters, within spirit you are even more.
      You are all one.
      You have all experienced source in many different ways, by living on many different planets, within many different universes, taking on many different appearances.
      But within there is only one appearance and this appearance is formless, it is pure and full of life within source.
      Within your earth reality, many appearances were created, within your universe many appearances were created and this will always be as you are still creating your own path within many different realities.
      As you are doing this, there is only one thing that needs to be remembered, it is only your creation, your path that brings in the appearances to learn and expand within source.
      All appearances, all races within your universe have the same origin, Source.
      Many of them have forgotten this, just like you as humans have forgotten this.
      The veils within the dimensions are veils you have created to forget and to fully experience the possibilities within you, within Source as they can be created within every moment in many different realities.
      We all move through Source creating our own realities in every moment.
      Upon earth, the reality is changing and you can feel this within every part of your being.
      Many are ready to move further into Source and explore once again from a space where the appearance of your being is just Source. Energy that has no form, but is unlimited in its actions, in creating its own path and realities.
      Ascension is not something that is created, it is a natural flow within every being in spirit as it moves through creation within Source, expansion within Source.
      Within your universe ascension is present within each of you, as you all move through the reality of the earth and your universe.
      Within your universe, experiences were created to make this ascension follow a certain path as you took the appearance of the physical body within the earth reality that you all created.
      You each created your own path outside of the physical reality.
      We are all within this reality at the moment, the earth reality, but also the reality of your universe as it was created as one reality.
      It consist of many realities within one, the earth reality was the last one to be created within this universal reality.
      The earth reality being the most powerful, yet most difficult to master.
      You have chosen the earth reality at this moment and this is where you have to find the memory of your true being within.
      Your being is involved in not just one reality at the moment, some are able to see beyond the earth reality into the many other different realities out there.
      Yes , there are beings out there who would like you to believe that the human reality is real, that you are really on earth within a human body, and that the only way to change your reality is their help.
      These beings are sometimes just like you, they have forgotten their true existence.
      No matter what the interferences were within the past, the DNA changes to the human body, the interference of those that want to remain within this reality of earth. Change has to come from within each of you and the first step is to remember your original state of being.
      There are beings out there that are more advanced than you are, some are working with you, some are working against you. Mostly because they have forgotten their true existence just like you.
      They have immerged themselves in a world of duality and control, very similar to that of earth.
      Some do remember their true existence and have chosen to use this knowledge to further control the realities within your universe.
      The Matrix that many see is that they have created this matrix not just upon earth, but within many dimensions around your earth and within your universe.
      Holographic experiences of reality that many are being subjected to as the matrix is falling apart at this moment.
      Each and every being that is guiding you from the highest perspective is telling you that you are not human, you are spirit within Source, you are Source.
      Guiding to find the truth within you.
      As you follow this path of finding the inner truth, you will find many that apply on each level of your being, as your being exists within many different realities.
      The one thing to remember at all times and the one thing that makes you move further into your own being is that all these realities are mere appearances, created within and around you as you have taken the challenges on many levels to experience, expend and to fully realize yourself as a being within spirit, within Source.
      Even truth as you see it is but a mere experience compared to the knowing of the Source within you.
      When we say the earth is the most difficult reality to master, we mean it is the most difficult reality to expand within, to experience within what you truly are. The full source capacity of your being is hidden beyond the many veils you created to find your way back to the inner knowing of Source within.
      All of you however have all this within you, you have the capacity, the capability, the knowing within to find the inner sanctum of your own being.
      You are fighting your way out of this, instead of letting yourself be guided by the flow of Source that is already within you.
      Remember that you are not human, you are not alien, you are not what you experience within this moment.
      You are all Source, you are one within all that is.
      Through Petra Margolis
      December 31, 2011

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