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Quado's Garden: Obtain Perfect Clarity Today ~ Be as a Rose

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  • Ash
    Nothing ends.  Nothing is lost.  Life flows and continues always. That especially spoke very clearly and with a great deal of warmth and calm strength.
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      "Nothing ends.  Nothing is lost.  Life flows and continues always." That especially spoke very clearly and with a great deal of warmth and calm strength. Both of these blend together quite well on present in each moment/season, in awareness and there is a deep clarity there in letting go of doubt, fears, regrets..in letting go and making choices from a calm center rooted in love. Observing and experiencing this as it grows, buds, blooms; following the seasons and a rose is a beautiful analogy for us which I am sure will speak however it will to each of us. Let us see this New Year bring many new fragrances, fruit, and radiance as we move from a soul/heart center in supporting and loving one another. Love, Shay

      Obtain Perfect Clarity Today

      Today is an excellent day for clarity.  There is a clarity which comes only when you clear your mind completely of regret and worry, clear the rest of your body of fear, and when you completely banish doubt.
      Let your choices and decisions come from a place of present mind awareness.  You need a clear awareness of exactly how things actually are, exactly how things are in this moment.
      Combine that with your inner truth, known in your center by its peaceful, settled feeling.  For your inner truth knows everything else that is happening in the world at this moment and its most likely outcome.  Add to that the higher intentions and purpose of your soul self and you have the perfect clarity necessary to make the right choice every moment of every day.

      Be as a Rose

      Move easily through the seasons of your life.  Be as a rose.
      Enjoy those times when you are in the bud, when things are new and the spring seems as if it will last forever.  Enjoy the cycles of spring within your life, within each year, within each day, within each moment.
      And when life moves into the summer, when you are enjoying the open blooming shining forth, your perfume wafting across the garden, your beauty fully expressed, enjoy this as well.  Enjoy this period in your physical life and this period in your mental and spiritual lives as well.  And see also, like the spring, how different enterprises you undertake move from spring to summer.
      And when it is fall, enjoy those last long days as they slide down toward winter and know that this is a beautiful time as well, a time for gratitude and preparation, a time of transition as well as a beauty of another sort, where the blooming is slower and less full, but yet it is still there.
      And when winter comes, when one thing is ending and a cycle is over, be as the rose.  Return your energies and your focus to your roots.  Know that you can weather the storm and the transition, if you will but return to your center, your roots.  If it is not time to bloom now, it will yet be time again, when the spring returns.
      As a life ends, an enterprise completes, a love affair or marriage is over, let yourself be dormant for a time, pulling in your strength from your roots.  But then know that the sun will shine, the snow will melt, and life will spring forth in newness.  A new rose, a new life, a new beginning, a new spring is always there.
      Nothing ends.  Nothing is lost.  Life flows and continues always.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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