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Fw: Saturday August 4

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Saturday the 4th of August ctssm42@hotmail.com All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT. From Cyrus the Astrologer The full Moon in Aquarius
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2001

      Saturday the 4th of August


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer


      The full Moon in Aquarius begins at 1:55 AM EDT.

      The Moon sextiles Mars, Pluto

      Mercury opposes Neptune

      The Sun sextiles Saturn and trines Pluto

      The keynote for the Aquarius full Moon meditation is "water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men."

      The Aquarian Moon is facilitating the understanding and dissemination of the laws of manifestation through teaching, networking and the use of sound and colour.

      This is an opportunity For World Severs to distribute the Love and Wisdom that brings the world into balance. The power of thought can be used to set the tone of Unity.

      We are gaining the ability to call on the wisdom and power gained from our personal unfolding and spiritual attunement. We are able to adapt our wisdom gained form previous experience to the present reality.

      Keen awareness and observation can help us to better prepare for new conditions. We receive insights on how to proceed on the Path and how to solve the most difficult challenges. This influence gives creativity and the will to proceed in the process of planetary reorientation.

      This process is taking place within all of us and requires that we face our challenges with determination and courage. We are being called upon to use our unique, creative genius and talents in order to bring in new insights and new determinations within ourselves and others. This is critical not only for our own personal healing, but for the healing of the planet as well.

      Collective mental attitudes that were adapted to the old paradigm of the industrial age are now toxic to our being and our environment. It is the responsibility of all World Servers to recognise the pressing need for social reorganisation and spiritual renewal.

      Healing is taking place on a massive scale in order to bring about the reorientation of attitudes. Humanity’s self-centred, separative attitudes and narrow nationalism are not helpful in solving global challenges and are being transmuted into attitudes of Unity and cooperation for the benefit of all.


      The full Moon aligns with Mercury-Neptune and Saturn-Pluto. Venus conjoins Jupiter


      This is a wonderful chance for renewal and healing. We can use the healing energies from Chiron to transmute negative attitudes and move energy to the heart centre. Chiron still remains in close sextile to Uranus and is a source of powerful energies for healing and catalytic change.

      Sometimes there may be a need to break with the past and our biological inheritance. It is important to overcome fear in this regard in order to detach people and environments that are no longer serving a spiritual purpose.


      The Moon trines Saturn at 3:06 AM.

      The emotional, intuitive realm combines with magnetic will. This aspect creates a strong mental focus in the creation of those structures required for our Soul’s purpose.

      Once we are aligned with our Soul-purpose, our will becomes more powerful and linked to the Higher Self. We are called upon to use our focus to magnetically attract those people and circumstances that are needed for personal and collective unfolding.


      The Sun sextiles Saturn at 5:38 PM and trines Pluto at 7:30 PM.

      This combination give the strength and focus needed in order to manifest our function in the Plan. The right use of personal will must come under the direction of the Soul. It is important to have courage and overcome the fears related to power, authority and responsibility in order to move forward.

      There is a chance for the renewal of our commitment to emotional responsibility and Divine Love. Our personality is beginning to recognise the challenges we meet as part of the unfolding of the Path and our alignment to Soul-purpose.

      It is important to transmute emotional and mental habits that are limiting and self-defeating by using emotional depth-work. In this way we can become a vehicle for catalytic change in our environment. There can be great healing and release of negative aspects of our being.



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