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Ascended Masters Newsletter: The 12-12 Portal, Cosmic Diamond Heart

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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2011

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      ani he yar
      Why is it that you are not channeling your Higher Self, your I Am Presence or your Own Source Being?

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      The 12-12 Portal, Cosmic Diamond Heart
      Yes another one, and just like the previous ones there will be much anticipation by some.
      I would like to remind you that these portals are to release energies upon the earth that can be used by all of you to progress in your spiritual awakening.
      These energies are not specific to the date, as we only use a date to bring in the energies through a greater amount of people.
      The energies have to come through a great amount of density and as we have more people focus on the energy at the same time we can bring in a greater amount to be anchored on earth.
      All these energies coming in through the portal dates are to allow you to raise your frequencies and move into a place of greater understanding within your own being.
      This is not an automatic result of the energy as there is still work that needs to be done to integrate these energies and receive the understanding.
      The energies have an effect on the consciousness and bring in higher dimensional frequencies available for you all to use to raise your own consciousness.
      The energies affect the physical body, but have to be fully anchored to have the complete effect you would like to have.
      The changes have to come from within you, and change is only possible if you work on it consciously. It is not just about changing the physical body and your consciousness. It is about you changing your reality and the way you look at your reality and move into a different state of being more aligned with your source being or God.
      We cannot tell you how this is going to affect every being as this is up to each being and what each being chooses for itself and its own reality.
      As you are preparing yourself for this new energy to come in it is a good time to take a step back and see if any clearing within you is needed.
      As you are on the path of awakening more of your spiritual self, there can be a need to clear those newly awakened parts of your spiritual self and bring them into alignment with the path you are on at this time.
      You have been through many different incarnations upon earth and it is possible that energies from those incarnations are still within some parts of your spiritual self.
      As the newly activated parts of your spiritual being are usually within a different frequency than you are at the moment it is good to align your entire being so every part of you can start vibrating at the highest frequency.
      The energies coming in through this portal on 12-12 will bring in a greater connection to the energies of the cosmic diamond heart within you.
      As there are many levels within your being, there are many levels within the cosmic diamond heart.
      These energies are to assist in a further awakening of the heart center within you and raise the vibration and awareness within the heart center to a new level of understanding within you.
      Raising the vibration within the heart center brings in more balance in your physical and spiritual reality as they are slowly becoming one reality.
      For many of you this is a process that will continue as you have chosen to change the reality within you and in this way become a part of the change of reality outside of you.
      In the new year 2012, there will be more and more portals opening as you are moving closer to the zero point, or ascension point of mother earth.
      You are moving closer and closer toward the cosmic spine and the energies will come in faster as time is speeding up more and more.
      Through Petra Margolis
      December 5, 2011

      12-12 portal connecting with the
      cosmic diamond heart within

      12-12-11, the Crystalline Diamond portal into awakening.
      Yes, we have one more coming up this year, and for those who joined us on 11-11-11, this one is just as powerful and maybe even more.
      The 11-11-11 portal connected us to the Crystal Skulls and all the information they can bring to us.
      On 12-12-11 the portal will be opening up into what many might call the heavenly realms. This portal will bring in many of the higher dimensional frequencies to be grounded upon earth and within us.
      As the 3rd dimensional energy is slowly dissipating, the higher dimensional energies will have room to come in and anchor within our reality.
      This is a personal process for everyone, and depending upon your path and where you are at this moment, you will receive many higher dimensional frequencies that will lift you up further within your own being.
      Allowing for a greater and clearer connection within, but also allowing for a raise in frequency within the physical body.
      Another great step upon the path of ascension and growth as we move into the year 2012 where much will be asked of us as we prepare the earth for her ascension and of course as we prepare ourselves for ascension.
      On Sunday December 11-12-11 at 10:30pm EST, we have a special workshop to clear ourselves from any low dimensional frequencies to make room for the new higher dimensional frequencies.
      And on Monday December 12-12-11 at 10:30pm EST we will go through this portal as it opens up for us and receive the higher dimensional frequencies and we will bring them back with us to anchor within the physical body and to lift up the 3rd dimensional frequency upon earth at this time
      The cost for our preparation and clearing workshop on Sunday December 11 at 10:30pm EST is $ 10.00 and you can register here.
      The cost for the 12-12 Crystalline Diamond Portal workshop on Monday December 12 at 10:30pm EST is $ 12.12 and you can register here
      As always if you are not able to be present on the call but would like to participate, there will be a recorded meditation available on our website.

      And for everyone that would like to get more information on their path and where they are on their path right now, we have a special on our spiritual readings with the Masters.

      One hour reading now $ 65.00

      This includes a recording of the reading that will be available for download.

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      The 12 days before Christmas.
      Our special for December is the 12 days of Christmas where we will have a meditation each day starting on December 13 and ending on December 24.
      On each of those days we will move into specific past lives to bring back with us the gifts and abilities we used within those lifetimes.
      Each of us have many different gifts and abilities and now is the time to return them to us, as we move into a more awakened state of being.
      These gifts can be anything from healing, psychic abilities and more.
      We all have them and the 12 days of Christmas is where we move into our own past to retrieve them.
      These workshops will be every evening at 22:30pm EST starting on Tuesday December 13 and ending on Saturday December 24.
      The cost for all 12 days is $ 99.00
      You can join us here
      If you would like to sign up for one day at the time, the cost is $ 10.00 per day.
      You can register here

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      Right now we have 22 attunements available for free in our store.
      I would like to make this a lot more.
      We are working under the Law of One, The Law of one is about balance.
      The balance of the energies, as everything is energy.
      So under this Law we have decided that for every $ 10.00 we receive in donations, we will make another attunement or activation available for free in our store.
      In this way we all help each other to receive and gift freely.

      You can find the free attunements here
      Hope to see many of you in the one of our workshops

      In the Law of One

      satya star system | 865 nw 31st ave | gainesville | FL | 32609
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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