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Jennifer Hoffman: A status update--blessings and lessons are often in the same package

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    Enlightening Your Life with Jennifer & Archangel Uriel December 3, 2011   Dear Friends, I m sending you another status update which I will start by saying
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      Enlightening Your Life with Jennifer & Archangel UrielDecember 3, 2011
        Dear Friends,

      I'm sending you another status update which I will start by saying that this is an eclipse cycle and Mercury retrograde I will remember! I am doing better each day but found out today that my appendix was cancerous (who would have thought) and although the tumor had not spread to other areas, I still have to follow up with an oncologist to ensure that there is no cancer. 
      I can't tell you what a shock this is to me, as no one in my family has cancer, I take good care of myself and have never had health problems. 
      But there's more to this story, as I share below and I'm sharing it with you because I know what happens to me is also happening to many others. I hope this helps you on your path.
      Last Friday night I made plans to put up my Christmas tree on Saturday, run some errands, do some work and maybe even see a movie. When I started feeling pain in my stomach, I thought I might have the 24 hour stomach flu, food poisoning or just an upset stomach. The pain didn't stop and I didn't sleep that night. So Saturday I stayed in my pajamas, trying to get some sleep and taking a variety of things for my stomach ache, which wouldn't go away.
      At 2PM I woke up from a short nap and heard a voice say 'appendicitis'. I was shocked, who gets appendicitis in their 50s (lots of people, as I discovered), I have never had surgery, take good care of myself, eat well, and never have health issues. I rarely even get headaches so having something that may require major surgery was shocking.
      By 4PM I could no longer handle the pain, which was getting worse and I thought I should go to the emergency room to get looked at. So I called my mother to tell her what was happening and that I was going to the hospital. Of course, I planned to drive myself but she came over and drove. We arrived at 5PM and by 10PM I was in surgery. Fortunately I was feeling too bad and a little out of it from the pain medication I had been given to be totally freaked out about the surgery but at that point, I would have done anything to be rid of the pain.
      Surgery of any kind, especially that involving general anesthesia is difficult. When your body isn't used to pharmaceutical products, it's even more difficult. So the recovery from the anesthesia has been slow and really zapped my energy. As someone who is used to having lots of energy, having to take two naps a day and rest after the smallest activity is frustrating. But I don't have any choice because I don't have any energy!
      Today I had my post operative visit with the surgeon who looked at my stitches, removed the tape and said I was healing well. Then he said he had to share some news with me. It turns out that my appendectomy was not a normal procedure by any means. My appendix was three times bigger than normal and contained a large cancerous tumor. The cancer, called Goblet Cell Carcinoid, is a particularly aggressive form of cancer that can form in the appendix, is not easy to detect and will spread to the rest of the body very quickly.
      The first thing the surgeon said is that my appendicitis attack was a tremendous blessing because without it, the tumor could have grown, undetected, until it became totally inoperable. He has had cases where someone has come in with stomach pain, only to find this kind of tumor. So he closes the incision and lets the person go home to tend to their affairs.
      The tumor stayed within the appendix so the prognosis is good and I have started hydrogen peroxide therapy today and am also taking bentonite clay and diatomaceous earth, both of which are excellent at removing toxins. The food grade hydrogen peroxide  therapy is what was proposed by Dr. Otto Warburg, who won the Nobel Prize for identifying the cause, presence and treatment of cancer.
      I'm sharing this with you because we're living in times where surprises can be truly life transforming and force us to look at them and at ourselves in different ways. Having surgery was difficult but without it, something much more malignant (pun intended) could have happened. Finding out about the tumor was also transformation but it has propelled me into starting a treatment plan that I know has worked for others.
      But there's more to this story and I'm sharing it with you to show you how the Universe conspires to bless us in every situation.
      Last Wednesday night just before I fell asleep, I felt like I was having a conversation with someone about my life and I was afraid that I was going to die that night. The energy I was speaking to felt like Jesus, and we were discussing my life plans and what I wanted to do next. The choice came down to a yes or no, did I want to live or die? I said aloud, 'It is not time for me to go now, I am going to live the rest of this life.' Then I went to sleep. I didn't sleep well, I had very strange dreams that I can't remember and felt that I was in strange places, having strange experiences.
      When I went to bed Thursday night (last night), I couldn't get comfortable, my body hurt, I couldn't fall asleep then at around 3AM I decided I was going to go to sleep and sleep well (I haven't slept all night in a week). I immediately felt asleep and slept so soundly that I awakened at 10AM Friday morning, I don't think I moved all night and I knew I had been somewhere because it took me a few minutes to remember where I was and to feel like I was in my body.
      Then I went to the doctor this evening and got the information about the tumor. According to the doctor, it was completely enclosed in the appendix and the cancer had not spread anywhere else.  I'm not scared or angry or freaked out. I am extremely grateful for the blessings of this situation even though they came wrapped up in a lot of pain, discomfort, frustration and anxiety.
      As a teacher and guide, I know that I am a source of inspiration and information for many so I'm sharing this with you, many of whom are going through similar life transformation situations that are frightening, confusing and you may feel are victimizing. That is not their purpose. And as we go through this period of transition, individually and globally, it's necessary for us to expand our vision beyond what is happening to see its bigger purpose. What are we supposed to learn from them? What can we do on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level to shift this energy?
      You have often heard me say that there is a lesson and a blessing in everything and I certainly experienced that with this appendectomy. I got the blessing wrapped up in a big lesson whose meaning I know has to do with what is going to happen next on my life. We have been in a process of 'graduation' for some time now and it's time for us to move forward. To do that we have to commit to our new path and new selves. Are we willing to be in integrity with our higher vibrations and make the commitment to use our gifts, to be our highest self? If not, the door to leave is always one option that we can take. If our answer is 'yes', then we will be guided to what is asking for release because it blocks our expression of who we are in higher vibrations. 
      I'll keep you updated on my progress. You can help by seeing me, and yourselves, as perfect, whole and complete, in a healthy, strong body with vibrant, clear, energized cells. I know that what happens to one happens to all and while I don't think that you will all have appendicitis and tumors, I know that whatever no longer serves you in your life will be removed and that process may involve some inner and outer work that you will receive guidance with. Listen to your guidance, it will not steer you in the wrong direction.
      A final note, I have been seeing Dr. Warburg's name on the internet quite a lot in the past few days, which I had never done before because his work and the results have been well suppressed by the medical community. 
      So I am going to continue my work, my mission and this path and I know that whatever happens with this situation, it will serve my highest good and that of everyone.
      Thank you for being part of my path and for the honor of being part of yours.
      Thanks again for taking the time to send me a greeting, blessing, energy or comment, I look forward to reading all of them soon, and to a speedy recovery and getting back to my normal schedule soon. 

      Many blessings,
      Jennifer Hoffman


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